Story: My Ghost Boyfriend Episode 13

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(High school teenagers) .EPISODE 13

(kiss me again).


**Stacey’s pov continues**

how did it happen, how did I become a ghost, my mom just passed through me, I began to panic this is not.. No no not good at all.. I need to go to my room and find Jeremy now I thought and immediately I appeared in my room, how did that happen 
“whoa how did you do that” Jeremy said sounding very surprised. 
“I don’t know, I don’t know at all!!” I yelled. 
“well.. ” Jeremy said looking very surprised 
“look J.r I think I have a problem, ” I said 
“I just passed through my mom she couldnt See Me and now I appeared here with just thinking of it” I said and started to panic I tried to breathe but I couldn’t but it wasn’t a problem but still I can’t breathe and I’m a freaking ghost.. 
“you don’t think you’re a. 
“yes Jeremy I’m a ghost am a Ghost like you ” I said and started to cry, I just can’t believe this, I can’t die now I haven’t even lived yet I’m still a seventeen years old teenage girl ..
“wait.. Wait.. Hold on there’s no need for you to cry just tell me when did all this start” he said and held my shoulders and his hands didn’t feel cold like before 
“I.. I dunno, before going home from Gwen’s house they all saw me.. So.. I.. Think it was after you kissed me” I said and sniffed the air cleaning my tears 
“so you think, my kiss changed you into a ghost” he asked and I nodded 
“yeah I don’t think that’s possible ” he whined and licks his lips.. 
“are you kidding me Jeremy I know what am talking about ” I yanked and he sighed and said 
“okay what do you want me to do about it” is he seriously asking me that. 
“kiss me again” I said and stared into his eyes 
“I’m sorry what now ” he said and leaned his ear closer to my face, “you heard me freak” I said and pushed his head away, 
“okay I’m sorry I was just joking” he said 
“you joke with everything” I tell him and rolled my eyes 
“but I’m not just sure about this” he says 
“well I do” I said and immediately my mom opened my door, and walked in
“Stacey! ” she called and looked around, “I’m right here mom” I say, but who am I kidding she can’t See Me , my mom shrugged and walked out closing the door, I gave Jeremy a look 
“well let’s give it a try” Jeremy said and stood properly in front of me.. 
“I sighed and moved my hair back” okay, I closed my eyes and opened them and Jeremy was smiling.. 
“why are you smiling” I yanked 
“nothing can you just quit being whiny and let me kiss you ” he said, he seriously seems to take everything as a joke I raised my middle finger at him And he laughed 
“don’t think I’m doing this because i—
Before I could finish my sentence he kissed me, and yeah it was kind of.. Sweet.. *smiles*
I backed away from him and he just couldn’t stop smiling, I’m getting really tired of seeing that one sided dimple, ugh. 
“do you think it worked” I asked 
“go find out yourself” he said and I nodded I hurried downstairs and called mom.. 
“yes.. Where have you been I was starting to think you were still at your friend’s place” my mom said, oh my goodness it worked thank God.. Finally.. I smiled and said “no I wasn’t” 
“well since today’s Sunday I’m taking Jack and Jace to the movies, wanna come with us ” my mom asked 
“um.. No I’ll just stay home ” I replied 
“okay” she said and walked away, I ran back upstairs and to my room
“it worked I can’t believe it worked Jeremy” I said 
“wow.. This is getting more complicated than I thought, ” Jeremy said smiling “I wish I could see someone who’d kiss me so I’ll turn human” he added and gave me a look 
“don’t worry, I have s feeling we’ll still get to the bottom of all this, to be sincere I want you to be human too” I tell him and he smiled and spread his hands to hug me but I backed away, 
“don’t, do you want me to turn into a snake now” I said and he burst into laughter and his sweet voice filled the whole room.. I smiled and said “well I’m going take my bath now ” 
“why are you telling me do you want me to come with you” he said and arched an eyebrow 
“eww gross Jeremy you’re a ..ugh just shut up” I yanked 
“I wasn’t even talking” he said but I rolled my eyes and grabbed my towel before heading out and slamming the door.. I could hear his laughter from aside, it made me smile ‘why are you smiling, do you like Jeremy’ my subconscious tells me but I rolled my eyes at her but put a real thought to that question, “do I like Jeremy,no way he’s a psychopath and a creep freak . I said to my self and walked into the bathroom, I took my bath and head back to my room with my towel tied around my chest, as I walked in my room Jeremy wasn’t there I breathed a sigh of relief and got dressed, I put on a blue skinny jeans, and was about to put on my shirt when Jeremy appeard I quickly use my shirt to cover my body cause I’m in my bra only thank goodness I’ve put on some jeans .. Jeremy stood still looking at me this dude is crazy 
“leave you freak!!” I yell and his eyes travels to my chest and I yell “get out! ” “oh sorry” he said and disappeared I quickly put on my shirt and breathed a sigh of relief, so much for being a ghost.. 
I walked to my mirror sat down opposite it and started to straight my hair, instead of curling it I want to try something new.. 
My door clicked open and Jeremy walked inside I rolled my eyes and turned back to my mirror… 
“sorry about earlier” he said 
“don’t remind me” I remarked angrily while he started laughing 
I turned angrily and said “you’re crazy, what’s so funny that you have to laugh”
“okay okay I’m sorry Mrs Stacey” he said.. 
“honey, we’re off now to the movies take care of the house!! ” my mom yelled from outside 
“okay” I yelled back.
I was done straightening my hair, so, i kept the device I used in my drawer and stood up
“how do I look” I asked Jeremy, gosh I can’t believe I just asked him that.. 
“you look, beautiful as always Stacey,but there’s one thing missing” He said and I rolled my eyes, “just shut up” I say and he smiled.. 
“you know Stace, for a seventeen years old teenage girl, yours are still pretty small” he said 
“what are you talking about what’s still pretty small,” I asked and he smiled grew more wider and his eyes travels to my chest.. Again
“Jeremy you’re crazy ” I yelled and he burst into laughter, I walked out of my room and hear downstairs.. 
T. B. C


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