Story: Twins Love Episode 8 And 9

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300x250 05 - Story: Twins Love Episode  8 And 9

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redflower 2 - Story: Twins Love Episode  8 And 9

Twins Love By Ruthie lee 

Twins Love Episode 8

“how dare you” Tony said as I slapped, I eyed him and hissed “as your boss to you are fired ”
He said while I laughed “you think you can deceive me right, well you are totally wrong I know it’s you Tony idiot” I said taking him aback by my words. 

Before he could mutter another word Tobi walked in smiling , seeing Tony his mood changed “what is going on here ” he said looking at me and Tony… I looked at both of them again and they are so identical… “nefera said I should give this to you, well when I came into your office I saw Tony instead and he is pretend to be you and he is also acting weird ” I narrated to Tobi…
“why is your life full of troubles ťony for GOD sake ” Tobi said while Tony came towards Tobi and replied “my life is full of troubles because of you and dad”
He said winked at me and walked out, Tobi sighed and said “miss Raymond ask sorry for my brother ‘s behavior and thanks for the delivery “
No problem I said smiled and walked out, and back to my office getting there I was stunned to see Tony talking to Chloe, I walked in and said “what is going on here ”
“what do you mean what is going on here can’t you see we are talking” Chloe said leaving me stunned
“Chloe you don’t know who you are taking to ooh ” I said and sat down i continued my work and I could barely concentrate because of Tony sweet mouth… I like Chloe but I hate her other side because she is so obsessed with guys
After their chat Tony walked out
Chloe stood up and came to meet me “sorry I acted that way towards you but you know how I am now , but Anyway Tony asked me out “
Chloe said smiling while I gave her a disgusting look “you know I have told you about that Tony he is a good for nothing flirt he just want to use you” I said while Chloe replied ” hm let him use me na Its better to have a guy by your side than not having at all you know since when I have seen Mr T i have been falling for him and showing green light but no avail and it’s like god just sent this Tony for me since he is the photo copy of Mr T so I don’t care if he uses me or not”
I hissed hearing all this from Chloe “I can’t believe you all this is coming out from your mouth ” I said to Chloe while her face changed and she hissed and say “jealousy ” I ignored her because ignoring is one of my habit
Through out that day if I tried talking to Chloe she will not answer me so I ignored her .
We closed for work early that day because Mr T wanted to do something important which I don’t know what it is

I went home took my bath ate dinner, watched TV..
I talked with my mom on phone for like three hours before going to bed…
The next day I went to work met Chloe Inside the office I greeted her but she didn’t reply me so I minded my own business just.. About two minutes later Nefera walked in , “Mr T needs every body upstairs for something ..
I dropped my pen and Followed nefera not minding if Chloe comes or not..
After every staffs and secretaries had gather Mr T bravely stood in front of us while I admired him.
“good morning my amazing workers well today is my last day here some of you can still see me after today while some will not because am opening my own business my own company and I need employees from here so as you hear your name just know you are working for me and my salary I pay is x3 of this one as I heard that I was somewhat nervous, i prayed silently for my name to be there…
He brought out a paper and started calling names
After calling five employees name he called Chloe name she smiled and moved to the place where the others were standing
He called every body names he wanted, and i was shocked my name wasn’t called “that’s it that’s all the employees I need ” I heard Mr T says,, I wanted to cry I felt my heart beating so fast because I already thought I would have been among I was hundred percent sure but I was wrong, i stared at Mr T sadly.. And when he looked by my side our eyes met.. 

300x250 05 - Story: Twins Love Episode  8 And 9

Twins Love Episode  9 

After Mr T called the name of employees he needed he looked at my direction and our eyes met and then he said out loud “oh that reminds me I actually forgot my last but not the least employee is Angie Raymond ” he said leaving my heart filled with joy and happiness.. I smiled slowly and carefully walk up to the others.
While the unemployed as I would call them went back to their office or wherever they came from
While we the Employed stayed behind and listened to what ever he have to say and he started
“okay my new workers tomorrow you are going to start working for me in my own new company G. O. A.Lz where we produce different things “
He said while we all clapped every one wrote down their names and collected the address of the company and we all went home early that day.
I went home I prepared lunch , while preparing it I called my mother and shared the good news to her .. She was indeed happy for me
After eating i watched television before sleeping and I woke up around 9:55pm in the night, I decided to eat my remaining bread I kept in the fridge while eating I started thinking about today”s drama, after eating i decided to pick out a decent cloth to start my new work .
After that I tried to sleep but I couldn’t I felt butterflies in my tummy I smiled to my self and I just didn’t know why
But later I fell asleep.

The next day which was Thursday I got ready for my new job.. I stood In front of my wall mirror buttoning my shirt and smiling I wore my shoe and carried my bag Getting outside I stopped a taxi I told him my destination and he took me there.
He stopped me in front if a big building that looks almost like a sky scraper .. I paid him and walked in.

As I got in I breath out a sigh of happiness I just didn’t know where I was going so I decided to ask somebody until Mr T came walking to me looking handsome with someone behind him “good morning sir, ” I said as he got closer to me “good morning miss Raymond how was your night” he replied
“it was fine thanks ” I said
“I know to are looking for your office and I have brought your new partner here to take you there” he said and the person behind him came in front of him and I was stunned to see
You guys don’t Kniw Naomi right* a brief explanation about Naomi,, Naomi has been my rival in high school she competes with me and acts as if her beauty surpass mine,, and I just ignored her back then but i was also surprised to see her as my partner how did Mr T gets to know her 

“oh hi Angie nice to finally meet you again it’s been three years now ” Naomi Said in a friendly tone
“oh looks like you girls know each other ” Mr T says smiling
Naomi quickly held me and said ” oh me and Angie were Best of friends in high school “
I was shocked “you devil ” I muttered softly under my breath ” okay then its seems better this way I ll live you two alone” Mr T said and walked way happily…
“hey Naomi what’s your damage” I said snatching my hands away from her grip
” look Angie I hate to see I don’t like you knew bit I hated that you are my partner i didn’t even know where Mr T saw a low life trash like you” Naomi said while I laughed I ignored her words since ignoring is my best habit 

“Naomi am going to pretend I didn’t hear anything so don’t spoil my day and show me our office I am not the sweet nice girl I was before in high school okay” I said and tapped her shoulder she eyed me while I smiled and she led the way to the office.. 

.#####fast forward #######
Mr T announced to every workers, staffs cleaner and securities that there is going to be a party tomorrow for the success of this company and the party will be themed *success* hearing that everyone clapped, and Mr Kim who was there shook hands with his amazing son and walked away
That day work wasn’t really fun because Naomi kept stepping on my toes (kept competing with me) but what did I do IGNORE

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