Romance Story: My Ghost BoyFriend episode 18

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(high school teenagers)

EPISODE 18 (eighteen)

(take me home)


**Jeremy’s pov continues**
Stacey immediately pulled back from the hug maybe realising how cold I
am and that’s another reason I want to be human Again, so I can hug
people without them flinching because of my coldness.
“I have to
go and shower ” Stacey said and walked out of her room, seeing her sad
makes me a little sad, what if she’s right, what If am the one making
all this happen to her , what if am bad luck, what a coincidence, I wish
we’ll just get to the bottom of this and I’ll go for good..
She must definitely know something she was absolutely the person I saw
the day before I became a ghost and she trapped me in that goddamned
room, I sighed and disappeard
I appeared in front of Gwen’s house which is also Natalie’s..
I walk inside and saw Gwen on the couch with her hands on her face, she
was crying, I think and still with her school uniform on.. , I walked
passed her and head to Natalie’s room.. I peeped and saw her making a
phone call with her two children beside her, after she was done she
dropped the phone and I walked in, actually appeared in,.. She sighted
me and gasped but then turn to her two kids..
“Dustin, Kali, go out and play ” she ordered and her two children walked out and she closed the door,
“what do you want” she yelled at me
“look Natalie am not here for trouble, please” I said staring at her I
couldn’t believe she was my Natalie.. She’s all grown up and looked so
“yeah right, I see you escaped my ghost trap right” she yanked and arched an eyebrow
“look Natalie I don’t get why you’re so angry at me” I said and she huffed and rolled her eyes..
“are you lying, or are you just trying to piss me off” she yanked
“what! I’m not lying I swear I don’t get why you’re so angry at me” I say and she narrowed her eyes
“don’t you remember what happened, Saturday night ten years ago, November eleven ” She said and I shook my head negatively
“you must be kidding me” she seethed and started to pace out in front
of her chair it was like she was trying to control her anger and she did
and sat down..
“Ten fucking years ago, you remembered I came to your house Saturday night right, ” she paused and I nodded
“I told you to come with me but you insisted on going to see your
family who had an accident but let me tell you what you don’t know, your
family isn’t dead, they’re all alive living happily but they don’t know
you exist, I faked that phone call I paid a man to call you and give
you that shocking news because I knew as the day grew by your love for
me began to fade you didn’t love me, and that day I had to have my
revenge cause I knew any day from that day you we’re going to break up
with me cause you were already loosing interest in me and am not that
kind of girl who sits and wait for their stupid boyfriend to dump them
so they can cry their eyes out , and guys don’t dump me I dump them so
after the fake phone call you left and I got to do the voodoo stuff I
wanted to do I took one-of your cloth and do I had to do and boom you
became a ghost your body became trapped, your family your friends,
everyone around you didn’t know who you were again, you never existed to
them, there was no Jeremy hart ” she said and smiled and I felt like
ripping her hair off from her head..
“so.. So.. Wait let me get
this straight, so you made me ghost just because you thought I was going
to break up with you” I half yell trying to control my anger
course that was what you wanted to do, you didn’t want to hang out with
me anymore you didn’t even reply my text messages that was exactly a
sign that you loved me no more” she yelled
“that was because I hang out with Jasper and Clark and you know how they are, ” I yell back and she flinched
“oh my god” she said and sighed
“so you weren’t going to break up with me ” she asked
“of course not, why do you always have to assume everything wrong and
your way Natalie, why! ” I yell trying to hold back the fucking tears
trying to crawl down my eyes
“I.. I didn’t know that am sorry” she said and sniffed
“well now you know, I’ve been stucked like this for ten good years
without knowing what to do or who to blame only to find out that I was
cursed by my girlfriend don’t you have a heart Natalie and what are you ”
I asked with my voice breaking
She had already started to weep realising her dump and stupid mistakes
“I come from a long line of witches but I am not a witch I just practice black magic ” she said and I shook my head negatively
“I’m sorry ” she tells me
” sorry can’t fix my state Natalie how can you be so clueless ” I yell
“I’m sorry I just
“is there a way to fix this ” I ask cutting her off
“yes” she replied
“how” I asked
“there’s a casket buried under your house at the back of the building
inside that casket is your body and a red crystal placed around your
neck someone needs to remove that crystal around your neck and you’ll be
free” she said, sounds easy.. I think
“good I’ll do it my self ” i tell her
“no you can’t you’ll be gone for good ” she yanked
“then you should do it” I suggested
“I can’t either I was the one who did it and I’m cursed anyway ” she said sadly
“cursed?!” I asked
“yes, years ago my grandmother got her self In a pretty bad situation
and was cursed my mom tried to help her out but they both ended up
dying, and my dad left , cause he was freaking scares leaving me alone
with Gwen my baby sister, the curse got down to us, I’ve been married
twice but none of my husband survived but thank goodness my children
did, survive that’s my curse anyone I get married to dies.
And Gwen
she’s a lesbian , Gwen was a sweet little teenager who’s friendly, fun
forgiving and always smiling but the curse started at exactly the day
after her sixteenth birthday she just changed from nice to deadly and
started practicing lesbianism , she thought she was born a lesbian but
she wasn’t I can’t tell her that she’s cursed or else she’ll freak out ,
.. That’s it I can’t help you with what you want ” she explained and
sniffed the air..
“then who can” I ask
“you need someone who can see you trust you and love you” she said
Where the hell am I going to find someone who can see..
But does she even trust me or worse Even loves me.. ??


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