Story: Twins Love Episode 3

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Twins Love Episode three  By Ruthie Lee

Story: Twins Love Episode 3

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After the shocking news and announcement they dismissed us all ND we went back to our office
“gosh am scared” i S AI d to Chloe
“hmm me too am scared for you what if he recognizes you and fire you nko for slapping him” Chloe said while I put it in real thought
That day i couldn’t concentrate on work I was just thinking about Tobi [Mr “T”] I just regretted why I slapped him or cursed him that yesterday when he was pleading am a good christian but I didn’t know why all that disappeared when I met him
 That day I went home with sadness confusion and tiredness.. I took a shower and decided to eat INDOMIE.. As I put the INDOMIE and spices Ieft it and went to the living room to watch TV as I tune in my favourite channel Zee world ” I began to watch the vow but my mind wasn’t concentrated to the film I was busy thinking about Mr T I hope he is not like his father I said within my self soliloquising I didn’t know I was already in tears but my phone brought me back from my thinking estate.. 
 I checked the caller and I saw MOM” I quickly picked it I sounded as if everything was going fine so my mother wouldn’t notice but I trust mothers they know everything
Me:: hello mummy good evening
Mom:: Asá nwam my morning Rose how are you doing
Me:: fine [tried to sound lively]
Mom: honey are you okay you’re voice sounds a little horsey is everything okay
Me: everything is fine how is dad [tried to change the topic]
Mom: your dad is fine fine change the subject is everything okay
Me: ah mama I don’t know oh
Mom: what do you mean by that
Me: everything is not okay oh mom am scared oo
Mom: Jesus Christ scared of what
I narrated everything to my mom and she said
Mom:dont worry my child nothing is going to happen he can never fire you “chukwu gé nyé gi àká”
She saidv
ThaT In igbo Which means God will help you
Me: thank you MA goodnight
Mom: goodnight my baby
Me: mummy am not your baby oh all 23 O am not a baby
Mom: then go and get married
Me: I will and by then me and you will be married women
Mom: (laughed) funny girl
**********hung up***********
 I laughed too and it was as if my mom took the heavy burden away from my heart
I checked on. My food and it was ready I ate and later found my self in a deep slumber….


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