List of 20 Best Ping Websites To Ping Your Blog For Faster Indexing 2018

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300x250 05 - List of 20 Best Ping Websites To Ping Your Blog For Faster Indexing 2018

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Get the best list of free Ping Submission Sites i use to ping my blog for faster indexing in 2018 here. Top 20 Best Ping Websites To Ping a Blog For Faster Indexing. ping sites list, ping my site

Today we will share the best list of Ping Submission Sites 2018 here on Freedygist and how to Ping your Blog or webiste.
Now, I will give you the best list of ping sites, where you can ping your blog or ping a website.
List of 20 Best Ping Websites To Ping Your Blog For Faster Indexing 2018 and get traffic to your blog.

And also make sure that you do not often ping, maybe once a day.
You can do that after you have published your post, but if you post many times a day, you just do it in the night or midnight.
And also make sure that you do not ping too many websites, choose one or two and ping there.

So today I’m going to share the list of 20 Best High Authority Ping Submission sites that you use to Ping your blog and quickly index your blog/website to the search engines.

300x250 05 - List of 20 Best Ping Websites To Ping Your Blog For Faster Indexing 2018
Pinging simply means informing search engines that your blog or site has been updated.
Pinging is a process by which you can inform major Search Engines and RSS direcotries(Google,Bing,Yahoo,Technorati etc) that you have updated content in your blog/Website.
By pinging, you let the search engines know that your blog has been updated with a new article (s) or new Posts.
Therefore, the search engine will crawl and index your site or blog, making your published blog content available to search engines.

 Functions Of Ping Sites

Ping sites are a kind of online-based tool that will present your specified blog/website URL to various search engines, directories, communities, content aggregators and some other places.
Pinging is mainly used if you have updated your blog/website or if you have a backlink.
let’s highlight the benefits of Pinging Website

Benefits of Pinging Websites

  •   Index your blog or website faster to the major search engines like Google.
  •   Index your blog incoming links.
  •   Generate more traffic on your blog.
  • Sometimes it also helps to generate backlinks that are good for SEO
  •   Brings the popularity when the ping sites ping the directories and forums, people get exposed to your website there.
I hope this is helpful?
ping my website to search engines

20 Best Ping Websites to Ping A Site For Faster Indexing 2018

Here is the list of Top 20 Best High Authority Ping Submission sites to ping a blog for quick indexing to the search engines:
They are:
  1. Pingomatic
  2. Pingler
  3. Pingmylinks
  4. Pingoat
  5. Pingmyblog
  6. Twingly
  7. Googleping
  8. Pingdom
  9. Pingmyurl
  11. BlogBuzzer
  12. PingSitemap
  13. Pingfarm
  14. Pingbomb
  15. Smallseotools
  16. Totalping
  17. Freelinksubmitter
  18. Pingthatblog
  19. Domainpinger
  20. Mypagerank
The list given above is the only best ping submission sites for pinging websites.
To get the extra cake for your work, you have to make sure that you also ping the sources of your backlinks.
It makes those backlinks visible to major search engines and therefore you get the desired ranking boost.

How to Ping A Blog Using Ping-o-Matic

Ping-o-matic is an excellent ping website; I mean the most popular ping tool used by many bloggers and webmasters in the world. Also, it is recommended to use it
I love it because it’s free and easy to use.
Yes, you need to know how to use ping sites to ping search engines, soon you will know how to do it.
Here are the steps on how to ping your website using PING-O-MATIC
  1. Go to
  2. Then enter your site datails as follows 
  • Blog name: your website name, E.g. Freedygist  
  • Blog homepage: your website URL, for example,  
  • RSS URL (optional):, replace with your blog address.
  So after you’ve done all this, scroll down and choose the services you want to ping.
I suggest you check them all.

After choosing all, click Send Pings.

Now, you have successfully pinged your site.
Take advantage of this today to ping your blog or website for better indexing and ranking and see your blog posts and pages crawled at the fastest rate. 
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  • bulk ping sites
  • ping my blog
  • ping-o-matic
  • ping my url online




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