Story: TWINS LOVE Episode 25

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300x250 05 - Story: TWINS LOVE  Episode 25

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TWINS LOVE  Episode 25 By Ruthie Lee


nathi5 - Story: TWINS LOVE  Episode 25

I was still thinking on who to follow home when I heard my name
I turned swiftly and was happy to see Chloe, she just saved me from making one of this guy’s heart broken
“sorry guys Chloe’s here looks like you’re going to go Home alone ” I said smiling
“well anyway see you at home I guess” Mr t said and walked away..
“can I come with you guys” tony said bluntly
“NO” I said immediately walking away from him and to Chloe.
Oh Chloe am so glad you’re here you just save my life or whatever” I said as I got to Chloe
“I did” Chloe ‘said giving me a smirk.. And winking at me strangely
“why are you looking at me like that” I asked and moved back
“what were you doing with Mr T and Tony” Chloe asked suspiciously
“what.. nothing we were just talking” I replied
“hmm.. Any way let’s go shopping tonight.. I feel like getting some new things ” Chloe protested
“well count me in” I said and we both smile and walk out together
We went shopping and all, we had fun and I trust Chloe, the shopping wasn’t for her, it was for me she just wants me to get rid of my church clothes.. So she did all her spending on me and told me never to tell her thank you..
That night I bid Chloe goodnight,
I stopped a taxi ? and got in and it drove me home ….
Afta few minutes I came down from the taxi and payed him I took all my shopping bags and head inside, getting inside the parlour I could hear mr Kim, tony and Mr t’s voice,…
I hurried In immediately I stepped my foot they all stopped and stared at me..
“G.. Good evening..” I greeted shyly and tried to smile
I looked at Mr T, but he didn’t look at me, his expression shows he was deeply mad about something..
“looks like you did a lot of shopping ” tony said and walked up to me, he helped me carry some bags and he turned to me Kim and said
“look dad, just rethink all this Toby is just not ready for this.. “
“would you be quiet and help your girlfriend with her stuffs” Mr Kim yelled
“am not his.. gir” I tried to say but tony interrupted me Angrily
“fine dad just do it but I think you’ll regret it”…
He held my hands and softly dragged me upstairs “let’s go angie” he S AI d as we walk up to my room….

“Dad please am not just ready for this” I heard Tony said
“it’s for business son just please do this for m…” that was the reply I heard from Mr kim before their voice faded away and we were in my room…
I dropped all the shopping bag on the bed and do did Tony
“you know I really hate your dad for calling me your girlfriend ” I said sternly
“come on its not that bad” tony said and smiled
I removed my shoe then I asked “what was happening down there why was Mr T looking sad and what would your dad regret “
“I know you would ask” Mr T said, I blinked my eyes occasionally and said “well”
“Toby is getting married, or engaged, I don’t know but it’s all the name of business ” tony said this and my mouth dropped open..
“mR t is getting married” I repeated feeling awkward
“yeah.. I know right my dad just so… Into business it’s like he’s selling toby for a business.. ” Tony said getting angry
“why didn’t you get Married instead” I asked foolishly
“what.. Do you hate me that much” tony said almost shouting
“no am Just saying ” I repied
“Tony sighed out loud and said
“I was supposed to be the one getting married to Lauren the girl, but since my dad saw you and thought you were my girlfriend, he shifted to toby”

300x250 05 - Story: TWINS LOVE  Episode 25

Oh poor Mr T, i thought me and Tony chatted that night.. Before eating dinner Mr T didn’t come down for dinner and I was kind of worried.. After eating we all went to bed

The next morning i woke up and got prepared for work, I checked on mr t and he informed me that I should just go to work that his P.A would take over his job today that he’s not coming to work.. I was kind of sad when he said that, this marriage thing kind of weaker him,
I went to work alone, thanks to Chloe work wasn’t boring ..
Work was closed that day and i went home feeling down but didn’t know why..
As I got go the compound I saw an unfamiliar car beside Tony’S car..
I wasn’t surprised.. But I walked in and I found a girl walking around the parlour with her golden high hills and blue gown dripping on the floor
Lauren that was the first thought that came to my mind.. Seeing her you would know she came from a rich family..

“I’m good evening ” I said out LOud and she turned..
“who are you ” she asked bringing down her sunglasses,
“am angie” I said formaly
“whatever I need to see mr kim aren’t you like supposed to show me or call him aren’t you like the house maid or something ” she said harshly
“Excuse me! ” I said angrily…..


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