Twins Love Episode 29 By Ruthie Lee

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300x250 05 - Twins Love Episode 29 By Ruthie Lee

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Twins Love Episode 29 By Ruthie Lee


#the_next_day_(morning) ..i woke up feeling weak and tired, the rays of sunlight shone on my face and as I opened my eyes, I blinked uncontrollably.. I looked around the room, and it was un~familiar..”where am i” I thought, standing up slowly.. I felt someone’s skin on me, I turned and was surprised to see Mr T sleeping beside me “oh goodness what happened here” I thought … I quickly rise to my feet and I almost fell.. But I caught my balance, I opened the door slowly, and peered outside, before going to my room, I quickly unlocked my room, door I sat on the bed thinking what was I doing in there?.. I remover from my thinking state and was back in reality..
I quickly brushed my teeth and took my bath..
Put on a decent cloth and I stayed in door, still thinking about yesterday night and trying to remember how I ended up in Mr t ‘s room, I remembered being with Tony and I remembered him putting something in my DRINK!!.. Oh that boy is in serious trouble..
I remembered being drunk and bumped into Mr T and how he took me to his room, saying I shouldn’t been seen like this..
…and also yesss I remember him offering me, a glass of wine, but I rejected and he finished a whole bottle, but after that place my mental screen seems jammed, I couldn’t remember any other place ,so Mr T got drunk too, I thought..
I was stil thinkin when i heard a knock at my door
“who’s that” i said
“its me” mr T replied , i could recognise his voice from any angle..
“m.. Mr.. T.. I mean Toby what are you doing here” I said immediately I opened the door,
“well good morning to you too” he said somehow curving his lips for a smile
“sorry for my bad manners.. Good morning ” I replied, feeling my heart beating
*wait why am I scared?
*nothing happened!
*and besides of anything happened I don’t remember and it’s not my business or problem..

“are you okay now” Toby asked staring at me
“am fine but why asking” I said..
“no because yesterday night, you were highly drunk, I was drunk too but not like yours because you were acting funny” he said almost laughing
“geez… I must have acted stupid right ” I asked, feeling embarrassed like crazy
“yeah absolutely” he said nodding his head positively
“well am sorry if I caused you any problem” I said sounding calm
“no it’s okay.. You caused me a little trouble that caused to another but it’s okay.. I want to tell you something, something you MUST know ..”
“okay go on “I said feeling nervous
“really you want me to tell you here, Angie it’s something we need to talk privately ” he said with arched eyebrow..
“really.. How bad can it be to talk privately, just say in here” I yanked but feeling kind of scared”
“fine..i don’t really remember all the details but i thi…”
Toby was interrupted by Tony
“hey to goodmorning peoples” Tony said approaching to us..
“look Angie well talk about this some other time”
“no Toby.. You know what let’s just forget and pushed it among the past, please” I said and be forced out a smile
“okay” and he said and walked away..
Tony walked inside, getting to my bed, I locker the door and turned to him
“what are you doing here” I asked
“came to see you ” he said smiling
“you devil, you put something in my drink right.. You think I didn’t know “I yanked
“that’S the point, I want you to know, I put the something too in my drink” he said
“buh why” i half yelled
“you don’t to shout about it okay… Look it’s just for fun.. I didn’t remember one single thing that happened lastnight because of it ” he snarled
“same here, I couldn’t remember anything but.. You caused a lot of problems, Mr t said I acted crazy around him and it’s all your fault”
“look, I put that stuff in our drink for fun.. But I didn’t know if was that powerful and I didn’t know you’d bumped into Mr T so don’t blame me, “
“oh am blaming you,.. You what just get out of my room and dont talk to me again okay ” I said and he immediately rose up to his feet
“what Angie c’mon you know I can’t do I said am fond of you, if I stay one day without talking to you, I might die” he said sounding serious..
“just get out okay” I half yelled
“c’mon Angie please, you can’t do anything you want to but without talking to you, seems like hell for me” he snarled
“just go! Get out OK.. Am just so confused right now ” I said and he sighed sadly and walked out..

300x250 05 - Twins Love Episode 29 By Ruthie Lee

That morning we all had breakfast together at the dining room..
And Tony and Toby kept staring at me… 

