Twins Love Episode 16 And 17

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300x250 05 - Twins Love Episode 16 And 17

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Twins Love By Ruthie Lee 

Twins Love Episode 16

redflower 4 - Twins Love Episode 16 And 17

I finally stood up and gave Tony a hug
“am so sorry ” I said
“you are saying it as If you did anything wrong ” Tony said smiling. I released him from my hug and sat alone thinking all what he has just said
..we became quiet for a while before I broke the silence “are you hungry let me get you something to eat ”
“no no its okay tho am hungry buh but not much ” he said
I hissed and say “here you are rejecting my offer but forced me to collect yours”…
“am sorry.. OK go and bring it let me eat” Tony said
“no am keeping my food to myself ” i said bluntly
“are you angry” tony said with his handsome face full of smiles…
I concentrated on the TV ignoring Tony he became quiet again I decided to look at him “maybe he’s watching TV with me or thinking.. Unfortunately I turned to him only to find him staring at me…
we both stared at each other for a while [it seemed magical]
Seeing him was no difference from looking at Mr T I suddenly remembered him…
“what” I said
“what” he replied confusingly
“why were you staring at me” i asked
“nothing” he said and laughed
“you are weird but why did you come to my house” I continued
“I just thought I’d keep you company” Tony said
I sighed and said “tomorrow I think I’d start looking for a job” I said sternly
“do you want me to help you find one” tony said with his her growing wider
“OK… If you like.. But tony y are you just being nice to me, ” I asked while he smiled and scratched his head “um…am just being nice that’s all” I looked at him weirdly and he smiled so I said “your smiles creep me out”
“what did I tell you am a smile addict ” I laughed and said “from now on your name will be S.A which smile addict..
“cool” that was his reply
We talked for a while and he seems happy.. I was glad to know the real tony he made me felt alive with his smiles and charming attitudes..
And I could say I like him already [but not that kind of like you people are thinking oo]

Later in the day he decided to leave and I escorted him out the door I leaned on the door while he stood opposite “okay na bye ” I said
“c’mon that’s so formal are you just going to send me home with a “bye” Tony said
“what else do you want me to do” I asked
“a hug is okay I guess” he said while I laughed
“S.A you must be crazy… Abegee comot for road.. No go your house yeh they find hug” I said turned back to get inside
“anyway I had a great day with you ” he said “you are fun to be with” he continued I opened my door to go inside when he called “Angie wait”
I stopped and turned and he immediately moved closer to me and kiss me..

300x250 05 - Twins Love Episode 16 And 17

Twins Love Episode 17

He immediately moved his face closer to kiss me, and unfortunately he did
I moved back surprisingly and said “Tony what did you do that for”
“I… I… Am sorry” he said and smiled
“I would have slap you but I just controlled my temper ” I said and I walked inside slamming the door “sorry” he yelled from outside while I screamed from inside “good night ‘s. A get lost” I heard his footstep as he walked away..
I leaned on the door and sighed I touched my lips and shook my head negatively…
I looked at the time 6:55pm I collapsed on my couch and sighed… Suddenly a call came in my phone and it was “chloe” [hmm you guys were expecting Tony abi ] ……
Me: Chloe how far good evening
Chloe: good evening .. Am sure you are okay
Me: hmm am not getting fired is one thing I didn’t want to happen but after all I got fired so am not ok
Chloe:am do sorry you must be so depressed all alone at home
Me: no actually Tony came over to keep me company
Chloe: really Tony came
Me: yes
Chloe: no wonder I didn’t see him through out today
Me: hmm me too I wonder why he came oo
Chloe: am sure nothing is going on between the two of you
Me: ah ah Chloe which kind of talk is that one
Chloe: am just playing ah… So how are you going to do it now
Me : do what
Chloe: about the job stuff
Me: my sister me self I don’t know I will start job hunting tomorrow
Chloe: why don’t you come to the company and explain one more time to Mr T [toby] he will understand
Me:am not coming back there I don’t even want to see him again in my life
Chloe:but you saw tony which means you are seeing Mr T.
Me: no oh Tony’s different O they are both different when you get to know him Tony you will know
Chloe:you sound as if you are falling for him
Me : no am Just saying but he can be pretty annoying like when he k….
Chloe: he what
Me: never mind
Chloe : I smell something fishy ooo
Me:(laughed nervously) okay sha till tomorrow again..
Chloe: OK anytime na greet Tony for me oo
Me: Tony wey just comot for here in never to tey sha
Chloe: eh he stayed up to this time
Me: yes
Chloe: na una know wetting una do
Me:you know well

***hung up*****
I dropped my phone tiredly I ate the remaining fried rice and went into a deep slumber without praying

The next day I woke the next morning I took my bath arranged everywhere and I cooked I looked at today’s date “April 28” I sighed almost in tears bcoz by the end of this month Mr rajah our strict LANDLORD will asked for his yearly debt and the money in my acct is enough
“God see me through ” i muttered to my self as I wear my sandals
I ate and went out for my job hunting

5:41pm [in the evening ]
I came back home later that day with almost a tear in my eyes..
As i walked close to my door I saw tony resting by the wall he saw me and smiled but I wasn’t in the mood
“what do you want” I said with a shaky voice that looks as if am about to cry and yes I was about to cry..


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