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theSoundOFLove freedygist 6 - THE SOUND OF LOVE  EPISODE 8






**sarah’s pov continues**
“I.. I don’t understand, why?” I ask, Mr Zachary bought me a car, “why
“do you like it or not” he asked
“I like it but, sir, I still don’t understand” I replied truthfully,
“well to be sincere I had a peek in your idea book don’t be offended”
he said, seriously he’s way to nice for a boss.. My old boss was oh god,
I can’t even describe that monster..
“I’m not ” I say and he smiled
“so I thought I’d buy it for you” he said and rubbed his neck
“you’re not going to deduct the amount of the car from my salary right ” I said in anticipation feeling a little paranoid.
“no.. Not at all, your modeling money and salary stays the same” he Said and I breathed a sigh of relief..
Wow.. Do mr Zach likes me or something,
“so what do you think” he asked
“it’s great ” I say and he nods and smiled
“so do you accept it, well there’s no need of saying no because you’re
already with the key” he said but I just stare at him, but u was
actually thinking about the stuff I can do with my (the) new car, I
don’t want to be selfish though but he’s pushing me

“yes I do accept but please may ask again, why” I said and he sighed..
“well my birthday will be coming up in a week, so I decided to celebrate
early by giving the people around me gifts, cause I don’t like
collecting from others, so don’t see as something new” he said and I
nodded “thank you” I said softly and lowly..
“oh.. It was nothing
now get ready, the cameras are begging to see you” he said and I laughed
and he joined me.. I did the photo shoots and Mr Zachary just couldn’t
stop complimenting me on how great i was.. And I was glad..

After doing some research on what Zachary said I should do, it was time
to eat and I gladly closed the laptop I was using, as I was about to
stand up when Mr Zachary stopped me.
“wait.. How about we eat lunch
together ” he said and gosh I wanted to say no like really badly
because what would people think seeing us together.. But he’s the boss..

“sure.. ” I said and faked a small small, he shoved a book in his
drawer and walked up to me.. And we head to the cafeteria together…
I bought my food and he bought his and we sat at the same table and
believe me I was definitely uncomfortable, because the amount of eyes
staring at us was definitely unbearable..
“just ignore them”
Zachary laughed and I nodded but still I can’t stop staring around..
Behind Zachary but faraway, was Owen he waved at me and I smiled and
waved back, Zachary turned to look at the person I was waving to and
found Owen, Owen quickly looked away and walked away and I felt bad, …
“so it seems like Owen likes you” Zachary said,
“maybe.. I don’t know.. I like Owen too he’s nice” I say and stab my
broccoli with my fork and brought it to my mouth and when I looked up
Zachary was looking at me awkwardly, I swallowed my saliva and tilt my
head, “so you like Owen too right” he asked and I nod.
“but just as a friend ” I tell him and he nodded, he should not take this the wrong way,
“okay… ” He said and took a sip of his water before eating, we both
ate silently, until he said “Sarah I have to tell you something ”
“okay.. You can go on” I say as politely as ever..
He looked around and then brought his gaze back at me and then sighed
“now’s not a good time… Maybe later.. ” he said and I nodded and faced my food..
After eating Zachary said I should get back to the office alone that
he’ll be back later, and I did.. When I sat down on my chair the memory
of the BMW he bought for me flashed in my mind and I smiled I quickly
took out my idea book and place a heart on my shapeless car, and writing
came true, at the bottom, immediately I closed it (the book) the door
flew open And Owen walked in with some written documents in his hands..
“hey… ” he said and closed the door,
“I thought I was going to find Zachary but hey I found you, so would
you tell him I dropped this” he said and passed the files to me
“sure” I smiled and collected it.
“um so.. Still I don’t get it yet, but seriously is anything going in between you and Zachary ” he asked
“no.. For Christ sake, Owen you’ve asked me before ” I said lowly..
“I.. Know.. But why were you guys eating lunch together, I thought it was supposed to be me ” he said
“I know I couldn’t say no, trust me I would have said no if I could but he’s the boss” I said and Owen sighed.. And said
“yesterday, Zachary asked Me what relationship I had with you and I
said we were just friends and he said we should better just stay friends

“why would he ask that” I seethe..
“I don’t know, ” Owen replied and held bottom lip between his teeth..
“and the strangest Part today is he bought me a car” I said and Owen eyes grew wider..
“a car?
“yes a BMW, it’s outside I don’t know why exactly he said his
birthday’s coming up that’s why he bought it for me that he likes giving
out gifts before his birthday” I say and roll my ball pen between my
“what? We’re In May, and his birthday is yet to approach,
it’s December 1st that he has a birthday” Owen yanked and my mouth
falls open..
I’m confused
“he may be trying to get something from you” Owen explains I was about to reply when Zachary entered inside,
“what are you doing here” Zachary asked Owen..
But Owen give him a reply instead he just turned to me and mother be
careful” and then walked out.. Zachary seemed pissed off that Owen
snubbed him. He was about to go out maybe to deal with Owen or something
but I called..
“sir,.. He came here actually to drop this ” I said and pointed to the files, he nodded and closed the door..
“what was he doing here aside from delivering those files” Zachary asked
“he was Just here to …to.. He is actually disappointed because I
promised to eat lunch with him today but ended up eating with you” I
explained and he looked a bit angry.. But still controlled his temper
for a reason I don’t know and he started working.. .
Work was
over that day and Zachary didn’t tell me goodbye or goodnight like
before he just faced his work while I carried by bag and head home.. In
my new car,
T. B. C
By Ruthie Lee


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