After breakfast, i went back to my room, not wanting to face anybody, I laid on my bed thinking
Chloe called and told me about the fun she had at the party last night ..she told Me she couldn’t find me last night and I lied to her that i had to attend to something.
We later hung up hung up and I dropped my phone and sighed.. “what a day” I said to my self, I felt like a watching a movie , so I head downstairs..
In the parlour I met Tony seated in the couch operating his phone and Lauren with her laptop at the edge of the couch..
I looked around wondering if I could see Mr T
“if you’re looking for Toby he’s gone to work” tony said looking at me , waiting for a reply but u didn’t talk to him, i just grabbed the remote and tune in my favourite channel.. I started watching and thinking I wasn’t really concentrated, tony stood up and walked away..
I was still thinking when Lauren took the remote and changed the channel,
“what’s that supposed to mean ” I yelled
“who do you think you are raising your voice at me, you just tune in the TV, for nothing you weren’t even concentrated so don’t u dare talk back” She yanked
“I can talk back if I want to okay.. Who do you think you are” I snapped
she sighed and said “you must be crazy, I am Lauren Collin daughter of the successful Mr Dugan Collin and future wife of Mr Toby Kim , and who are you, daughter of a poor nobody “
Immediately I slapped Lauren, she just crossed her boundaries..
“you just crossed the line over there, I don’t take rubbish okay, ” I said angrily and was about to walk away when I heard her say “just wait and see for yourself am going to get married to Toby and i will also get half of his company and trust me the first thing i’ll do is to get you fired ”
I gave her a glare and walked up to my room..
That day passed, a very annoying day for me, the next day I went to work as usual, did everything and Mr T drove me home,while going home it seems as if there’s something he wants to tell me but he’s not ready to open up and am not ready to listen also..
The day passed slowly me and tony kept our distance, he always tried to talk to me but I just needed some alone time..
I woke up one Saturday morning, with my left breast paining Me like seriously, whats happening, I thought.. During breakfast I ate more than I can ever imagine.. After breakfast I started feeling weak..
I walked up to mr T, I simply explained to him how I felt and how I won’t be able to go to work, he gave me a look before agreeing to my statement..
“make sure you rest okay ” he said and walked out…
I felt hungry immediately he left, I wanted to cook but I was weak why am I just like dis today, I thought
Hi Tony ” I said to him as i met him watching TV, he quickly rose on his feet and turned to me, he looks kind of happy as I talked to him..
“oh thank goodness you finally talked to me, that means you forgive me right ” he said smiling and revealing his dimples
“oh how I missed those dimples” I said jokingly and we laughed..
“so tony i need a favour” I said
“anything, just name it” he said still smiling
“can you cook for me ” I said pouting
“it’s that it” he asked while I nod my head in agreement..
“what should I cook ” he asked
“anything filled with starch,glutton or calories.. ” I said
“whoa do you want to get fat”
“just do it am feeling weak” I said
“no problem at all” he said..
…fewminutes later I could hear the swear aroma of spaghetti.. And immediately My mouth became wet..
Then some minutes later he served me to food
I thanked him countless times after eating and he told me it was nothing that he’s just glad I talked to him..
In the evening Mr Kim and Toby came home together, after greeting them both.. Lauren hugged Tobi
“oh you’re back”
“yes you can clearly see that” Toby said to her and walked up to me.
“how are you feeling now?”
“better I guess” I replied
“okay good” he said and smiled
***fast forward ****
That day was finally over and the next day Sunday came, in the morning after eating, I vomited and became hungry again..and weak, god what’s wrong with me.. I thought.. I was coming down the stairs and i lost balance when I hited Lauren by mistake when I came down …
“can’t you watch it” she asked yelling..
It dragged mr Kim, tony and Toby’s attention
“am so sorry I lost control am just so tired” I said lowly
” Ugh you disgust me” she said and intentionally used her shoulder to hit mine and walked pass me, immediately I fell on the floor with my eyes shutting down…
I could hear voices but it was echoing
“Lauren what did you do” Mr Kim yelled
“omy god Lauren.. Why” Mr t yelled
“come on we have to take…
That was at word I heard before I finally passed out…
…i woke up and I saw my self on a bed, I knew I was In a hospital because of the smell, I opened my eyes slowly and saw, tony by my left and Toby my right..
“oh she’s awake ” Tony said and Mr Kim. Walked up to me, I sat down and I could fill a tiny pain in my arm, I rubbed it but Mr t held my hands, “don’t rub it you were shot there they gave you a syringe ” ..
“oh” I said and sat up..
“am so sorry Mrs Raymond for Lauren’s behavior ” Mr Kim said..
Lauren was standing behind me Kim bending her head..
“are you okay now” Tony asked
“I guess so” I replied..
A middle aged man walked inside, he was wearing a white overall coat..
“hi am doctor Akemu ” he said and shook mr Kim’s hands..
“yeah so could you tell us what’s wrong with her ” Tony said..
“is she your wife” the doctor asked
“um no” tony replied smiling..
The doctor approached me and says “have you been feeling weak for a while”
“yes ” I replied..
“hmm okay.. Well miss according to our test you’re a week and two days pregnant.” the doctor said, and everyone looked surprised.. How could this be.. I thought
“excuse me” I said blinking uncontrollably
“who’s the father i need to talk to him”
“I am” Toby said proudly and Mr Kim’s jaw dropped open


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