Twins Love Episode 12 and 13

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300x250 05 - Twins Love Episode 12 and 13

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Twins Love Episode 12 and 13 By Ruthie Lee

theSoundOFLove freedygist - Twins Love Episode 12 and 13

 Twins Love Episode 12

After a Lot of begging and pleadings from Chloe, I finally agreed for Tony to take me home only if she comes with me which she gracefully agreed…
After getting me outside my Chloe I entered tony’S car.
Tony and Chloe got in and both sat down in the Front, Tony turned back and smiled at me “don’t face your front yeh” I yelled while he laughed charmingly …
He turned on the ignition and the next thing is that we were on the way to my house…

######fast forward ######

We later got to my house I leaned tiredly on the wall while Chloe searched my purse for my keys.. She later found it and we got inside I was not really that happy that Tony of all people is in my house and I never hid the fact “you know you could have started leaving now” I said to Tony collapsing lazily on my couch
“C’mon babe is that how you treat a gue,st,” Tony said flashing his smiles
I hissed while Chloe laughed at me and Chloe talked for a while before I started feeling sleepy I told her and she and that good for nothing handsome looser left…
why is he following Chloe all about, are they dating. I asked my self this questions. But finally got over it I was ready for work tomorrow to face… So I had a good night sleep on my couch
The next morning I was woken up by my morning alarm I sat down feeling somehow energic I yawned and my mouth stunk .soo bad “bcoz of the drink”
I got ready for work putting on a decent black tight skirt above my knee and a yellow long sleeve shirt.
I got to work smiling from ear to ear it just felt so great working at a .big Company …
I got to my office with a coffee in my hand and I saw Naomi I ,greeted her but she didn’t reply so I took back my greetings by smiling to her
That afternoon after working out life out on different ideas and opinions I became hungry and it was just as if God sent an angel…
Tony walked in with his car keys jingling in his soft fingers Naomi was astonished seeing, him, (she didn’t know. Mr. T hat a twin brother)
“o my god Mr. T good afternoon how.. Why… how did you change your clothes so quick,” Naomi said foolishly staring at Tony and Tony laughed at her behavior
“Hello miss Angie good afternoon” tiny said coming closer to my desk
“to have started again Tony leave me alone.
“Tony” Naomi called sounding confused

300x250 05 - Twins Love Episode 12 and 13

Twins Love  Episode 13 By Ruthie Lee

The next morning I got ready for work, as usual., bath ate got dressed and went to work happily..
I entered the office and didn’t bother to Greet Naomi because she won’t reply to me..
I was busy with the Computer when Mr. T walked in I didn’t know it was him I thought he was Tony but he called me “miss Raymond ” and that’s when I knew was him
“good morning sir”I and Naomi greeted him at the same time and we gave each other a glare …
“yes” I answered once more because he called me
He smiled at me and I could feel my heart beating “what’s wrong with me ” I thought but I removed my mind from that
he stretched out his hand with a paper in it.
“take this,” he said and I collected it
“I want you to help me print this written documents.. This is the only copy and I want you to print out two more.. We are presenting it today so miss Raymond am counting on you ” he said smiled and tapped my shoulder.. And I could see Naomi’s face was already burning up..
I nod my head positively and said “you can count on me sir I will never let you down ”
“just hope so ” Naomi muttered under her breath, I heard it but my t didn’t and I wondered what she meant by that …
He smiled and walked away. I sat down smiling from ear to ear. I started typing it on the computer and I could say it’s a brilliant presentation …
I was already done with the first one by typing and printing it out when Nefera called me to come over and help with something and I went.

A few minutes later I came back to continue with the last paper printing but was thrilled to see it all gone..
I began to search scattering my desk I opened my drawer checked in the cabinet under the table under and inside every books but they were no where to be found…
“.. God where could it be,” I said feeling terribly confused and worried…
I decided to ask Naomi “hey please Naomi did you say that paper Mr. T gave me”
“why are you telling me am I the one they gave.. Look don’t disturb me oo” Naomi said and hissed
“i know asking u was no use” I bluntly said and walked out
. I was lost in thought
*what is Mr. T going to do when he finds out I lost it
*is he going to fire
*coukd it been Naomi that could have took
*what am I going to do
I kept asking my self all this questions I was lost tired and devestated
I barged into Chloe’s office and I was somewhat glad I didn’t see Tony
I narrated everything to chloe and found my self in tears
“don’t cry OK we’ll both look for it together ” Chloe said drying my Tears…
I nod my head and we went searching
I could say we searched everywhere but we didn’t see it
We even scattered the bins and every recycling things but no avail I felt like fainting
But Chloe said I shouldn’t worry I should just explain to me T
Well wen he came I started explaining in tears but do u know what he said
“I gave you a simple task and you failed me.. Do you know how much we are going to loose Mrs. Raymond.. A lot.. I can’t say buy you know what “You Are Fired”
There he said it the word I was afraid to hear…
I tried to beg but instead tears gushed out of my eyes..
He left me there to die with my tears in the presence of Naomi
She came closer to me “honey it’s not a big deal to cry” she said
“leave me alone you witch” I yelled with my little voice echoing in our office…
“you know I saw a paper on your desk but since it wasn’t important to you, you left it I decided to clean your desk and take it to the woman selling beans cake at the back go and check maybe you “ll see it… Oh no u can’t because it’s no use the presentation is already over”
Naomi said all this while I stared at her woefully “you this devil you caused it all “
“no, I was only trying to help… Myself “.
She said and smiled…


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