TWINS LOVE Episode 26

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TWINS LOVE Episode 26 By Ruthie Lee

fg - TWINS LOVE Episode 26


“Excuse me! ” I said angrily
“Excuse you for what” Lauren replied
“do I look like a maid to you” I asked ready to smash off her head.. before she could utter another crap we heard me Kim’s voice
“Lauren.. So good to see you ”
Mr Kim got down from the stairs and gave Lauren a hug
“oh Mr Kim good evening sir ” she said smiling
when they both released each other from the hug I greeted mr kim
“good evening sir “

“oh Angie you’re back meet Lauren.. The mother of my future grandchildren” Mr Kim said smiling seriously, and he somehow looked like Tony as he smiled..
“oh yeah about her who is she” Lauren asked giving me a disgusting look
“oh she she’s Tony’s g” before Mr Kim could complete his words Toby came down. Stairs looking unhappy..
I sighed and walk sadly to my room, I greeted mr T lowly and he answered sadly..
I walked to my room and I was thrilled to see Tony sleeping on my bed..
“Tony, tony ” I called hitting his arm so he could wake up if he was really sleeping . …..
He immediately rose up from the bed and he wasn’t sleeping he was pretending
“oh why did you wake me up I was dreaming about us” he said standing up and stretching
“oh please there would never be an us okay now just please get out someone just made my day bad” I said and sat on the bed
“who made your day bad?” Tony asked
“Lauren” I yanked
“oh shes here” tony said
“yes and she called me a maid”
“oh no she didn’t “
“oh yes she did”
“she’s just a rich spoilt brat,, sometimes I just hate rich people” Tony said sternly
“aren’t you one of them” I yanked
“am one of them but am not like them” Tony concluded

He walked out and I laid on the bed thinking..
After taking a shower ? and resting, I decided to eat something, I send tony a message saying
“am hungry, am cooking would you like to eat”
It didn’t even reach a second when he replied
“make t he most delicious dinner ever and I’ll give you the best kiss ever”..
I sighed and shook my head negatively “he’s so stupid” I said out loud as I head downstairs to make dinner,
Getting downstairs I didn’t any one ..
I HEAD straight to the kitchen, getting there I heard movements and I heard Lauren’S voice and it seems like she’s making a call, and I started eavesdropping on her conversation she was making
.:::.i mean dad I can’t believe this.:::. Why Toby I thought I was getting married to Tony the one with a I don’t want things to change he’s the one I love I don’t like Toby ..i like him tho but not as Tony::: fine I will marry Toby ::: I know ::: bye ::: love you too…
Immediately she finished her conversation with her dad, I walked in as if I was just coming
“oh it’s you” she said in disgust
“and what about me, ” I said
“nothing.. What are you doing here anyway” she asked
“making dinner” I replied
“so you’re the maid” she said wanting to smile
“am not but if you want to take it that way take it am not biting you ” I said as I brought out the pots..
she shook her head negatively and walked out..

300x250 05 - TWINS LOVE Episode 26

After an hour and a minute, I brought now the jellof rice from the fire..
I set the plate and spoon and Lauren walked in wearing a bum short and a big bogus top she tied beside her waist.
“oh thank goodness dinner’s ready, I was madly hungry” she said and sat down, i eyed her walked out to put the food, after putting the food and covering it.. Lauren opened hers and started eating
“Wont you wait for others ” I said to her
she hissed and said “wait to hell” and continued eating..
I texted mR t and Tony to come downstairs for dinner, I tried calling Mr Kim but he was not around.. I sat down waiting for the boys until Mr T walked In
“finally you’re here” I said smiling
“thanks ” he said and sat down som how close to Lauren who was half way in her food..

Immediately Tony walked in Lauren flew up and hugged him..

“oh so glad to see you again after so many years or months I guess” Lauren said to Tony while Tony pushed her back softly and said.. “um don’t do that again okay”..
“why” she asked looking confused
“just don’t hug me like that, I have my reasons okay” he said, then turned to me
“so Angie what are we having for dinner”
“do you need to ask when it’s in front of you” i said teasingly while we both smiled at each other
“should we just eat please am starving” Mr T said sadly and we all sat down and started eating.. Tony immediately sat beside me , making Lauren opposite, and Mr T was opposite me..
Lauren just couldn’t stop smiling at Tony and it made me felt somehow.. And I could see it was bugging Tony also…
“why are you looking at me like that” Tony asked.. Looking somewhat angry
“what? Is it that bad just for me to look at ” she said sternly
“oh yeah it’s bad okay just look at Tobi that way not me” tony said while Toby gave him a look that says “Really!? “
“you’re pathetic” Lauren said and rolled her eyes..
“thanks so much” tony replied and he Continued eating…
“wow you’re awesome Angie you know what I promised right? If your cooking was delicious and it was.. So a kiss is on its way” tony said smiling
“you’re funny but anyway just shut up and eat..ok like everyone else ” I teased
“I don’t care, when we get married, I will never bother about food because youre awesome thumbs up Mrs kim” tony said
“Mrs.. Kim oh please kill me dont you even think about it okay” I said and shook my head negatively
“Mrs Kim.. You’re planning on marrying her ” Lauren said disgustingly
“oh yeah!! ” Tony said playfully and put his hands around my shoulder..
“Tony!” I called angrily and he removed his hand from my shoulder, and immediately
Toby dropped his spoon.. “I lost my appetite ” he said lowly, stood up and walked away..
“now look you made him go away ” I said giving tony a glare..
“what..i didn’t make him.. His emotions did maybe he’s thinking about the.. “M” stuff ” tony said and make a quick glance at Lauren who was looking at us ..
“whatever” I said and continued eating
We were all eating silently until Lauren laughed and said
“I can’t believe this. You Tony want to marry this” she said pointing and eyeing me..
I looked at her but ignored, tony wanted to react but I held him and shook my head negatively without smiling ..
And he stopped..

“tony as your brother future wife and you as my husband brother my best advice for you is to not get married to low lives and gold digger like this trash here,” Lauren said and I could feel my body shaking I Can’t believe she called me a lowlife gold digger
“I lost my appetite” I quickly said as I felt my eyes wet..
“you went too far Lauren” tony yelled and tried to come after me but I ran up to my room to cry.. 


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