Twins Love Episode 10

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Twins Love Episode 10 By Ruthie Lee
 Twins Love Episode 10

thesoundoflove - Twins Love Episode 10
The next day which was the day of the company party I was at home not really getting ready for it.. It was 9:55am while the party starts 11:30pm
I was eating and watching TV at the same time and I suddenly received a call from Chloe
Me: hello what’s with the surprise call.
Chloe: bae you still they vex for me
Chloe said in Pigin english
Me: am not angry at you o an just surprised you called me because took have not been talking to me anymore
Chloe: am sorry but further that one the past is in the past am coming to your house now so we can both go to the party together
Me: okay no problem am waiting don’t get carried away by cute guys while coming here oi
Chloe : you no me na
She said and we both laughed and hung up I was so glad to have my Chloe back..
Few minutes later I heard a knock on my door I smiled and slowly opened it and I met Chloe smiling and standing there holding a poly bag she walked in tiredly and asked for a cold drink and I gave her water.. After drinking she told me about her journey and how many cute boys she saw in my street all I could was laugh
she brought out a red gown from her bag and handed to me and say
“I bought it for you so you can wear it to the party I don’t want you wearing that your holy holy church gown I could have wear it on but am not slim like you and red is not my colour and also red usually fits fair people” Chloe said and I hugged her..
we both later got ready for the party and I just know I looked amazing and beautiful the gown was above my knee and it was tight showing all my shapes and curves and I was also forced to put on makeup by Chloe
We later got to the big party and people were much than I expected.. The first person I saw was Naomi she looked surprised seeing me because she knows I don’t normally wear this type of gown “am a church girl “
We passed her and after greeting and complimenting thousands of people we saw Mr T “good day sir me and Chloe greeted him the same time and we all laughed
“you two look stunning especially you miss Raymond ” Mr T said flattering me with his words “you are not looking bad either” Chloe said and he said thanks.. Just then Tony came and Tobi mood changed “hi bro” Tony said and quickly adverted his eyes to us “wow Chloe you and your partner looks amazing ” Tony said and winked at me while Ieyed him ust then a young girl came and told Tobi that his dad Mr Kim wants to see him and Tobi excused himself leaving me Chloe and Tony alone
“so chloe what’s your friend’s name ” tony Asked
“why do you want to know” chloe backfired
“come-on baby am just trying to be nice ” Tony said and gave Chloe his charming smile and Chloe fell for it
“her name’s Angie ” chloe said
“chloe” I called angrily and walked away to the bartender [the person who served drinks]
I sat down in a chair looked at everywhere and I had a glimpse of how it will be like having my own company ..
I was lost in thought until I heard a voice “care to dance miss angie ” I looked and I saw tony
“you better get lost before I scream” I said and he smiled
“OK fine.. Am leaving” he said and left , I got angry I turned to the bartender “give me a drink” I ordered
“it’s alcoholic ma” he said
“bring it dat way” I said and he gave me a bottle of wine I have never in my life tasted an alcholic drink and this would be my first time
And I couldn’t believe I finished a whole bottle…
Few minutes later I found myself vomiting in the toilet I washed my mouth and came out and I bumped into Mr T.. And I almost fell but he caught me and I started to laugh weirdly “Angie are you okay” Mr t asked while I stood alone trying to get my balance
“Mr Tobi” i called and laughed
“yes” he answered confusingly
I moved closer to him , very close that our body touched ” if I told you how adorable you are ” I said staggering and laughing
“angie I think you are drunk ” Mr t said and held my hands
“am not drunk am just telling you the truth” I said and touched his cheek with my other hand
He sighed and S AI d “you need to rest you are not your self” he S AI d and dragged me walking with him I felt a flare coming in my body and before I knew it I passed out.. Everything went blank
I woke up and saw my self in a bed..i opened my eyes and saw Mr T beside me “what happened why am I here ” I said lowly
“long story ” Mr T said and laughed
I sat properly and our face became close
And I had this urge to kiss him and I did..


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