Twins Love Episode 11

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300x250 05 - Twins Love Episode 11

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Twins Love Episode 11 By Ruthie Lee

Twins Love Episode 11

lamp - Twins Love Episode 11

 “Angie what’s wrong with you ” Mr T drew back and said as I kissed him
I felt embarrassed and bent my head down “am sorry sir” i said and he
sighed “don’t worry I think the alcohol is still in your head why don’t
you rest ” he said while I protested “no sir am okay there’s no need to
get worried about me.
“you know you are kind of stubborn ” Mr t
said and laughed I raised my head up to meet his gaze,, his handsome
face glowed as he smiled and his complete white teeth were arranged
making his smile beautiful talkless of his pink lips.. I bit my lip
examining all this while he said “now if you excuse me I would like to
attend to my party attenders they would have been looking for me not
knowing am in the company’s sick bay with one of my employees” he got up
and about to leave while I quickly got down from the bed to follow him
not knowing my body hasn’t really calmed down and I fell down hitting my
head on floor “”I didn’t my head that much””” “ouch” I said as I hit my
head.. “o my god are you okay” Mr T said running to me , he managed to
get me up and I stood up leaning on him I felt a slight pain on my head
“come on rest” he said and took me to the bed where I sluggishly laid
back “i will be back for you later” he said and I nodded my head in a
positive way and he smiled and left I touched my head and then my neck
and it was badly “HOT” I sighed I swear never too get drunk no matter
the situation…
After a little thinking I went into a deep slumber……………. 

 … Few hours later I woke up only to someone holding my hands… I
thought it was me T but when I opened my eyes more clearly it was my
Chloe” I called and hugged her and then I saw Tony behind her “what’s he doing here” I said weakly trying to sound alive.. 

300x250 05 - Twins Love Episode 11

“Shhh…don’t shout in this your condition I heard all what happened frm Mr t Chloe said
“and where is Mr T now” I asked desperately wanting to see him
“he’s busy somethings you know he is a busy man” Chloe whined
“yeah that’s what I admire about him” I said and we both laughed it fit
tony laughing too and it made me angry I just hate the boy’s presence..

“why did he come here with you” I asked chloe
“I dunno oo” she said and winked at me.. I hissed and say “what’s the time now”
8:05pm” cloe relied
“Jesus!! ” I exclaimed and got if the bed only to find my self on the floor
“you don’t have your balance yet just keep calm” chloe said
I shook my head negatively and said “it’s getting late I have to go you
guys may have enjoyed the party but i didn’t because of him” I pointed
to tiny
“hey!! What did I do ” tiny said
“ask me again” I said And hissed
“babe why you just hate this guy like this take am easy na” Chloe said
while I protested “see leave me alone I want to go home an weak and
tired “
” I know that’s why I brought tiny here to take you home in his car” ..
Chloe said
“what” I yelled while tony smiled
“what is Chloe and Tony up to sef”
I thought..


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