Top business ideas in Nigeria you can make millions of Naira from

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300x250 05 - Top business ideas in Nigeria you can make millions of Naira from

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Profitable Business You Can Do In Nigeria | top business ideas in Nigeria you can make millions of Naira from.
Garri - Top business ideas in Nigeria you can make millions of Naira from
New and flashy business ideas in Nigeria, What business can someone do to make millions Naira in Nigeria? What are the most profitable business a Nigerian should go into? What are the best business plan to make millions of Naira? If any of these is related to your question then this article is for you.

 Profitable Business You Can Do In Nigeria

You want to be rich! Yes we know. You want to invest in a profitable business! Yes we know. So what business are you ready to go into? there are so many Business one can do here in Nigeria and make millions of Nigeria from, even some doesn’t required huge start-up capital while others do. Just check our top Best business ideas to start in migeria and make millions of Naira,, Profitable Business You Can Do In Nigeria | top business ideas in Nigeria you can make millions of Naira from.

Top business ideas in Nigeria you can make millions of Naira from

  • Poultry farming: This is one of the best business that is yielding great in Nigeria, A lot of people who have venture of this business early is really making it huge today. Poultry farming is very lucrative, even some foreigners are coming to Nigeria to invest on poultry farming. Poultry farm of 2,000 chickens can yield you more #7 million monthly and #70 million annual. The good thing is that you can start making money from poultry farming within 4-5 months unlike other business that take so much time to start making money. With #500,000 you can start poultry farming in Nigerian if you have a land. But if are not a yet a landlord you can easily rent a land and start your farming easily. 
  • Fruit Juice Business: Fruit juice business is making it big time currently in Nigeria. Permit me to see say fruit juice production business is of the most lucrative business currently in Nigeria. We have some companies who started small and now their names are everywhere. There is a lot of benefit, fruits are always helpful for health. e.g orange, orange help in many ways preventing some dangerous diseases and infections. Many people already knows the value of fruit and want to have them daily, but the time to buy them and extract them is what they don’t have or don’t know off, this is where you come in. You can make research by visiting the lab with up to three kinds of fruits and find out how they are useful to human health. Combine this three types of fruits and use them in making fruit juice. Soon as people knows it health value and it good taste they will start patronising you constantly and even recommend your brand. 

