Twins Love Episode 28

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300x250 05 - Twins Love Episode 28

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Twins Love Episode 28 By Ruthie Lee


redflower 1 - Twins Love Episode 28

I walked to my room thinking about the whole stuff about Mr T marrying Lauren, it’s just so awkward and it made me felt some..
I wasn’t surprised to see tony in my roOm
“can’t you give me some privacy for once” I said glaring at him
“c’mon you know I can’t do that” he said smiling
“oh really ” I said sarcastically
“yeah, am fond of you, ” he said..
“fond.. Mtcheeeeeew” I said and hissed..
“excuse me” I said to him and he got up from my bed and I laid down and covered my self with d bed blanket, I sighed heavily…
“heard of the party” Tony asked
“yes” I replied sluggishly
“poor toby” tony said and sighed
“yeah poor Mr T, how can he get married to Lauren she doesn’t deserve him.. gosh I feel like crying for him” I said burying my face in my palms..
“lover girl”tony teased…
“what do you mean by that ” I scorned
“don’t deny it, you love my brother ” Tony said, making my Heart racing a little
“n.. no I d.. on’t” I said nervously..
Why am I nervous I don’t like Mr T… I thought
“oh really” Tony scoffed
“yeah” I replied
“then prove it”
” go on a date with me “
“what!! ” I said half yelling
“what.. What’S so bad going on a date with me, I mean it’s just for a day” he said smiling and demonstrating
“you might crazy” I said sitting up and rolling my index finger beside my ear..
“get out” I ordered
“really you’re now the boss of me” he said almost laughing
“out! ” I ordered
“yes ma’am ” he said jokingly and walked away..
**fast forward***
It was the day before the party, no body went to work including Mr Kim..
Every one was busy.. Arranging some stuffs and all…
Toby didn’t look happy at all …
I was standing alone in the parlour looking at Mr T who was upstairs, looking at the chefs.., cleaners, decorators and so on..
“hey” tony whispered in My ear..
“what do you want” I said giving me a glare
“am here to help.. Instead of you wasting your time looking at my ugly brother, why don’t we go shopping… “
“shopping ” I said and nodded positively

***fast forward ***

300x250 05 - Twins Love Episode 28

We later came back from the successful shopping, tony bought me a lot of clothes.. And it made me felt somehow…
“thanks anyway ” I said as we got down from his car
“no problem Angie spending my money on you is one of my hobby..
“oh please” I said sarcastically
he laughed historical and I shook my head negatively and carried the bag inside.. With tony behind me..
As we got inside I dropped the bag on the couch, greeted me Kim who was going upstairs and headed to the kitchen, because I was tasty..
Getting to the kitchen, I didn’t know Mr T was coming out and suddenly we bumped into each other and I nearly fall.. But immediately he caught me by the waist, and both my two hands on each of his muscly shoulder..
We made a deep eye contact that seems like eternity and it seems magical… 

