Romance Story: My Ghost BoyFriend Episode Eight

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My Ghost BoyFriend Episode 8

myghostboyfriend 1 - Romance Story: My Ghost BoyFriend Episode Eight
My Ghost Boyfriend is a Mystery Story, fantasy story, romance story and comedy story.
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Title: My Ghost Boyfriend Episode 8
Genre: Mysteries, fantasy, romance and comedy
Writer : Ruthie Lee 


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(Romeo and Juliet)
BY RUTHIE LEE1f338 - Romance Story: My Ghost BoyFriend Episode Eight?1f338 - Romance Story: My Ghost BoyFriend Episode Eight?
**Stacey’s pov continues.. **
“let go of me you perverts” I screamed, and struggled to free my self but their grip were too strong, I closed my eyes tightly fighting my tears, no this can’t be happening.. Robby.. Why.. I opened my eyes and cried even more as he reached for my skirt and and touched my thighs, I angrily spat on his face and kicked him in his *area*… He shrieked and moved back, “you bitch” he said angrily and came closer to me he held my face in his palms and gave me when of his devilish smile, his reached lips reached for mine he forcefully kissed me but I bit him, he quickly backed away and there was blood in his goddamned lips.. Yeah I did that..
He came closer to me and gave me a slap, a hot sounding slap, I didn’t feel any pain, the only I’m going to feel is when he’s done with me, I really hope not, I cried more loudly as he began to carry my skirt up..
But then I’m in the dark room again, Jeremy, Jeremy’s here oh thank goodness, what is he doing now.. I cried silently as I waited patiently,.. Robby is so going to get it ..
I came back to my body again and my knuckles hurt like real bad, I didn’t see Robby or the two dorks that held me all I saw was Jeremy standing opposite me smiling with the store door opened..
“what happened” I asked
“lemme just say, you beat them up” Jeremy smiled
“you possessed me and beat them up?” I asked
“yeah, aren’t you happy” he asked
“I am, thank you so much Jeremy you just always know when to show up” I said and cleaned my tears, and he smiled
“Robby will be, scared of you for the rest of his jerky life,.. And hmm your um.. Uniform.. Your.. Um.. ” Jeremy said and coughed pointing at my chest and looking away.
I glanced down at my chest and my uniform button shirt was wide open and my singlet became visible also making my visible cleavage also.. Yikes..
I quickly buttoned my shirt, and tucked my hair behind my hair and sighed I cleaned my face with my hanky I found in my breast-pocket, “thank you once again J.R” I tell him
“don’t mention, ” he whines
“how do you know I was here” I ask him
“I’ve been um.. Kind of like stalking you” he said and grins awkwardly.. And I rolled my eyes playfully.. “so what are you my guardian angel or something” I scoffed and he laughed..
“if you put it that way” I say
“so I’ll be going to class now, ” I alarm him
“oh and make sure you warn your friends about Robby those poor girls deserves better” he said and I nodded and sighed, feeling heavy and sad
As I was about to walk out, he stopped me and said “remember Stacey just Be careful the ones that make you smile are the same ones that can shatter your heart” I
Nodded and he vanished and I walked back to class..
As I entered inside the class, i heard a girl say, ‘she’s the one Robby came here for she’s not even that pretty’ jealous freaks, I ignored her and walked to my seat I can’t believe all this girls are falling for that pervert who just tried to rape me.. Thinking about it made my eyes water, the way I screamed and the way he touched me rushed in my head and i couldn’t control the tears, I walked up to my seat, and Daniel, Phillip, Sophie and Tara were already back from the cafeteria, I just sat down on my seat quietly..
“OMG Stacey are you okay” Daniel said, and they all gathered me..
“I’m fine.. I’m just.. ” I cleaned my tears and sniffed..
“no. No you’re not fine, that’s not the voice I know you have and the tears explained already that you ain’t fine, so Just tell us Stace.. ” Tara pleaded they all nodded..
“it’s Robby, he came here minutes ago ” I say
