Nigeria Richest Senators: Top 10 List 2018 | Richest Senators in Nigeria

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300x250 05 - Nigeria Richest Senators: Top 10 List 2018 | Richest Senators in Nigeria

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Richest Senators List in Nigeria 2018: Top 10 | Nigeria Richest Senators: Top 10 List 2018 | Richest Senators in Nigeria, List of top 10 richest Senators in Nigeria.

Court - Nigeria Richest Senators: Top 10 List 2018 | Richest Senators in Nigeria
Senators are politicians/representative elected to represent the people or constituents at their various wards. They are also known in Nigeria as lawmakers.
Nigerian senators occupy the upper chambers of the legislative arm of politics in Nigeria. In Nigerian politics, Senators pass and deliberate on bills in the national assembly. In Nigerian politics, the senators are the highest ranked legislative office holders. They earn good salaries and allowances, making them to be very rich. 
Records have it that some of them were already rich before venturing into politics Nigeria while some had occupied several other political offices before being elected as senators. Some of the serving senators are either former Governors, former ministers or former House of representative members.  They gather at the National Assembly in Abuja to deliberate on what bill to pass into law. Most of these Nigerian senators are wealthy and so rich that their net worth is estimated in millions of dollars.
This articles will expose the richest senators list in Nigeria this 2018 and the constituencies they represent.

Here are top 10 Nigeria’s richest senators 2018

300x250 05 - Nigeria Richest Senators: Top 10 List 2018 | Richest Senators in Nigeria

1. Dr. Bukola Saraki

Bukola Saraki is the current senate president in Nigeria and is touted to be the richest senator in Nigeria and Africa at the moment. Bukola Saraki held different top political positions before he was elected as a lawmaker. Among which was being a former governor of Kwara state, a position he served for two terms taht is 8 years. He was recently mentioned in the Bank robbery scandal and his asset declaration case is still unresolved.

He represents Kwara Central senatorial district. He belongs to the ruling party, All Progressive Congress.

2. Ben Murray Bruce

Murray Bruce is another Nigerian rich senator who comes from a very wealthy family. He is the owner of silver bird television. He comes from a very rich family in Bayelsa state. He represents the Bayelsa state East senatorial district in the upper chambers under the PDP. Murray Bruce is popularly known for his “common sense” jibes about politics in Nigeria. Apart from silverbird, Bruce is said to have several other investments in oil and gas.

3. Godswill Obot Akpabio

He is a Nigerian lawyer and politician who represents Akwa Ibom North-west senatorial district. He was former governor of Akwa Ibom state and a former Senate’s Minority Leader. He is also wealthy. One major achievement of Akpabio was the construction of the ultra-modern stadium in Uyo. his current political party now is APC. He is no longer a member of the PDP. He is one of the brightest Akwa Ibom indegenes to venture into politics in Nigeria. Akpabio reportedly has chains of businesses in Ghana.

4. Dino Melaye

Dino is known for his boldness to speak out when the need be. His recent outburst to one of Nigeria’s wealthiest politician, Tinubu proves this point. He is among the richest men in Kogi state and has other businesses apart from representing his constituency, Kogi west. His party is the All Progressive Congress.

5. Oluremi Tinubu

Oluremi Tinubu is wife to the richest senator in Lagos, Chief Bola Ahmed Tinubu. She has served for a long time as a law maker in the National Assembly and was recently involved in a controversy with Dino Melaye. Although her net worth is not known, it is rumoured that she has various landed properties and also interest in many companies. She belongs to the APC and represents Lagos-central senatorial district.

6. David Mark

David mARK was the former president of the 7th senate and is still currently a serving senator from PDP representing Benue state. Although he hardly speaks, it is known that David Mark is a wealthy lawmaker.
Senator David Mark is currently the longest serving Nigerian senator. He has been representing his constituency – Benue central senatorial district since year 1999. He has served as the senate president of Nigeria for two terms. He is one of the few Nigerian who earn salaries from about 3 political office sources.
David Mark was a military head of state in Niger state, a former minister and a retired Brigadiers general. These offices have given him the Lee way to accumulate wealth.
This has made him to emerge as one of the richest senators in Nigeria. Senator David Mark also has streams of income from investments.

7. Stella Oduah

Also on the richest senators list is Stella Oduah, representing Anambra north under the umbrella of the People Democratic Party. Her net worth is believed to be in millions. She was once a minister under the Goodluck Jonathan led administration ans was involved in a controversy of purchasing BMW cars.

8. Ali Ndume

He was a serving senator until he was replaced by Ahmed Ibrahim Lawan.

9. Andy Uba

He is another rich law maker in Nigeria who was formerly in the People Democratic party before he moved to the APC. He represents Anambra south.

10. Theodore Orji

Orji was the former governor of Abia state before he became a senator. During his time as governor, Abia state was known as one the dirtiest state in Nigeria. He was said to have allegedly squandered the state’s money. He too is on the list of Nigeria’s richest senators at the moment.


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