Story: My Ghost BoyFriend Episode 17

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myghostboyfriend 5 - Story: My Ghost BoyFriend Episode 17


(high school teenagers)



(I need you)



**stacey’s Pov continues**
I turned around and Gwen was staring me with her stupid grey and evil eyes, “seriously, you again” I grunt tiredly
“yes it’s me again” Gwen replied and walked in front of me
“what do you want” I yanked and struggled to free my self from the tight rope around me , you’ve got to be kidding me..
“stop asking me that and you know what I want, and don’t fight it that
rope’s ten times stronger than your arm. Gwen said angrily
“I don’t
know what you want Gwen just let me go” I yell, I’m seriously tired of
all this, why did we get to move here anyway, I hate this place and this
freaking foolish girl..
“stop lying to me Blondie, you know, I
seriously have feelings for you , you’re pretty and you know that, I
told you I liked you but what did you just do, you just ignored me, and
avoided me but do you know what happens to girls who starts to avoid me
when I tell them I like them.. I’m sure you do, I hurt them and you know
what I mean by hurt?.. I mean death” she said, seriously does she mean
it. her words irritate me.
I didn’t reply her I just turned my face
away and started to think of Jeremy, I don’t really think he’ll come
and save me cause I don’t actually need him I was being a real jerk to
him I just took my anger out on him and I feel so bad about it I
actually miss him,he’s just the best guy ever I have to admit
you even listening to me ” gwen yelled snapping me out of my thoughts
about Jeremy, I didn’t reply I just stared at her and she grunts..

She moved closer to me and touched my face, trying to bring her face
closer to me again, she’s trying to kiss you, my subconscious tells me
and I mushed my lips together.. Gwen stopped, bat her eyelashes and
smiled “oh you poor thing I wasn’t going to kiss you, yet.. ” she said
and smiled removing her hands from my face,
“okay look Stacy let’s make a deal” she said and I gaze at her ..
“have sex with me and I’ll let you go” Gwen said, and I almost choked because that word disgusted me that I started to cough..
“easy dear, I know it’s hard to decide but you have to” she said smiling devilishly
“you’re an asshole you bitch ” I manage to say
“I know right a lot of people call me that, so am used to it now, so is it a sex or a no” she said picking at her fingers
“over my dead body ” I said and she burst into laughter ,
Why is she laughing, this girl is a lunatic,
“you know Stacey I just can’t let you go like that I’ll have to get what I want before exiling you” she said and smiled,
“Nancy, barbie get in here ” Gwen ordered and barb and Nancy came in I
can’t believe they’re helping this wench. Gwen stared at me
strangely,smiled and said
“girls strip her naked and fast as possible “..
What? I closed my eyes, tightly, no not again, Robby once did it and
now she wants to do it.. No God please not again.. Oh good Jeremy..
Jeremy.. I seriously need him..
appeared home and sat on Stacey’s bed, Stacey is really pissing me off, I
can’t believe she accused me of ruining her fucking life, she didn’t
even appreciate it that I claimed to be her damn Gaurdian, I’m not a
nice guy but I had to be nice just for her to help me and another reason
I don’t know and don’t wish to know…
I sighed and moved my hair
back with my hands, Stacey might be an annoying jerk sometimes by
cussing annoying words as me but I just let it slide, I mean I like her,
she’s nice, pretty sensitive and smart, I can’t believe I’m thinking
about that right now, she totally pissed me off today and told me to get
lost that she doesn’t need me, she may not need me but I know I do need
her I’m not giving up on her cause I don’t know if I might get lucky
again and see someone who might help me netherless See Me.. I sighed and
licked my lips, all this sucks, and Gwen or whomever she thinks she is,
she is totally going to get it from me , I just couldn’t wait for
Stacey to come home so I can apologize to her even though she’s the
wrong one, she’s my only hope I have of becoming human again, I’m tired
of all this shits tired of not getting to eat breathe and sleep, it
doesn’t affect me in anyways but I have to be human again, I’m damn
desperate so no matter how many times Stacey get wrong I’ll always
apologize so I can fix it..
It was fifteen damn minutes past
three and Stacey wasn’t back from school I know school closes like three
o’clock but she’s suppose to be back like three minutes ago.. But the
hell isn’t she back yet.. I controlled My patient and waited.. And later
it was three thirty, shit.
Looks like I’m going back to that
school.. As I was about to go (to disappear) I heard Stacie’s voice
calling me, she was in trouble I felt it..
And boom I appeared in
her class but it was empty, I had a feeling it had to be Gwen that girl
have been on Stacey for too long ,
I head behind the school I didn’t
know why i was going there but it was like I was being drawn or called
my someone or something, finally I got to a wooden place that looks
somewhat like a cabin and I could here Stacey’s voice from inside she
was yelling “let go of me ” I quickly appeared in and found out she was
shirtless, oh my goodness, I can’t believe I’m seeing her in just her
skirt and bra again.. This is so raw, is Gwen trying to rape her or
what.. This bitch is crazy, a crazy little lesbian,if she wants to have
sex,she should do it with her two foolish friends but not with my
Stacey, I moved behind Stacey and untied the rope her friend who
witnessed an the rope untied itself gasped..
Stacey realising that she was free quickly turned and saw me she wanted to smile but she didn’t..
“how did you… Gwen tried to say but Stacey grabs her uniform shirt on the floor and immediately put it on
“Gwen the rope untied itself ” one of her friend with big green eyes said who’s name’s seems to be Nancy
“what? ” Gwen yelled confusingly
I quickly posses her other friend barb and Stacey saw me do it .. I (barb) walked up to Gwen and held her in her neck
“b. Bar.. Barb you” Gwen said trying to breathe..
“stay away from Stacey and I mean it and for your information I’m not
barb and trust me I can be very scary” I said and let go of her neck
“barb what has gotten into you” she yelled
“I’m warning you barb stay away from Stacey ” I yelled and she flinched
I got out of barb’s body and she fell but immediately got up
“what happened” barb said
“you just, don’t remember what you just did” Gwen yelled at barb and she looked confused.. Thought so..

“are you okay” I tell Stacey and she nodded, she was sweating Real bad
and some part of her hair was glued to her face and it made her look
pretty.. I think.. she also looked tired and scared ..
I found a dusty old chalk behind Stacey, time to make things more scarier..
I took the little chalk and started to write on the wooden wall,
“Gwen look that thing is writing itself ” Nancy exclaimed and Gwen
flinched maybe seeing the chalk writing itself but I wrote..
After that Stacey and I walked out, “hold my hands” I tell her and she
sighed and did and I made the both of us disappeared and appeared in her
She looked surprised but sad and then started to cry,
“Jeremy I’m so sorry once again I didn’t know what got in to me.. I did really need you.. I just
“it’s okay ” I tell her and smiled
She immediately hugged me and cried even more..
T. B. C


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