Story: Twins Love By Episode 21 and 22

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redflower 6 - Story: Twins Love By Episode 21 and 22

Twins Love By Ruthie Lee Episode 21

“Angie” Mr T called 
I looked at him weirdly and bit mum lips , am kind of scared of him.. 
“good evening ” I greeted him gently 
“what are you doing here ” he asked looking confused 

“I’ll explain to you c’mon” Tony came and said immediately, Toby sighed and followed Tony to the parlour.
I sighed and continued with what I was doing
after I was done I was about going out to call Tony and Toby when I bumped into Mr T..
“oh Angie sorry” he said
“no problem sir ” I replied
“Tony told me everything and sure you’re absolutely welcome here” he said and handed his hand for a shake I gradually took it and shook it..
He smiled then changed his expression “oh um, Angie Naomi’s fired”
“huh what why” I replied totally confused..
“I found out she was the one who took the documents, i called you this morning or so but you didn’t pick and as I called back it was switched off”
I remembered an unknown number calling me but before I could pick up my battery went dead.
“oh yes my battery went dead the moment you called me, but please Mr T now ever did you find out it was Naomi because I tried explaining it to you but you wouldn’t listen” I said bluntly
“oh thanks to the security cameras we have in each and every angle in the company, I just felt like checking the it and boom I saw Naomi’s crime , and am sorry I didn’t believe you in the first place ” he said while I smiled and said “well it’s okay I guess all thanks to Tony ” as the name Tony escaped my lips his face became angry, I was like is he angry because his brother helped me, he must be crazy..
“well guess what” he said smiling again
“what” I said sarcastically
“you’re hired again” he said
“whaaaaaat” I screamed,I felt like hugging him I already spread my hands but when I got close to him I stopped he’s Mr T not tony i said to my self..
“you’re so foolish sometimes you could have hug it out” Tony said as he approached us..
“well thank you so much Mr T ” I said and smiled 
“well are we just going to stand here and talk all day while the food gets cold” Tony said and moved to the dinning table
“okay then miss Raymond I think I will be expecting you in the company tomorrow or the next day after tomorrow “
“okay” i said and smiled..
He went up stairs and called Mr Kim and we all gathered around the dining table, Toby sat down beside me while Tony opposite me, while Mr Kim was at the edge… 
I wasn’t comfortable eating because it was awkward and Toby kept staring at me, and it made me so uncomfortable
I mistakenly left a bit of sauce at the edge of my mouth and immediately Tony and Toby quickly snatched their hanky and said the same time at me “I’ll get it for you”
I looked at the both of them then at Mr. Kim he was looking at the boys angrily
“no… no don’t worry I will get it my self” I said calmly, then snatch out my hanky and cleaned it my self
Gosh this guy’s are so……
“am done eating thanks” I said as I finished a very little plate of the food..
I still wanted to eat more but the guys are making me so uncomfortable
“are you sure ” Mr Kim asked
“yes sir” I lied smiled and took my plates to the kitchen and ran to my room
I laid on my bed still feeling hungry “god I need more of that food” I S AI d to my self 
just then a soft knock came on my door, I stood up and opened it and saw Mr T standing there with a plate of the food we just ate.. 
“I know you’re still hungry so just take it” he said and handed it to me, this guy is right so right.. 
“… how ” I tried to complete my words 
“come on i’ve seen you eat before you love food and I know that wasn’t enough we made you uncomfortable at the dining room so just take this and eat alone” he said and I gasped
This dude is a real life saver .

