Twins love episode 14 and 15

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300x250 05 - Twins love episode 14 and 15

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Twins Love  By Ruthie Lee 


redflower 3 - Twins love episode 14 and 15

Twins Love  Episode 14

I got up and move closer to Naomi giving her a sounding slap ..
“why.. ” that was all Naomi could say “you deserved that” i said took
my bag from my desk, cleaned my tears and walked up to Chloe’s office to
bid her good bye,, I told her everything and she was thrilled to hear
mr T fired me and was more thrilled to hear that Naomi caused it..
“so now Naomi is at fault and you are going to let it slide” chloe said shouting at me
“what can I do she got what she wanted” I said weakly
Chloe sighed and said “am going to go to Mr T now and beg on your
behalf ” I Chloe yelled “no no chloe please don’t you’ve done so much
for me i love you please what if you get into trouble because of me”
Chloe sat down and begged me for her to beg mr T but I said no
“OK but I will make sure I make that good for nothing b*tch life miserable here and you can’t stop me” Chloe snapped
“well I guess it’s goodbye now” I said with wet eyes as if am not going to see Chloe again
We hugged and I headed home
Getting home I looked at the time it was 2:14pm I threw my bags on the floor jumped on the bed and I started to cry..
I cried so hard I cried and cried like it was the end of the word for me…
Later my mom called hearing my voice she forced me to talk what was
wrong I told her that I just burned my self a little from hot pot I
didn’t want her to know the truth bcoz I know my mom can be cranky
I lazily switched on the TV to make the house a little
occupied “by noise ” and I started to make lunch (fried rice) I cried
while making the food because Mr T and Naomi’S face keep appearing in my
Mr T isn’t at fault because he doesn’t know the truth but
that devil is at fault and I cursed her I realised crying won’t solve
anything and I kind of stopped….

300x250 05 - Twins love episode 14 and 15

After the rice has
been prepared I took it down and transfered a Little in a small plate I
took my spoon and headed to the living room to eat and watch TV “what a
day my life is practically over “
I started to eat when a surprising knock came at My door…
Who could that be I thought..
*chloe: no Chloe is still at work
*mom: no she didn’t feel like coming and she didn’t tell me she was coming ..
As I was thinking I heard the knock again and was surprised ..
I got up unlock the bolt from the door opened it and was surprised to
see Tony standing outside my door looking as handsome as he could be
“Tony ” I called sarcastically
“hi angie” he said and smiled looking like an angel.. His dimples pierced a hole as he smiled and he made me remember Mr T..
“what are you doing here” I asked
“to see you” he immediately replied
“me” I asked again
He sighed and said “are you going to keep asking me questions or let me in”
I thought it wasn’t polite to leave him standing there so i let him in…
* why is he here
*wats my business with him
I was asking my self
Oh can somebody tell me what’s this Tony up to

 Twins Love Episode 15
. By Ruthie Lee


Tony walked in smiling I locked the door behind us..
He removed his shoe remaining his sock and he walked in and sat on my
couch comfortably I appeared in front of him with both my hands on my
waist “why are you here” I asked again while he smiled…
He moved his head forward then pulled me by my hands and dragged me by his side and I sat beside him forcefully
“OK I have seat down tell me why you are here” i said bluntly ..
“I heard what happened from Chloe is it true, you got fired by my brother” he said sweetly and calmly
“so you came all the way from no where to tell me that ” I said getting angry
He smiled and said “there is no need to get angry”
His smile made me calm down but I didn’t know I came down and my heart started to beat and all of a sudden be became ?beautiful ? ..
I coughed and stammered “pl…ea.. se see if y…ou have no.. Thing to say L…eave “
I got up and pointed the door to for
Am not going anywhere ” he said smiling “my heart raced”
“why are you just smiling is anything funny” I said sarcastically
“am a smile addict” he scoffed
I sighed carried my food sat down on the same couch with him but at the
edge, concentrated on the TV and said in pigin “when you don ready to
get out you go go”….
“hmm really think I didn’t heard that ” he said
You were supposed to ” i throwback at him
“well I don’t Really understand pidgin since I have been in the u. S for what seems like eternity…
I ignored him and started eating and watching TV but I was still sad
inside because I was fired just as I was thinking about it Tony said “I
heard Naomi caused it all “
“excuse me ” I said turning to him, he turned to me and our eyes met
“chloe told me about it if it’s really bugging you I could beg my brother for you or help you get revenge on naomi”
“no don’t beg for me it’s okay I’ll find another job and I hate getting revenge it’s just not my thing” I said
“you are too nice and it’s so..
“so what ” I interrupted
“so cute” he replied
I rolled my eyes and turned to the TV
I just imagined how it would be if Tony had begged Toby for me because
the two haven’t been on good terms lately… So I gathered up some
courage and asked
“you and Tobi seem to hate each other why is that”
He turned to me and smiled “I don’t really like telling people about my
family stuff and all but am just going to tell you anyway because I
.li… He paused , scratched his head and started
“well it all
started at the age of sixteen when me and Tobi were still pals and got
each others backs.. My dad opened a new company producing teenagers
clothes for boys and it was a big hit and me and Tobi were the models
and together me my dad and Tobi made money together making our family to
progress faster and if you are thinking about my mom she is dead , died
on our sixth birthday “car accident “
Well back to the main story..
Things were going smoothly until one day me and Tobi were playing ball
in my dads room “we were playing it there due to our stubborness” I
kicked the ball so high that it bounced back on my dads TV then on the
wall then hited the extension and everything went sparking and
everything ended up getting burnt even my dad’s laptop which he wrote
and oral report he was to use the next day to win back his company
because there was a fight
My dad got furious that day he asked who
did it and I immediately blamed it on Toby which he was not happy about
..i later told my dad the truth after he has scolded Toby …
dad failed getting his company and he lost a lot so he began with a mini
mart he sent me to the US to live with my aunt And I was disappointed
my dad always calls me his useless and idiot son I was never important
to him after that day …
They both still hates me till now…
When Tony said all this he smiled and I could see sadness in his eyes the smile was fake…
I felt like hugging him that moment I was full of sympathy


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