Twins Love Episode 18

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300x250 05 - Twins Love Episode 18

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Twins Love Episode 18 By Ruthie Lee

redflower 5 - Twins Love Episode 18

“Angie is everything OK, ” Tony asked as he heard my shaky voice.
He came closer to me and asked one more time holding my hands .. I immediately hugged him and tears poured out of my eyes.
“just let it all out okay” he said patting my back ..

After the sobbing and crying over Tony’s shoulder we later walked in my apartment and found our self-sitting opposite each other
“why the tears earlier” Tony asked
While I narrated my job hunting without progress
“and am scared my landlord is going to show up here tomorrow and he”s going to send me away for sure ” I said almost in tears.
Tony sighed and said “if he’s going to send you away and since am not like Tony with his big company and cash I can’t help you, but I can also help, ” Tony said
“I don’t understand you, ” I said… He smiled and said “since he’s chasing you out of your house tomorrow why not come live with me, ” he said while my mouth dropped open
“you say that,” I said
“seriously am serious, ” Tony said smiling

300x250 05 - Twins Love Episode 18

I started thinking about it because I don’t want Mr rajah to humiliate me tomorrow but is Tony leaving alone I don’t want to stay with guys that live alone it’s very risky.

“do you live alone ” I managed to ask
He laughed and said “no” and I was surprised bcoz I expected him to live alone
“why,” I asked
“even though my dad doesn’t really like me he doesn’t want neither of us to suffer Toby once decided to get his own apartment but my dad begged him to death he wants us all to leave together, he wants us to enjoy his money and trust me my dad is damn rich”
Oh” that was all I could say
“so is it a yes or a no”
I bit my lips and said “okay” his face brightened up and he left out a smile exposing his fascinating dimples..
“but am scared” I urgently said
“I know your father and he knows me too, am scared he might…not accept me and am also scared to face Toby
I said while Tony laughed out loud
“you are funny ” he muttered
“just leave all that and accept my proposal,” Tony said
I stared at him lustfully and saw something in his eyes I couldn’t explain
“yes” I sighed out while he smiled
“but my properties what am I going to do with them I can’t just throw them away
“you can sell them, ” Tony said while I smile
“Tony is a god sent
I can’t believe he’s the idiot I hated before

He finally left after we talked about some things for a while I laid on my bed and think
“is it a really good idea to stay in Tony [the Kim’s] house


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