Twins Love By Ruthie Lee Episode 22


my lips curved with smile as Toby walked out leaving me alone with the food.. 
I ate to my satisfaction and I sighed.. 
I head downstairs to return the plate to the dish washer… 
I entered the kitchen and dropped the plate as I made a turn to leave i bumped into Mr T.. 
“oh am so sorry” he said and smiled
“are you satisfied now” he asked 
“am full thanks”I said not looking at him ..
“great” he exclaimed 
I smiled not knowing how to react 
“you are coming to work tomorrow or next” he asked 
“next tomorrow” I replied while he smiled.. 
We were both quiet for sometime when Tony Walked In looking happy
he came towards me and smiled, “you’ve got to watch this” he said drew my hands clutch our palms together and dragged me to the parlour, he sat down and sat me down.. He wanted me to watch a funny movie with him
I joined him anyway even though he kind of made me annoyed by dragging me away from Mr T…
Mr t later joined us but later he went upstairs, I watched as he walked upstairs with his hands tucked in his pocket.. I sighed and turn back to the TV and found tony staring at me
“what” I asked “nothing” he replied and frowned his face, but continued watching the movie …
We were both done watching the interesting movie and it was already late.. So I head upstairs to sleep
I got in my room, prayed before lying on the bed to fall asleep, I was lost in thought when Tony walked in 
“you’re falling asleep now right” he S AI d
“yeah seems so ” I said dryly and sighed 
“oh if am bothering you am sorry okay” tony said and was about to leave when I called 
“Tony!! ” 
“yes” he turned back 
“thank you for everything I really appreciate it thanks” I said while he smiled 
“you know it wasn’t that big of a deal but anyways you’re welcome ” he said smiling and revealing his dimples..
“thanks once again ” I said and he winked at me and walked out 
I switched off the light and fell asleep… 

THE NEXT MORNING I woke up very early in the morning [6:43] I looked at the time and scoffed, I touched my face I was sweating “I had a bad dream last night” I muttered to my self.. Yes I did have a bad dream but I couldn’t recall anything I tried to remember the dream but nothing came up.. 
I walked out of my bed and head downstairs, no body was awake, I brushed my teeth and took my bath.. 
I sat down alone in the dinning room wishing this was my father’s house.. 
Immediately I head to the parlour, the door flung open and Mr t called In he was wearing a jersey and a short, he was holding a towel and he was sweating like mad..i think he went for a morning jog.. 
“good morning ” I said loudly 
he was surprised to hear my voice he turned to my direction and smiled “oh Angie you’re up quite early” he said 
and I smiled 
“couldn’t sleep” I said
“home sick? ” he asked while I nod my head positively.. 
He smiled and say “well its adaptation.. But anyway let me go freshen up and find my way to work “
“should I make you breakfast ” I asked.. 
“um.. Please it’s okay.. ” he said trying to hide the fact that he wanted me to make breakfast 
“I’ll just make a simple tea and bread” I said smiling while he shrugged and head upstairs.. 

I prepared the Tea, thinking of how to get bread when I opened their fridge, I thought they were selling bread ..
I took one.. Prepared everything before Mr T came down looking handsome.. I couldn’t stop staring at him. 
He smiled at me then I realized my self.. 
“I made it for you” I said and pointed the food
He glanced at the jug of tea and muttered out loud 
“it’s too much have you eaten” 
“well good cause we’re eating together” he said smiled and sat down.. 
We both ate quickly like newly Weds ..
After eating he thanked me and went to work.. 
I cleaned the table and started thinking of him 
*why am I just thinking of him
*do I like him
I thought, Mr Kim came downstairs I greeted him and he didn’t reply but dash out of the door.. 
“hmm remaining Me and Tony at home ” I thought 
I decided to cook before he wakes up and I did I prepared spaghetti..
Tony later came down looking fresh.. 

“what’s on today’s menu” he said pouting 
“you can’t even greet” I said bluntly 
“c’mon you red my mind you know I greeted you ” he said innocently while I tried to hide my laughs.. 
I finally told him I cooked Spaghetti and he was overjoyed 
I left him to eat alone and I walked out of the house to examine the compound it was wide and beautiful 
I was thrilled to find a swimming pool at the back of the house.. I felt like to jump in and swim but was scared maybe they don’t allow outsiders to swim in their pool, I was still admiring the blue pool when someone pushed me… 
T. B. C 


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