Story: Twins Love Episode 4 And 5

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300x250 05 - Story: Twins Love Episode 4 And 5

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redflower - Story: Twins Love Episode 4 And 5

Twins Love Episode By Ruthie Lee 

Twins Love Episode 4

The next day I got ready for work… I went to work and me and Chloe chatted normally
Around that 2:55pm in the afternoon the same girl who came yesterday to inform us about Mr Kim gathering came in and greeted us ” good day workers um Mr T is working on a project and he needs one secretary from this section ,so who is attending ” the girl said she me and Chloe looked at each other and she said “I think I am ” the girl smiled and escorted Chloe out I breath out a sigh of relief “Chloe is a real life saver I thought assuming I was the one attending he would have noticed me and I could have been on my way home…
That day I make sure I stayed out of sight from Mr t and everything was perfectly fine, I went home later I took a shower, cooked ate to my satisfaction I later fell asleep 

….. …….. ……

300x250 05 - Story: Twins Love Episode 4 And 5

The next day I went to church because it was Sunday I thanked God for everything and went home

**********fast forward *******

It was Monday morning I went to work as usual chloe and I started with our work… In the afternoon after buying my self an other snack and drink and after eating it the messenger girl walked in [me and Chloe named her messenger girl]
“Mr T needs you and the other secretaries he called the other day ” she said while Chloe smiled and said ” another day for another work ” she whispered in my ear “time to meet Mr handsome ”
I eyed her and we both laughed ” tell him I DIDN’T say hi” I teased and we laughed again
As the messenger girl was walking Chloe out chloe stopped and held her stomach I could feel she had a slight pain 

” what’s wrong” the messenger girl asked
“Chloe are you okay” I asked with curiosity
“by the look of it am not” Chloe said and sat down still holding her stomach
“if you are sick then your partner can fill in for you” the messenger girl said while my heart skipped
“me” i said pointing at my self
The messenger girl said I looked at chloe and she gave me a pleading eyes and whispered lowly “please just do this for me”
What if he recognizes me” I asked
“he won’t please…my stomach is hurting real bad and am thinking it may be my monthly visitor ” chloe said groaning in pain I pitied her and followed the messenger girl to Mr T office..
Getting there I met three other secretaries, I stood beside them and we all waited for Mr T,,,,,, few minutes later he flung the door open with a paper in his hand he didn’t even look at us he just head to his spinning chair and sat down still without looking at us unless he would have noticed me…
He stated calling their names and they answered presently but when he called Chloe there was no reply he called again but there was no reply until the messenger girl said ” sir Chloe is sick so her partner filled in for her”
Hearing that Mr T raises his head and starred at me while I bent down my head in fear, he stood up and walked up to me
“introduce yourself ” he said to me
As I opened my mouth to speak he interrupted me “raise your head before introducing yourself so I can see you clearly ”
I swallowed hard and slowly raised my head up to meet his gaze, ” he was deadly handsome”
“You” he muttered out loud while I shivered.. 

Twins Love Episode 5

“you” he muttered out
While I shivered in fear, I wanted to walk away but it felt as if my legs were stuck to the ground,
He shook his head negatively and said “Bella please escort them back to their office I have an unfinished business ” he said referring to the messenger girl
She opened the door and dey all walk out leaving only me and me and Mr T (Tobi)
My heart was beating very fast that I thought it wanted to explode.. I didn’t even know I was already in tears
I thought he was ready to fire me and I slowly went on my knees while he moved back, I bent my head and cried out ” please am so sorry I slapped you the other day, it was all my fault I didn’t know I could get that angry am so sorry for not controlling my anger please don’t fire me I… I don’t have any where else to work “
When I was done talking I waited to hear the worst but instead I heard a giggle he was laughing, I became confused I slowly brought up my head and I found him smiling and he was beautiful
He brought out his handkerchief from his breast pocket and handed it to me
“take clean your tears” , I gradually collect it and cleaned my tears and he told me to stand up which I did, what’s your name” he asked
“angie” I replied
“full name ” he protested
“Angela Raymond” I continued
Angie Angela ” he said coming closer while I moved back a bit
” I wasn’t angry the day you slapped me, I was ready to make ready to make it up to you I looked for you but I gave having second thoughts you were a customer ”
Tobi said taking me aback by his words… I didn’t say anything I just stared at him lustfully “so just be ready after work am taking you out to make it up to you and don’t say no just take it as an order from your boss” he said smiling I still didn’t say anything I just stared at him I was confused “what a nice guy” I thought .
I nod my head positively and I managed to say “ .to go” And I made a turn to leave, then turned back to give him his handkerchief I stretched my hands forward for him to collect it but he shook his head negatively, smiled and say “keep it”
I folded it In my palms and walked out shyly getting out I breath out a sigh of relief..
I walked back to the office as I walked in Chloe smiled and told me it was just a minor undigested food pain.

I sat down beside her and narrated everything that happened to me and Mr t without leaving a pin out of it
“wow so he even promised to make it up to you” chloe said smiling at me I shrugged and said “am not even happy about him being our boss”
“you know he’s opening his own company soon and we’ve been helping him get ready ” Chloe said while I said “really”
“yes he’s going to employ the best workers from here over there and the salary is going to be x3 of this one
“wow” I said while Chloe smiled

Later in the day we closed for work, I grabbed my bag and was ready to go home when Chloe stopped me ” ah ah are you not going to wait for Mr T I thought he said you should wait that he wanted to take you out ” Chloe protested
” see am madly hungry I can’t wait to go home and stuff my face in rice”
“na wa you can eat for Africa so you want to miss opportunity like this” Chloe said
I hissed and about walking out when I hit someone I looked up and saw Mr T
He smiled at me and say ” good evening Angie am here to fulfil my promises”

Watch Out for Episode 6 and 7



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