TWINS LOVE Episode 27 By Ruthie Lee

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300x250 05 - TWINS LOVE Episode 27 By Ruthie Lee

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TWINS LOVE Episode 27 By Ruthie Lee

redflower - TWINS LOVE Episode 27 By Ruthie Lee
I slammed the door behind me shedding tears..
I make sure I locked the door so that no one can come in
I sat on the bed and looked in the mirror, I saw my reflection and tears on my face,then I cleaned it and started talking to my self.. “Angie, Angie Raymond, you’re so stupid, you’re a fool crying just for what that good for you rich brat said to you, you have to stop being dull and be strong okay ” I said to my self and nod my head positively and cleaned the remaining tears..
all of a sudden, I heard a soft knock at the door
“Angie would you please open the door” I heard Tony said with his voice fading
“look we don’t have anything to talk about so just leave okay ” I said and laid fully on the bed
“please” he said
“tony please go away” I said almost shouting
“well I’ll wait here until you come out” he said
I sighed loudly and closed my eyes wanting to fall asleep but I couldn’t.. I felt stressed out.. I decided to call my mom, to hear her voice on how she’s doing and all .. I called her and we chatted for a while.. 
I felt like going out to take some juice or something because I was craving for that all of a sudden..
I slowly walked to my door and unlocked it.. And immediately I sighted tony standing there
“dont tell me you’ve been standing here” I asked
“don’t tell me you didnt know I was standing here because of you” he backfired, then laughed, while his dimples appeared gorgeously
“Look am craving for orange juice and you’re blocking my path
“I am” he asked teasingly
I have him a look and immediately he stepped aside..
I walked down the stairs majestically, getting to the parlour I met Lauren watching TV
“hmm if it’s isn’t Mrs gold digger” Lauren said and laughed
“have you cried enough already ” she teased
I smiled. And said “would you just shut up and watch the dumb movie you were watching, don’t you know your witch voice is making those actor and actress tired..
“how dare you talk back at me” she said pointing a finger at me
“tch… Please who are you” I scorned and walked away proudly to the fridge..
After drinking mr Kim walked in smiling me and Lauren greeted him and he replied truthfully…
“why the smiles today mr kim” I asked
“oh miss Angie you’re welcome asking me that question ” he said to me while Lauren gave me a jealous devilish look.. 
” well the reason am happy is because, of the upcoming party, that is the celebration of the coming together of Toby and Lauren”… Mr Kim ‘said smiling
“hmm okay” i said reciprocating the smile..
“are my parents coming ” Lauren asked
“all your family members and friends are going to be here” Mr Kim replied her..
“great” she said and smiled…
“so when is the party ” Lauren asked
“the day after tomorrow ”
“oh” I muttered to my self..
“will start getting ready tomorrow, it’s just a small party not a big one and we’re doing it here in the mansion” Mr Kim utters and walked away..
I sighed and was about walking to my room when I heard “YOU!”
I turned and I found Lauren pointing and staring at me..
“what ” I replied harsly
“just wait and see for am going to Make your piece of low trash life miserable, just watch”
I left out a historical laugh..
“oh honey save your saliva okay and quit pointing that good for nothing finger at me” I said and walked upstairs majestically, feeling like I’ve won a Grammy Award…
“just wait! And watch! ” she yelled….
As I made my Way through the hall I saw Mr Kim going inside his room, and I met toby coming, he looked sad and disturbed, I wish I could see him smile again, like before ,…
looks like Mr Kim just gave him the news of the get together party..
Not knowing what to say to him, I planned on passing him..
We made eye contact and he he forced a smile and I nod my head… We were about passing each other when he stopped me
“are you okay” he asked
“yeah am fine why do you ask” I replied demonstrating with my hands
“I heard what Lauren said back then in the dinning room, ” he said
“oh if it’s about that am okay” I replied and smiled..
“good ” he said
“heard about the party” I asked
“yeah” he said sadly
and bent his face to
the ground.. 
“well.. Okay then Congrats Mr T” I said and brought out my hands playfully for him to shake and he smiled, the smile I’ve been want to see..
He smiled and collected my hands and shook it firmly and said
“were at home so Address me as Toby not Mr T okay, you can call me that at work” he said still smiling.. 
“okay” I said
We began to stare at each other smiling seriously.. Until we heard Lauren ‘s voice saying behind me
“what are you doing with my husband”
and that’s when me and Tobi realised we were still holding hands.. And we immediately released them..
“look Lauren you don’t have to shout am not doing anything with your husband” I said turning to her angrily
“look Lauren address me as Toby not husband we are not married yet..” Mr T said and walked away… 


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