    • Cat Fish Farming: Cat Fish farming is profitable if you apply good management skill. Cat fish business is growing huge in Nigeria and a lot of people are already making millions from it. This business is lucrative if you have the experience and the capital to start it. Cat fish farming take just 4months to start making money from it. Cat fish has a very high consumption rate and demand in Nigeria, it one of the fame fish known in Nigeria. In some beer parlor a plate of catfish Peper soup is #1,500 to #2,000. If you have a space to start this business and it capital it really worth considering. You can start this business with average range of 200,0000 – 500,000 Naira. Note that fish farming business required good management, in other to succeed.
    • Large Format Printing Business: Large format printing is generally regarded as large width printing size ( e.g flex banner for advert, invitation cards, calendars, books, event programs news papers, stickers, posters, vehicle wrappers, screen printing e.t.c ) This business is very lucrative as the demand for printing service is very high in Nigeria. Currently this business is capable of making #150,000 – #200,000 Naira daily after removing expenses, this business is very lucrative and people are fighting to get into it, but currently it not that common due to the huge start-up capital involve, it obvious that this business known no location. It doesn’t mater what location it is, contracts will always keep searching for you. The average start-up capital for this business is 6-7 Million Naira. If you have a good start-up capital you can look into large printing business.
    • Oil And Gas Business: Oil and gas business has known to be the millionaire’s business in Nigeria, Oil and gas business is very lucrative all over the world. Oado, Corn Oil, you can name them on, this people are making millions every day. The good thing about oil and gas business is that you can start small and grow big with your profit. This business required good amount of start-up capital for buying or renting of land, building filling station, and obtaining the required documents to legally install your oil and gas station.
    • Cocoa Business: Cocoa business is seriously making some people millionaire in Nigeria while many people don’t still know about it. There are many companies buying cocoa in Nigeria. About two companies buying cocoa are in Abadan express way Lagos. This companies uses the cocoa for production of nestle, bournvita and some other chocolate stuff we consume daily. The last time we check; they were buying a kilo of cocoa seed at #500 which means if you have up to 5 tones of cocoa seed you will make 2.5 million. In fact this business is considered the best if you have the capital to start. You are not the type that is waiting to make money while seating at home. Are you thinking where you can get cocoa seed to buy in Nigeria? It easy if you can go out of your house and make some search. Edo people are heavy cocoa farmers, most of them build their houses from cocoa farm. You can make Edo friends and start making inquiry for cocoa, farmers over there. With 200,000 – 500,000 you can start cocoa seed business in Nigeria. It good i should also tell you that you can make more money exporting cocoa seed in case you don’t want to sell to Nigeria companies.
    • Plastic Scrap Business:- This business is just as same as the mental scrap business we mentioned above. The only difference is the amount which you can use in starting plastic scrap business is lower than that of mental, this is because plastic is cheaper than mental. but you can make a good amount of money from plastic scrap also. You can start plastic business with just 90,000 to 100,000 and be making 30,000 – 40,000 daily depending on how many tones you are supplying daily. But you have to know that plastic are very easy to get. If you have many dumps that sell to you then you can be supplying the company every day which you make up to #280,0000 Naira weekly. If you need companies that buy plastics scrap in Lagos then drop your comment below requesting for it.
    • Advertising Business:- Nigeria companies are releasing millions of Naira’s yearly for advertisement. There are many different kind of advertisement and you can become a millionnaire with advertisement company.
    • Computer Sales Business:- Computer is one of the fast selling business in Nigeria. We don’t know this till we get into it. I must tell you that the most profitable and quick business is computer sales. Many advance way has shown up that you can make faster sales beyond your expectation. OLX, jiji, efritin and more can get your business booming big. other mining the population of smart phones that rock the internet, it doesn’t stop the need of a laptop computer. there are one million and one things phones can’t still archive no mater how wide the screen is. Starting this business require some good amount start-up capital but still you can start small and grow big.
    • E-commerce Business : We should assume every body now know what e-commerce store is. In case you don’t know’ e-commerce store is an online store which enable people to buy items online and have it delivered to their given address without them living the comfort of their home or office. We have some well-functioning e-commerce website in Nigeria which are offering pay on delivery. This business is lucrative but takes a time to become king to people. Sometimes it require some high level advertisement both online and offline to grow better. This business can make you millionnaire if planed and manage proper. we have reveal a secret on how you can start an e-commerce business without having product on your own and still make good amount of profit. We will be launching that article soon.
    • Software Developing Company Business:  This is another good business that can make you a millionaire if taken serious. This business can make you good amount of money monthly, You can set up a company the base of computer software and sell them to those it maters to. You can sell your software easily online and it your software is solving great problem then you will have people paying for it every day. The trick of making money with software developement is Create a software that solve huge problem Design a platform for your company where to list all your company software. The most profitable part of the business is when you have 30 – 600 valuable software that each sell for at least $40 – $800. You must have also be aware that software business does not expire. Your software can be there for the next 100 years, all it needs is just maintenance. Again if your softwares are solving tough problems you don’t need strong promotion. There are a lot of bloggers at there that would want to write about your software for free. In other case you can allow affiliate marketing to your software in other to be generating regular sales.
    • Phone Branding Business : Phone branding business is considered very lucrative, if you are someone who like making research on technology, you must have notice that infinix is only in Nigeria. Injoo is only in Nigeria, recently we have Uni Ilorin Mobile phone. Does this mean Nigeria has started producing phone? Hmm let’s go deep and know how these people archived that. The truth is that phone are yet to be produced in Nigeria, this is to say those phones are not produced here in Nigeria. What happened is that the Nigerians behind those phones visited china and negotiate a business with phone producers of china to have those phones produce in the names. The phone will be produced with the name you want. You then import the phones to Nigeria. If lucky your brand get accepted by Nigerians in the Nigeria market such as techno, Infinix, Injoo, Asus etc, you become the boss and start making millions. imaging you are the one who owned Infinix brand.
    • Transportation Business You most attest to the fact that people ravel from one location to another and this business has ever been successful right from time. This is the business you can start today and start seeing money immediately. This business doesn’t require coaching or any form of management to get it moving. All that need to be done is buy a bus or small vehicle, register with pack and start making money. In other wards you may want to go beyond local transportation either state or even international. Currently we have some transportation company well know in Nigeria who are rendering international transportation and they are making good amount of money daily. Transportation business can never fall since people are still in that environment or area. This is one most lucrative business to look at for if have the finance to start it. 