“oh that jerk” Daniel breathed..
“I heard he came into our class, so he came to meet you what did he do” Sophie asks
“did he reject your proposal or something” Phillip asked
“no.. God.. No. I.. He took me to the school.. The school store and tried.. To… He tried to abuse me, he tried to rape me” I cried even more..
“oh my goodness, are you sure it’s Robby” Tamara asks
“of course it’s him am not a five years old ,he also had two guys who held me so he can have his way with me but thankfully I escaped” my voice cracks and I sniffed twice,
“I’ve know robby was a pevert, I can’t believe all those poor girls are falling for him. ” Daniel said with his teeth gritted together.
“Stacey am so sorry” Sophie said and hugged me..
“it’s okay should we not talk about it now or ever” I say and they all nodded “well I know what will cheer you up Stace” Daniel chipped in..
“huh” I said
“I signed you up for the school play Romeo and Juliet” Daniel said happily..
“why, I didn’t ask and I’m not even sure I know how to act” I yanked
“well I’m sorry but Mrs ginger said I should look for a girl who’s playing Juliet or else the play will be canceled and I decided what about you cause you have confidence, beauty, ego,power ,courage,.
“it’s okay.. Okay, I’ll do the play I’ll be your Juliet” I tell him, he just cut his whiny stuff about me, I’m not confidence I’m just a pile of unconfidence.. But I’m also a great actor..
“okay thanks and also audition starts after break which is exactly 30minutes from now ” he tells me and I nodded
“and Tessa be careful okay, you know the saying just Be careful the ones that make you smile are the same ones that can shatter your heart” Phillip said And I remembered Jeremy, he said it too, he’s such a smart ass
“yeah I know thanks, and you guys make me smile too” I said smiling,
“no, we’re not that people lemme just say we’re the one’s who’s there for you when those people shatter your heart. ” Tamara said and I smiled and nodded “well too bad no freak show will break my heart” I tell them and they all laughed
“that’s the bell, Stacey, let’s go” Daniel tells me and I nodded and followed him out, to the auditorium ..
I did the audition and Mrs Ginger was surprised she said I was the best she’d ever seen and Gave me the role of Juliet,and she said we’ll practice everyday till the day of the show which is on Saturday next week Saturday.. and I was happy, I also thanked Daniel as we head back to class, we talked about something’s.. And then I bumped into a girl with brownish blond hair, she took a good look at me I wanted to apologize but my subconscious told me not to and I didn’t
“she’s sorry” Daniel said scarily
“huh!” I ask..
“I’m Gwen and this are my two friends barb and Nancy, ” she said friendly and her grey eyes glimmer
Daniel looks surprised and I wondered why
“well I’m stacey and this is my friend Daniel” I say and she nodded and said “well see you around”..and then walked away, Daniel stood still not moving his lips parted open, “come-on Danny let’s go” I yanked his arm and he flinched
“well what dragon flew up your butt just now” I said and laughed “sorry I thought I was dreaming, that girl who just came here was gwen,, Gwen Sawyer, the most popular and let’s say beautiful girl in school who’s just ,so mean, egocentric and egoistical” Daniel said
“English please.” I said
“sorry she’s just so full of herself and looks Down on others, she hates everyone especially newbies, like you but I’m surprised she’s friendly at you what’s up with that” he said
“come-on let’s just go to class” I said I dragged him on his arm and we head to class, ..he told them about our encounter with Gwen and they were all surprised, what’s up with that..
I head home that day, I ate, took a shower and changed into my casual wear, before Jeremy appeared like seriously he knows the right time to appear..
“so heard you’re the new Juliet” he said
“and what’s it to you” I replied
“nothing! But just know you’ll be kissing daniel” he said and arched an eyebrow
“I know, or.. Are you jealous or something like that ” I said and he began to laugh nervously
What’s up with that..
T. B. C


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