My Ghost BoyFriend Episode Seven

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My Ghost BoyFriend Episode 7

myghostboyfriend - My Ghost BoyFriend Episode Seven

My Ghost Boyfriend is a Mystery Story, fantasy story, romance story and comedy story.
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Title: My Ghost Boyfriend Episode 7
Genre: Mysteries, fantasy, romance and comedy
Writer : Ruthie Lee 

MY GHOST BOYFRIEND 1f47b - My Ghost BoyFriend Episode Seven?

(High school teenagers)


BY RUTHIE LEE1f338 - My Ghost BoyFriend Episode Seven?1f338 - My Ghost BoyFriend Episode Seven?
**stacey’s pov**
Is Jeremy really telling the truth, was Robby going to ditch me..
“look I’m sorry..i eavesdropped on you and Robby conversation earlier and when he asked you on a date I couldn’t understand cause guys like him are hard to trust, so after escorting you back home from school, I followed him and he and his friends were going home and he was telling them how easy you were to deceive and how stupid you sounded like in the cafeteria, ..and I know it’s also kind of my fault and I’m so very sorry Stacey” he said, I wanted to slap him so hard, not Jeremy but Robby but if I slap Robby’s face I’m also slapping Jeremy..
“it’s okay, I was the one who fell for his dumb plans, I’m going home” I said and began to walk away, while Jeremy (Robby) just stood there and looked at me go
I got inside our house and met my mom sleeping on the couch peacefully, I moved closer to her and covered her blanket properly before turning of the TV, I glanced at the time and it was eleven o’clock on the dot.. I sighed and started to walk upstairs to my room
I’m a stupid girl, a very big one..
I got to my room and unzipped my dress before grabbing my towel from my hamper and tying it above my chest, I packed my hair in ponytail and folded it in a bun before heading to the shower to take a cold bath..
As the cold water dripped down my body, I closed my eyes and saw that bloody fool, that jerk.. Robby.. I opened my eyes and turned off the water before grabbing my towel and headed back to my room..
I changed back into my pajamas and grabbed my pen and diary, no matter how I think how stupid and childish Diaries are they let you express your inner mind, I started to write about what had just happened and I couldn’t believe I wrote six pages of why I hate Robby, I quickly closed my diary immediately Jeremy appeared and I placed it in my drawer,..
Thank goodness he appeared as the Jeremy I know not that big bad of fudge,..
“so I dropped him off at his house and came back home” Jeremy said quietly,
“okay, thanks anyway” I tell him
“so are you still..
“yes I’m still helping you find out why you became a ghost” I help him complete his sentence and he smiled, I think my only problem in this life is to listen.. I just need to stay cool and listen before making a move, and now that I have I’ve learned that Jeremy is the nicest guy i’ve ever known. Well Phillip too, so Jeremy is the nicest and only ghost I’ve ever known..
“thanks, ” Jeremy tells me
“you’re welcome.. And also I’d like to go to sleep now cause, it’s past my bedtime” I said and laid on my bed covering my self with my purple blanket..
“okay, then good night” Jeremy says and I guess he’ll be smiling now Even without looking about him I know he is,, he’s a smile addict… I stare at my ceiling before asking..
“do ghosts sleeps?”
“oh no no, no we can’t sleep and we don’t sleep,we are ghost what do you expect us, to sleep for ” He replied and laughed
“so you guys just stay awake like every single day, whoa that would be tiring and boring.. ” I seethe and smiled, “do ghost breathe” I ask, maybe I am asking a lot questions but I have to know..
“nope we don’t breathe, ” he tells me
“good night” I said before sleep took over my entire body..
My annoying alarm screamed, she is a total nuisance
I woke up and turned and Jeremy was still standing where he stood last night staring at me,.. What the..
“good morning” he said and I rolled my eyes and got up from the bed and got prepared for school, after a bowl of cereal with Jack and Jace, I left for school and thank goodness I caught the school bus today,..

I got to school and head straight to class, I met Philip and Daniel..
“hey pretty lady good morning to you” Daniel said
“and to you too ” I replied and waved to Philip who waved back.. Daniel looked at Philip awkwardly and smiled before heading close to me.. He smiled vividly and said
“Stacey dear, I want you to do something for me please” he Said
“what? ” I asked
“I just joined the drama club, and I’m playing Romeo for the school play and I have a problem with one of the scenes ” Daniel pouts
“well maybe I can help what scene? ” I ask
“kissing scene” Daniel said
“kissing scene!?? “I repeated and he nodded
“well I’m sorry I don’t kiss” I said
“what? ” daniel said sadly while Phillip laughed
“you could tell Tara or Sophie to help you” I said and he pouted more which made me giggle a little
“but they aren’t here yet”
“well look no further cause they’re here ” I said and Sophie and Tamara walked up to us..
“oh.. Forget it” Daniel said and walked away, during lunch time I didn’t go to the cafeteria cause I had to write some things down so they all left without me,
I noticed someone walking up to me and the few girls inside the class were murmuring, when I looked up I saw Robby, ugh.. He was smiling, who the hell is he smiling at, I hope it’s not me..
“hey Stacey” he said as he got up to me,let me just make this a little Corky here..
“hi there Robb ” I said with the most fakest smile I can force,
“so.. Look sorry Stacey, I didn’t mean to ditch you on our date last night” Robby said, he Thought he ditched me, oh this is good
“no you don’t have to apologize it’s okay, I forgive you okay” I said sweetly, wow I should really join the school play, cause I’m a great actress
“okay thanks” he said and leaned closer to me, is he trying to kiss me.. Oh no..
I quickly shifted my pen and it fell to the floor and I quickly bent my head to pick it dodging the kiss.
Seriously Robby is such an ass hole…
I got up instantly and I could see his embarrassed face..
“um..can you come with me I’ve gotta show you something ” Robby said
I don’t want to go but..
“okay ” I said and he smiled, he took me out and behind the school still smiling, where is he taking me too.. He took me to the school store behind one of the buildings and said “here we are” ,he opened the store and we both walked in and he closed the door behind us
“so what Is it you want to show me ” I ask..
“yeah about that” he said and started to move closer to me smiling deviously “what” I asked
“the thing you said you said yesterday in the cafeteria about the ‘S’ word I’m about to make it come true” he said, wait what..
“I.. What are you talking about” I shrieked.
Just then two other boys came out of no where and bolted the door.. What is happening
Robby smiled and touched my waist but I yanked his hand off, I tried to run but the two boys blocked.. Me
“let me make this easy and clear, take off your uniform” Robby said, oh my God is he about to.. I can’t believe this..
“look Robby just leave me alone” I said sacredly moving back, I can’t believe this.. ..
“no can’t do” he said and moved closer to me and held my waist firmly, “let go of me” I yelled and tried to remove his hand but he held them tight.. The two boys behind me held my hands, I tried to struggle but I couldn’t they were stronger, and slowly Robby started to unbutton my shirt.. Oh no… No..
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