    • Social Media Advertising Business : When we talk about social media advertisement, some people in Nigeria doesn’t see this as an aspect of making money. But the fact remain that some Nigerians are already on this business and making some cool cash out of it. The internet has growed beyond how it was 2011, Almost all Nigerians now have phone that access internet, you most know that Nigerians are more engage with their phones than their home tv this means advertising on internet is the best choice follow by TV. Almost all the popular brands in Nigeria are now getting hold of social media advertisement because of how engaging it is. This brands and companies who are looking to advertise on the internet doesn’t know how to manage internet advertisement, set up a good pay-per-click campaign using the right keyword to reach their targeting audience, and if they don’t do it well they will end up lose money without any success. This give them the fear of doing it themselves and end up loosing money. This leave with them no other choice than to look form a professional company or agency that will handle their social media campaign for them. Learn to become a professional social media expert and start exploring all this cash from this companies. The most vital social media to know about is facebook, likedin, twitter, you must include google adword and other advertisement. where to search for job is a great place to search for job as a social media manager or online advertiser. Read Also How to Promote Facebook Page or Advertise on Facebok in Nigeria How to get facebook page likes/fans in Nigeria 
    • Vehicle Sales Business Every one knew that this is the millionaire business. Going into car sales business required good amount of money that is to say you have to invest greatly on it. Car sale business is a very good business conserved to be very lucrative. with good management you archive a lot with this business. But going into it required some good amount of money and a hard marketing skill to gain potential buyers. According to some people this business is aberated from been a good such of daily income but a perfect heavy profit business. in other wards i didn’t consider it as that. in my own tens this business can be properly manage to gain daily sales and still hold the ranking of heavy profit. i know of car dealers who sell nothing less than 4 cars weekly, so venturing into this business with good skill of marketing will gat appropriate daily routinely sales that will grow even to the length of selling 3-4 cars daily. The common reason why some business folks diverge from this business is lacking the idea of where to get started, and most common reason the capital to execute it. Car dealers are making huge profit from every sales. If you don’t know yet car dealers can make up to 2 million per sales depending on the vehicle value. 
    • Marketing Agency Business This is a business some people doesn’t even know it existing. I know of several marketing companies or you can call them agencies. Their jobs are taking production companies product to the hands of end users which are the potential targeting audience that are in need of those products. This agencies are commonly identified as marketers. Their job is to get a job of marketing a new product around the road or street. You must have seen this before around your street or just along the road, this set of marketing strategies meet direct with the end users at an affordable price cheaper than the normal rate it selling in the market or supper market. The young girls and boys you see out there marketing products are not directly workers to the product company but workers to marketing agencies whose the marketing contract was awarded to by-product company. Marketing company must acquire some good marketing skills to gain attention of the potential customers who need the particular product. This business requires a hand join as a company. This can also be archive be employing intelligent intellectual marketers the task while you focus on it growth or in search of products to market. When is service of marketer needed The service of marketing is required by new production company The service of marketing agency is needed when a company is offering their product promo The service of marketing agency is needed when already known company introduce a new brand How profitable is marketing agency business Wow you want to know how profitable this business is? The attest fact is that this business is lucrative when you have loyal clients. A marketing company can charge the product owners a Ransome for marketing the product of negotiate of profit from the sales of the product they market. READ  How to get Loan in Nigeria without collateral 2018.
    • Broker Business: Brokers are middle men between the buyer and the seller, this can be on loan, properties or purchase. Common example of a broker in Nigeria are properties agents e.g house agents. Starting this business in Nigeria require close to no startup capital. Smart individuals can start this business even without money and make good amount of money week or monthly. Today in Lagos and some other developed area of Nigeria, House agent are very common to come across in every street. This people are not the owner of the property nor the one who need the property. This is why they are being called middle men, they come in between the owner of the property and the needing person of the property, and gain a wages when the owner and the buyer complete the deal. The broker business in most cases is to bring a buyer to the seller and get wages when the deal is completed. The wages could be from the property owner or the broker will add his wages to the cost of the item of property. So you can start by been a house agent or something else that you think it will be easy for you to execute.
    • Food Production Business: This is a good business idea that will make you lot money if manage properly.  Restaurant, eateries, bunkers, mama put, you name them on e.t.c. this is a very lucrative business and doesn’t take months or year to start making it on this business. Human is survived by food, it almost to impossible to see someone who doesn’t eat for 4 days in Nigeria. Not all of this people have the time to cook for them self at all time, some men are still bachelors and prefer eating at restaurants. Starting a restaurant business is a brilliant idea if you can afford the start-up capital then what are you waiting for? I must tell you that you don’t need a million naira to start a restaurant business. even mama put sell more than some huge eateries i know of. Just start from somewhere and i tell you that if your food is sweet and presentable you are eventually going somewhere. This business accepts almost all location knowing that the people in that location eat. You have an option of starting this business in advance standard just as mr.biggs, tasty t, sweet sensation etc if you have the capital. And if you don’t have the capital to start huge then start from the bottom and expand in future. Restaurant business can be executed with 20k to 3million Naira depending on the standard you want to give it. Read Also List of Small Businesses to Start in Nigeria with #5,000 or #10,000 Naira 16 Businesses to Start in Nigeria with #20,000 #30,000 #40,000 #50,000 Naira The Importance of Having a Business Website in Nigeria 22. Fish Smoking Business This is another nice business to venture into in Nigeria, you can buy an oven for smoking fish and resale at a reasonable price.
    • Bread Production Business : Starting a bread factory is also as starting a money factory if you are in a developed area, if your brand should gain the likeness of customers then you have made it. Bread bakery business is a very fast growing business because bread is consumed daily in Nigeria. Starting a bakery there are some skills you need to archive or you emply skillful workers. See the basic equipment needed to start a bread bakery

