Story: My Ghost BoyFriend Episode 19 -SEMI FINAL

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300x250 05 - Story: My Ghost BoyFriend Episode 19 -SEMI FINAL

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 myghostboyfriend 6 - Story: My Ghost BoyFriend Episode 19 -SEMI FINAL



(high school teenagers)


(dreams come true)


**Jeremy’s pov continues**
“well Natalie I hope that one day your curse gets broken, and I have to go now” I said
“also remember this you must remove the necklace at exactly twelve o’clock in the midnight” Natalie warned
“yeah sure ” I said and,
disappeared and appeared back at Stacey’s room.. She was sitting down
quietly on the edge of her bed writing in her what seems to be her
diary her face looks pale and sad, immediately she noticed me she closed
her book and gave me a smile,
“where were you” she asked
“I went to see Natalie” I tel her and she gasped
“Natalie!! That girl will kill you,” she said standing up and I smiled,
she cares about me.. Good start.. “actually she’s sorry for what she
did ” I said
“huh” she asks confusingly
“you might wanna sit down for this story Blondie” I said and she laughed and sat down while I sat next to her on her bed..

I told her the story and she breathed a “wow”
“well thank goodness you’re finally going to be human again, and also
now I feel all bad for Gwen it’s not her fault at all, “she said staring
at the floor and I nod, she glanced at me and her blue eyes sparkled
“so will you help me. With you know the um body and the crystal” I say
“sure” she nods wow that was a piece of cake she agreed so fast
“we remove the body as exactly 12pm right ” she said
“actually it’s the crystal not the body” I say and she smiles and nod
“and is it fine by you if we do it tonight ” I ask and she nods
“you know we should get prepared now and start digging out that casket” she tells me and I nodded and stood up “sure”i reply
We went to the store room to get two shovels , I looked at the time it
was 4:30pm and I told her we should get started , I strangely found the
place where I was buried and picked up my shovel so Stacey and I can
start digging, but when I pushed the head of the shovel into the ground
or didn’t pack any sands, I tried again and it didn’t work Stacey
intended that we should exchange and we did but still the same problem
“maybe you should just sit and let me do it” Stacey tells me
“no way you can’t dig it all by your self ” I protested
“and you cant dig it at all” she tells me and I sighed, she smiled at me and got to work
If only she knew how much I wanted to tell her thank you, I sat down on
the ground and stared at her work the sun was shining directly at her
face and I couldn’t keep my eye away from it..
“honey what are
you doing” I heard Stacie’s mom voice, oh no, I glanced at Stacey and
she didn’t have a panicked look on her face at all
“actually mom i want to um plant here for our biology project ” she lied and her mom nodded and said
“well then I’ll call your brothers to give you a hand “
“oh yes thanks mom, I don’t know when I’ll be done actually ” she said and her mom walked away,
Few minutes later Jack came down..
“jack.. Why are you alone where’s Jace ” Stacey asked
“Jace is Upstairs he doesn’t want to help so he lied to mom he has a tummy ache ” Jack explained and Stacey sighed

“well just grab that shovel and help me dig this thing out and be
careful” Stacey said and he nodded and waved at me before helping his
sister I wish I can..
Three hours passed with Stacey and Jack
still digging hard and Jack look tired, Stacey told him to go inside
and it was starting to become dark.. Immediately jack entered inside
Stacey shovel hit something hard..
“I found it” she said excitedly and dropped the shovel,
“you know I can’t lift this thing up my self” she said and I nodded in agreements

“then don’t, just clear the sands on top of it and open it” I say and
she nodded, she got close to the casket she did as I said and opened it,
she looks tired and some strands of her hair was glued to her face due
to sweats I really do owe her..
When she opened it I looked inside and saw my self lying cold my lips dry and my eyes shady I just hope this works,
“aww you look so cute ” Stacey said staring at my body
“cut it off” I tell her and she smiled
“so what now ” she asked
“we just have to wait till twelve pm tonight ” I replied
“okay, it’s eight thirty I’ll just run inside and eat dinner while you stay here I’ll be back” she said and hurried inside.

300x250 05 - Story: My Ghost BoyFriend Episode 19 -SEMI FINAL

Few minutes later she came out again and it was already 9:45pm we both
sat still waiting for time to move quickly, I owe Stacey so much..
She’s done enough already,

Finally it was 12:59pm
“get ready Stacey ” I tell her she seemed tired and sleepy but suddenly Stood up

“it’s time ” I tell her and she nods and stood up, she moved closer to
my body and breathe in before reaching for the crystal in my neck,
immediately she touched it she grunt and gasped..
“what’s wrong ” I ask her
“I’m stuck ” she grunt
“what? ” I tried to help her but I couldn’t touch her what’s wrong
Pain.. Pain..

All I could feel is pain all over my body I couldn’t move , I was
stuck and Jeremy couldn’t do anything, I was loosing my breath
“Jeremy help ” I yanked and tried to get free

“I can’t I.. I don’t know why” he replied feeling confused, I started
to feel weak and still I couldn’t move, you can do this Stacey you cab
do it, I tell my self,
Just pull out this damn necklace ” I tell my
self and I endured the pain and tried all my best and I pulled it out
and then the pain stopped but Jeremy screamed in pain.. And suddenly I
passed out..
I woke up the next morning feeling lively, I
looked at my body my pajamas was on me.. How come? My bed sheets and
blankets were different, I got down from my bed, Jeremy, was the first
person I remembered I remembered what happened last night but didn’t
know what happened after that, did Jeremy come back to life.. I have to
go check it out..
I hurried down the stairs with, I heard the sweet
smell of brownies coming from the kitchen, I also stopped on my tracks
as I heard the familiar voice and sound coming from the living room.
When I got closer I was shocked, Brown hair, brown eyes..
“dad! ” I called
“oh honey you’re awake” my dad Said and smiled
I gasped and ran to hug him..

“okay.. but honey I have to go to work ” my dad says and places a kiss
on my forehead , what’s happening, my dad walked out and I left my mouth
open where’s Jeremy, I ask no-one in particular..
“honey you’re getting late for school” my mom yelled and I replied
“Jackson ” I called Jack and he walked up to me
“have you by any chance see Jeremy ” I asked
“Jeremy! Who’s Jeremy ” he asked and bite on the Popsicle he’s eating
He’s kidding right
“Jeremy you saw him yesterday ” I tell him

“I don’t know what you’re talking about Stacey, and don’t you remember
dad took Jace and I to a movie theatre yesterday while you were with
your friend Sarah ” he said and looked serious.. Is this a dream or
what, dad’s here but Jeremy’s not..
What the hell happened
T. B. C


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