Story: Twins Love Episode 6 And 7

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300x250 05 - Story: Twins Love Episode 6 And 7

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redflower 1 - Story: Twins Love Episode 6 And 7

Twins Love  Episode  By Ruthie Lee 

Twins Love  Episode 6

………[ ]…… ….
I swallowed hard as Mr T said he came to fulfil his promise
“good evening ” I nervously greeted and moved back because our body was touching before..
Chloe greeted him and he turned to her “oh chloe I heard you were sick today hope every thing is OK now” he said smiled and turned to me
“Miss Raymond this way” he said pointing me out the door
I walked out and he followed me, we got outside and he got me to his car, he opened the door and smiled I got in nervously and sat in the front seat beside the driver’s seat
He turned on the ignition and drive away ,
Few minutes later he stopped his car opposite a classic and expensive restaurant
We got in and got a table for two I sat down and he sat opposite me, it was as if I was in a date with my boss
He called the waiter and said to me “order anything ” I forced out a smile at the water and said “I will take Rice and meat” the waiter smiled and turned to Tobi for him to take his order but Tobi S AI d he wasn’t ordering anything..
While waiting for my order to come Tobi asked me some questions concerning my backgrounds and I answered perfectly…
Just then the waiter brought my food and a bottle water, I saw the food And I couldn’t wait to stuff my stomach with it … I took my food and started to eat, I ate so fast and hungrily but not in a bad manner and Tobi just stared at Me
After eating i wanted more and but I didn’t know how to tell moi boss
“are you satisfied ” Tobi asked
I shook my head negatively without smiling and Tobi laughed he told I could order a hundred times..
But after the second time I was satisfied
He later took me home by forcing me to tell him my address so I wouldnt go home alone…
And after that… It was the end of the day…
The next morning I did my morning routine and went to work, getting to the office I didn’t see Chloe and I was curious where she went to I dropped my bag and decided to rest before any day”s work, when Chloe walked in
” beauty how are you” Chloe said getting closer to me
I greeted her and answered fine and then I became silent
“babe tell me how did the date went” Chloe said leaving me suprised
“which date” I asked glaring at her
“the one you and Mr boss go na” she contd
I be came angry I said “see Chloe I don’t like it or see as you are shouting and saying it as if we went on a date, if anyone na is passing by and they heard you they will think am dating our boss”
“oya sorry tell me how it went yesterday” chloe pleaded
” I don’t want to talk about it okay ” I angrily said and walked out to no destination
My legs were just carrying me any where and I followed and I landed at the door of Mr T I heard moanings coming from inside I know I shouldn’t but I opened the door slowly only to find Mr T kissing Bella the messenger girl. I was shocked and surprised he sighted ME and I quickly close the door and turn to leave only to find Mr t again I screamed and he said “Angie what’s wrong, why did you just run out of my office” he asked while I shrugged,,, he opened the door and I was surprised to see two Mr T
But the real mr T angrily said
“Tony what are you doing here “

Twins Love Episode 7

“tony” the name ringed in my head and thats when I know that Mr T is a twin, but they are so identical there’s no difference …
tobi walked in with anger in his eyes, and I walked in too *for curiosity* and stood behind Tobi while Bella stood behind Tony
“what are you doing here ” Tobi shouted while Tony smiled and he had a dimple, now I can differentiate them now by tony”s dimple
“can’t I come and visit my own brother again” Tony said smiling and he was highly handsome..
Tobi looked At Bella (messenger girl) and said “I can’t believe you can bring yourself so low ” Bella didn’t say a word I could see how she was looking at Mr T and Tony maybe she too was surprised that mr T is a twin ..
“please get out if my office” Tobi said calmly to Tony
Tony looked at me then at Bella and drag Bella’s hand and say “come on baby let’s continue somewhere else”
Tobi heard that and he turned to them angrily “and as for you Bella you are fired” he said with anger in his eyes
Bella quickly snatched her hands from Tony’s grip and went on her knees
” please Mr T it was just a misunderstanding I thought you were.. “
“you were what ” Tobi Interrupted Bella
She got scared and kept quiet
Tony hissed dragged Bella out and said “done mind my useless brother he is just being dramatic ”
And he walk her out , I wanted to go to but Mr T stopped me and say “please am sorry for what you saw.. It’s just ” he stopped and sighed softly ..
“please can you leave I want to be alone ” he said while I walked outside i could hear him talking to him self saying “why didn’t he stay in the u.s
I walked into my office only to see Chloe working sighting me she hissed
I poked her and say “enough with the silent treatment I have big news for you”
She hissed again as if she didn’t care
I sat down and said “do you know Mr T is a twin”
Hearing this chloe jumped to me and screamed “it’s a lie”
“am saying the truth they are very identical but Tony the other twin has a big bright dimple “. I narrated
“hey thank God oo one for me and one for you “
Chloe said teasingly
I laughed ” that second twin Tony is a looser and a flirt he was kissing that messenger girl in Mr T’s office “
“ooh I don’t like guys like that” Chloe said with disappointment in her face..
“but is he handsome ” Chloe asked
“this girl you are mumu o I say if you have seen Mr T then you have see him”

300x250 05 - Story: Twins Love Episode 6 And 7

######fast forward ######

The next day came to work as usual me and Chloe started working before one of the staff Nefera walked in and dropped the paper on my desk
“deliver this to mr T now ” she said and left Chloe looked at me and I smiled
I walked briskly to Mr t office getting there I knocked and I heard a “come in ”
I opened the door and I met Mr T “good morning ” I greeted while he replied and stood up collected the paper and smiled then I know it wasn’t mr T it was Tony
He came closer to me and said “as your boss don’t miss this opportunity for me wanting to ask you out” he said and held my waist
I slapped him and push him away he didn’t know I have already recognize him.. 

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