How to get a customized phone number in Uganda


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How to get yourself a customized phone number in Uganda

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A phone number is one of the basic identifiers one ought to have as a Ugandan. If you don’t have a national ID, no passport, nor driver’s license, your phone contact becomes the saviour.

But the need to make identification much easier comes with an interest to be unique. And while many think the process is complicated, it is much simpler than you could imagine.

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What Is a Phone Number?

A telephone number is the number that other people dial when they want to talk to you.

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According to, A phone number is The sequence of digits used to identify a particular destination telephone in a network.

How to get a customized phone number in Uganda

You could want a customized phone number for your business, an easy number for your friends to save, or a number that resembles what you already have. You can get it all in just a few steps.

Airtel Uganda 

You can visit an Airtel Uganda shop or service centre with your national identity card, and UGX 2,000 to get a preferred number in the 0707 and 0709 series. You could also get one from the 0708 series under the K2-Airtel merger.

MTN Uganda

You can visit any MTN Uganda service center with UGX 3,000 and your national Identity card. Currently, the company is rolling out the 0776 prefix as it’s the one that is available.

Africell Uganda

You can visit an Africell service shop with your national identity card to inquire if the number is available. In case it is available, the process is free of charge and you can get it within minutes. However if the number is reserved and you still need it, then you will be charged UGX 500,000 to un-reserve it.
There are specific numbers reserved for company use, and if a customer really needs that special reserved number, then they have to pay for it.

Uganda Telecom

Uganda Telecom offers two types of services: post paid and prepaid. For the post paid services, a customer makes payments after using the service; while a customer has to be recharging his or her account before using any service for prepaid.
You can visit a Uganda Telecom outlet or service centre with a valid national identity card to make an inquiry on the phone number you want to get and you’ll be served. The service is at a zero cost but a UTL simcard costs 1000.

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