“um guys I don’t think we have eye contact competition ” tony said, as he saw me and Mr T looking at each other ..
I immediately remove my hands from his shoulder and stood properly, he released his hands from my waist and coughed
“be careful next time OK ” he S AI d to me carefully and walked away dipping his hands in his pockets….
“you” I ‘said angrily to tony
“me wht”he replied
“you always ruin the moment huh” I said
“so you were enjoying that” he said almost laughing
“not that i was enjoying that, I was just… You know… Look you know what just leave me alone I need to rest” I said and walked pass him, I got to the couch, grabbed the shopping bags and head upstairs..
.Getting to my room, I dropped the bags on the floor and collapsed on the bed thinking about this stupid marriage stuff, why does he have to get married to this rich spoilt rotten brat.. Oh poor Toby,i remembered the first day we met when I slapped him and I smiled..
That night we all had dinner, tony did the cooking , Mr Kim looked happy and so as Lauren, but me Tony and Toby looked sad…
Mr Kim raised his glass of wine and said “cheers to tomorrow’s party, the get together party” Lauren raised hers and hit it with Mr Kim’s glass of wine
i wanted to cheer to, but tony held my hands and shook his head negatively then leaned forward to me and whispered in my ear, because he sat close to me,
“do you want toby to hate you,”
“no” I whispered back
“then drop your wine and let the man and the girl continue ” he said and I slowly drop my wine..
“what are you two talking about” Lauren said angrily..
“why do you have to know” Tony scorned
“why do you hate me so much Tony ” Lauren said sadly
“I dunno maybe I just hate you for you nothing else” Tony said smiling
“Tony be nice for once ” I whispered closely to his ear
“hey what are you telling him now” Lauren half yelled
“it’s not of your business okay!!!!” Mr T yelled angrily and he stood up..
“I lost my appetite ” he said and gave Lauren a glare before going upstairs to his room..
We all ate silently before everyone went to their room to have a good night sleep..
I didnt really hav a gud nite sleep but it was manageable …….
. #the_next_morning_also_the_day_of_the_party..
I woke up feeling not so great but strong,i quickly took my bath and put on my clothes,i got downstairs and was thriled to see that everywhere was decorated.. There was a big banner above the tv tha says
” TOBY KIM and
I rolled my eyes feeling irritated with the names together, there were cartons of different kind of wins lying on the floor, the kitchen was Filled with strange faces who were cooking different type of food..
Mr Kim came down from the stairs and said to me “the party is staring by twelve so get ready”
“yes sir” I said and muttered lowly to my self “and you said it wasn’t a big party” ..
I got to my room angrily, I checked the time almost twelve [11:56am] … I laid on the bed feeling hungry, I just don’t know why, I just love eating, getting hungry fast but i will never get fat, and stomach stays flat…
The party started but I was in my room, trying to sleep but no sleep came, I could hear as the jazz music lit up the whole mansion..
Am not going to that party if it’s about Lauren..
I started hearing voices and I knew people has started coming already…
Finally I drifted to sleep…….
I woke up later in the day i checked the time it was 6:00pm sharp ..i didn’t believe I could sleep that long..
I heard a knock at my door, “who is that ” I yelled
“it’s me” The familiar voice said, it was thin and slender, I could recognize that voice from anyway..
I cleaned my eyes and approached the door, turned the knob and dragged it open
“Chloe!! ” I yelled immediately, she was looking elegantly beautiful… She walked in and said
“nice house you’ve got here, hmm so you started living here and you didn’t tell me abi”
“sorry na” I said smiling
“no problem, anyway tony showed me your room” Chloe said
“Tch..that wahala boy” I said folding my hands around my chest.
“chai..but still I can’t believe Mr T is marrying someone like that Lauren I’ve heard about her and her bad characters “
“hmm me too i pity him since all this days he haven’t smile”
“eyah” chloe said sympathetically
“see dress na let’s join others now in the party ” choe uttered
“am not going to that party o” I said
“please.. Buh why now when the party is like fifteen feet from here “
“I hate Lauren so much, so since the party is about her am not going “
“but please just do it for Mr T”
.. I sighed loudly before agreeing,
As I was putting on my clothes (one of those dress Tony bought for me) Chloe brought out something from her bag and started smelling it
“wats dat ” I asked..
“I dunno o, someone gave it to me, saying I should add it in my juice whenever my tummy starts ” Chloe said
“o Kay you and that your stomach needs serious help” I said and we laughed..
“am ready” I said
“wow dear, you look take away, Mr T would flip for you, he will even tell his father to stop the Marriage that he’s marrying you”
“ah ah Chloe,you and this your mouth” I said and put on some flat shoes, matching the red body hug aimless gown I wore..
chloe forced me and put on make up for me..
**fast forward ***
After getting compliments from different people, for my beauty.. I walked out, I haven’t seen Tony a while, because I just saw Mr T..
I went back of the mansion where the pool was and I met Tony there
Why are you here, alone ” I asked
“nothing just feeling the natural breeze” he S AI d sternly
“really” I scorned
I sat down beside him, nearly to the pool
I saw three bottles of wine
“do you want to kill yourself ” I asked
“no way.. If I kill my self, then you’ll have no one by your side again” he said
“tch…. ” I said smiling
I opened my little purse and was thrilled to see that Chloe medicine.. “what is this doing here I thought and dropped it back
“what was that ” tony asked
“a medicine” I replied ..
“could you help me get that” tony said sluggishly and pointed to his jacket lying flat on a plastic chair opposite us..
“sure” I said stood up and went for it..
I came back and handed it to him, I saw two glass of wine
“who are this for ” I asked
“you and i” he replied smiling
“gosh.. I’ll pass I’ve promised myself not to drink again.. Is it alcoholic ”
“yeah kind of “
“what! In that case am not drinking at all”
“c’mom just for tonight just drink and help Toby feel the pain.. I know what he’s going through”
“fine.” I agreed sternly and joined him drinking, he smiled suspiciously but I looked away, ..[his dimples are too charming ]


That’s it I knew it, it hasn’t been four minutes, I started acting up.. I Walked in going straight up to my room not wanting to cause any trouble, I walked sluggishly towards the corridor and bumped into Mr T..
“oh no not again” he S AI d as he got to me,i started seeing him in three places and his voice echoing..
“cmon we can’t allow anyone to see you like this ” he said and took me to his room.
And that WAs the last thing I remembered before the wine took over me.. But I knew something happened that night…


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