Story: Sound OF Love Episode One (1)

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theSoundOFLove freedygist - Story: Sound OF Love Episode One (1)


Here is another story form Ruthie Lee Brought to you by Freedygist Stories.

SOUND OF LOVE Episode 1.

Writer : Ruthie Lee 

[califiona 2002]
^ Sarah’s pov^
“how does it look mom” I asked my mom staring at my beautiful self in
the mirror, “you look great honey” my mom replied smiling brightly ..
..sorry for not introducing my self, my name is Sarah Barclay am
sixteen years , I live with my single mom, in California..My dad died
when I was three, but still everything is still perfect, …
And tonight am getting ready for my senior prom.. My dress was amazingly beautiful, and I could say I really loved it..
I kissed my mom on the cheek and wave her good bye, I went downstairs
and met my friend Taylor who was waiting for me, she was also looking
stunning, “wow girl you look amazing ” she said while i smiled and said
“thanks you don’t look bad yourself ” she smiled and said “come on
Zack’s waiting for us in his car” …
** a brief explanation about zack**
Zack is a guy, I made friends with during our final exam two weeks ago
and he’s also among the most coolest and popular talented boys In
school, Taylor got to know him through me and now we’re all friends.
We got outside and met Zack he was in a red tuxedo luking handsome his
black hair was combed back and he dyed the tip of his hair red.. “wow
you look pretty good tonight sarah” Zack said while I smiled and said
We all head to our school that night.. The prom party
was big, fun and partilish.. I hanged out with all my friends, we danced
and had fun..
+ Zack’s pov+
Sarah was the most beautiful girl
that night she looked stunning in the pink and black dress she wore, I
got to know Sarah two weeks ago and I could say I was already liking
her, I stood with my friends as we all drank happily, they talked about a
particular thing which I wasn’t interested because I was too busy
staring at Sarah, I can’t take my eyes off her, she’s just too
I saw her whispered something to Taylor and then Taylor
walked away, I wanted some alone time with her so I could talk about
this feelings of mine I don’t understand…
I was busy staring at
her when Natalie, a girl who’s the leader of the cheerleader group, and
also a girl who has a huge monster crush on me called my name and
smiled, I ignored her and continued staring at her Sarah, she traced my
eyes and angrily grabbed the wine from my hand and approached Sarah and
splashed it on her body with everybody watching “that was from Zack”
Natalie said angrily taking me by surprise while everyone watched
silently, every one watched as Sarah covers her face with her palms and
cried walking away angrily…
T. B. C


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