Top 50 List of Aki and PawPaw Movies | Aki and PawPaw Movies

aki and pawpaw movies list
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300x250 05 - Top 50 List of Aki and PawPaw Movies | Aki and PawPaw Movies

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 Top 50 List of Aki and PawPaw Movies, Aki and PawPaw  Movies List till date – Here are Aki and PawPaw Movies List till date.

Today, we will tell you about some of  Aki and PawPaw movies that you should definitely check out if you have not done that already!

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The story of Aki and PawPaw and their rise to fame gives us an insight as to how these veterans carved a name for themselves despite being small in size.

300x250 05 - Top 50 List of Aki and PawPaw Movies | Aki and PawPaw Movies

 In some of these movies, they act as brothers in movies while in others they act as rivals. But  whatever the case, Aki and Pawpaw have grown to become an inseparable pair both on and off the movie set. In fact, they have a foundation, Aki and Pawpaw Childcare Foundation which
they run together.

Aki’s real name is Chinedu Ikedieze while Pawpaw real name is Osita Iheme. These two are popular Nollywood actors known for their tremendous blend of comedy movies since they started
acting together.

Aki and PawPaw Movies

See the top 50 movies Aki and Pawpaw have acted together till date and the years they were produced.

  1. Blessed Son
  2. Brain Matters
  3. Big Daddies (2004)
  4. Colours Of Emotions (2005)
  5. Final World Cup (2005)
  6. I Think Twice (2005)
  7. Raggae Boys (2005)
  8. Spoiler (2005)
  9. Village Boys (2005)
  10. Boys From Holland (2006)
  11. Brain Box (2006)
  12. Criminal Law (2006)
  13. Jadon (2006)
  14. Last Challenge (2006)
  15. Cain and Abel
  16. Escape to Destiny
  17. Games Men Play
  18. Kadura
  19. Lagos Boys
  20. Spirit Of a Prophet
  21. The Tom And Jerry
  22. Thunder Storm
  23. U General
  24. Village Boys
  25. Young Masters
  26. Aka Gum (2002)
  27. Okwu na Uka (2002)
  28. Back from America (2003)
  29. Aki na Ukwa(2003)
  30. 2 Rats(2003)
  31. Charge and Bail(2003)
  32. I’m In Love(2003)
  33. Not By Height
  34. One Good Turn
  35. Seeds Of Bondage – Onunaeyi
  36. Pipiro
  37. Power As Of Old
  38. Powerful Civilian
  39. School Dropouts
  40. Show Bobo: The American Boys
  41. Johnny Just Come (2003)
  42. Tell them (2003)
  43. Twin Brothers (2003)
  44. Royal Messenger (2006)
  45. Winning Your Love (2006)
  46. Young Masters (2006)
  47. Stubborn flies (2007)
  48. Tom And Jerry (2008)
  49. John And Johnny Just Come (2015)
  50. Games Men Play 5: Computer Game is our Game (2018).


Top 50 List of Aki and PawPaw Movies


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