    Others Profitable Business You Can Do In Nigeria. 

    • Cake Making Business Event Decoration/Planing Business Event 
    • Instrument Renting Business 
    • Real Estate Business 
    • Bottle Drink Production Business
    • nylon Production Business
    • Local Transportation business
    • Film Production Business
    • Music Record Label Business
    • School Business Even
    • Filming Business Photographer Business
    • Music Production Business
    • Drink Deport Business
    • Sport Business
    • Data Sharing Business
    • Hotel Business
    • Tutoral Business
    • Cyber Cafe Business
    • Bead Making Business
    • Pure Water Production
    • Business Electronic Business
    • Rice Farming Business
    • Cassava Farming Business
    •  Fashion Designing Business
    • Shoe production Business
    • Computers Repair Business
    • Phone Repair Business
    • boutique Business
    • Palm Oil Business
    • Car Wash Business
    • Application Business
    • restaurant Business
    • Barbing Saloon Business
    • Women Hair Saloon Business
    • Block Industry Business
    • vegetable farming
    • Building Material Sales Business
    • Chairs And table Sales Business
    • Dry Cleaning Business
    • livestock food sales/milling business
    • Bear-Parlor Business
    • Snail farming
    • Recharge Card Business
    • Furniture Business
    • cleaning service
    • Starting Computer training service
    • Okada and keke napel hiring business
    • Tv Decoder Business
    • Body cream Soap Production Business
    • Paint production business
    • Android game production
    • Weavon Business
    • Tooth Paste Production
    • Business Capet Rug Sales Business
    • Snacks Production Business
    • Tomato Farming Business
    • Carn tomatoes Business
    • Recharge Card printing and distributing business
    • sim card replacement / money agents business Expire domain Sales business.

    Above are top business ideas in Nigeria you can make millions of Naira from, all you need is applying great skills and managing it proper.

    300x250 05 - Top business ideas in Nigeria you can make millions of Naira from


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