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theSoundOFLove freedygist 5 - THE SOUND OF LOVE EPISODE 7



**Zack’s pov continues**

 I dropped the pen inside the book back and closed it, keeping it the way she dropped it..
I sat down back on my seat but stood up and was about to go out but bumped into Sarah who was coming inside and when our bodies touched I flinched and moved back, because I suddenly had a glimpse of prom night.. I held my breath as I tried to make the memory go away and finally breathe as my mental screen suddenly went blank
“sir, are you okay” I asked
“yeah, I am” I said immediately, “okay.. ” she said and I walked out, okay for starters I need to tell her that I’m Zack real soon but still I’m kind of scared..
As I walked through the corridor of each floor, I made my way to the soap sales department ,where I saw Owen coming out with a pen behind his ear,
“oh hey, boss” he said with friendly smile..
“oh hey, I’m I wanna ask u something ” I said
“okay go on” he replied and I nod,
“what relationship do you have with Sarah” I asked, I know it’s stupid but God knows it’s the sake of love and protection
His face beams by the mention of Sarah and his smiles grew wider
“why do you ask” he remarks
“are you questioning me on top my question” I said angrily
“Sarah and I are just friends” he said staring at me suspiciously
“well you guess better be ‘just friends'” I said and walked away, while he continued staring at me, I know am being way too protective but screw it..
I took out my phone and called ken
“I want you to get me the latest and finest BMW car okay ” I tell him and he agreed
*Sarah’s pov*
Finally work was over and I grabbed my back and shove my idea book inside bidding Zachary good bye and heading out, I just couldn’t wait to go home and sleep..
As I came out of the building I met Owen talking to someone but excused himself and turned to me
“hey” he said and gave his happy smile
“hi” I replied
“going home already ” he asked and I nodded and he reciprocated
“so, I want to ask do you have any thing with Mr Zachary” he said
“Huh?” I said feeling a little, confused, a thing with Mr Zachary.. Huh?
“like a relationship, or do you guys know each other before ” he asked but i shook my head negatively
“why are you asking ” I asked
“nothing never mind” he tells me and I nod and walked away, weird I had this sudden strange feeling that I should look up, and when I turned and looked at the window of mr Zachary’s office (my office also, maybe I should just call it Mr Zachary’s office) I saw him staring at me, I froze but gave a friendly wave his parted lips suddenly closed and he smiled and waved back, I turned and started to walk home okay that was so weird…………
Why the hell was he staring at me.. Well who cares
“mom.. I’m home” I announce immediately I walked in
“mommy!! ” Valery screamed in excitement and ran to hug me
“hey.. How was school ” I asked
“it was okay but mommy you’re home Late” Valery said with a frowny face
“look hon my job’s changed I’ll be coming home a little late from now you’ll just have to learn to live with that okay” I say and she bat her lashes before nodding..
“so how was work “my mom asked
“okay, great actually the boss is seriously, absolutely too nice and goodness I’m starving, no I’m tired” I say and dropped my bag on the couch..
“I’ll go take a shower now” I announce and walked to my room, ..
I stood still as the warm water roll down my body, and on my hair it just felt so good, I closed my eyes and suddenly saw smiling Owen, what the hell, I quickly opened my eyes and breathe, I glanced down at my stomach, so flat and normal, I remembered the exercises I took after giving birth to Valery, it really helped.. Well I’ve actually become a mother by mistake.. I guess.. I turned of the water and grabbed my towel before going into my room and changing into my pajamas..
I ate dinner which my over motherly mom served me and I ate till I was satisfied and Valery just sat still on the couch staring at me with her teddy bear with her and I know something was wrong so after eating i walked up to her and sat beside her..
“hey, there sweetie what’s wrong, why the long face and why were you staring at me like that” I asked and rubbed her back
“nothing ” she replied and breath out a little sigh..
“Vally, If anything’s wrong you can tell me okay” .i stroke her hair and she nods..
“so mom guess what” I tell my mom and she shrugs
“seems like you don’t want to hear me out anyway I’m off to bed” I said and stood up and Valery just kept staring at me like she wanted to tell me something but still she stayed mute..
I laid on my bed with so much power and sniffed my pillow, and breathed out smiling, nothing like home.. And seconds later I fell asleep..
I woke up by the sound of a small knock, I groaned and got down from my bed, what is mom doing here.. I glanced at the clock 10:05pm..
When I opened the door, I saw Valery in her pajamas and her teddy in her cuddle..
“baby, what happened why are you not asleep” I asked
“I can’t sleep mommy” she says and rubbed her eyes.. “awwn come and sleep here tonight ” I tell her and a Zack smile appeared on her little face, oh god.. And for the first she looked familiar, okay I’m going crazy of course she looks familiar she’s my daughter..
Valery jumped happily on my bed and finally laid down and I did too beside her and switched off the lights ” .and stroke her hair..
“mommy” Valery called
“yes baby” I replied with my eyes closed
“do I have a daddy ” she asked, oh..
“um yes you do” I replied and she moved a little
“why do u ask” I asked
“nothing it’s just that my friends have daddy’s to and I do too but mommy where’s daddy ” she asked, Valery is so..
“he’s not around he went on a vacation ” I lie
“a v-ao-catio-nn, what’s a vaocation” she asked
“it’s vacation and it’s like taking a holiday” I say and she nods and sighs I love that little sigh if hers
“mommy I missed you today, and also I wished you’d always come to pick me up like yesterday” she seethe
“what u don’t like grandma anymore ” I asked, “I do but o would like it if it was you even though you don’t bring me candies” she said and I laugh
“you know for a five years old you talk to much” I say and she smiled
“that’s why my teeth are falling off that’s what miss Wendi said in class to me today” she said and I laughed again. “I’m sorry I can’t pick u up from school today but how about this every Saturday I’ll take you to work ” I say and she nods and finally we both fell asleep..
“oh my gosh I’m. Late” that’s the first thing I say the next morning I woke up, way to go Sarah, Valery was not beside her but with my mom having breakfast in her school uniform I quickly took my bath and got prepared for work, I had to take a taxi cause buses are slow..
I paid the taxi man immediately I got to the marbella and hurried to mr Zachary’s office oh I hope he doesn’t get mad.. I got to the office and saw him reading something and he looked at me and I started
“look sir I am so sorry for coming late, I had to make Valery fall asleep and I..
“it’s okay Sarah I’m not biting you and who’s Valery” he asked, well on a second note he’s not mad thank god..
“my daughter ” I say and his lips curved into a smile
“well get ready for the photoshoot today, model Sarah and which will start any minutes from now but first, can you drive” he asked
“yes I learned a year ago ” I say and he smiled and nodded “well then please follow me and hold this ” he said, stood up and handed me a key..
I followed him and we both head downstairs, and he moved to the Parking lot, and then pointed to a sparkly black shiny BMW..
“that Is yours” he said
“excuse me? ” I said
“okay, actually I bought that car for you ” he said and rushed his words okay is this a dream or what;


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