Story: My Ghost Boyfriend Episode 15

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story - Story: My Ghost Boyfriend Episode 15


(high school teenagers)

My Ghost Boyfriend Episode 15 ( fifteen )

(be with me or die)


**Stacey’s Pov continues**
“um. I think I like you” Jeremy tells me, he thinks..
“you think” I repeat my mind
“I don’t really think I do, but don’t get me wrong I don’t like you,
the way you understand but I like you, I don’t know if you get me.. ” he
explains panicking a little
“I get it, you like me but only as a friend just like the way I like Daniel ” I say and he nods
“but I have a feeling, Phillip likes you” he said and grins
“Phillip? He barely talks to me or look at me” I say and rolled my eyes
“you never know take it from a twenty eight years old man” he says
“oh you’re finally agreeing that you’re twenty eight ,but you’re not
you’re still eighteen you douche bag ” I say sarcastically
“oh so you’re finally agreeing that I’m eighteen” he replied sarcastically and I rolled my eyes and smiled
“goodnight” I said
“good morning ” he tells me
“freak” I muttered and slowly close my eyes, before falling asleep..
The next morning I prepared for school and hurried To catch the bus and
thankfully I did, I was surprised I got to school very early, no wonder
the school bus wasn’t very few. I got to class and sat down alone
feeling bored, Phillip and his troops aren’t here yet, my friends
actually and Jeremy isn’t here with me, bummer.. I laid my head on my
desk there was only few people In the class like three or four. Very
few, I felt something cold on my shoulder, Jeremy, I turned and he sat
on a chair beside me, “good morning” he said
But I didn’t give him a reply,
“what’s wrong ” he asked
“nothing” I said
“but you didn’t reply me” he said
“I know I’m just glad you’re here” I said and suddenly regretted
“you’re glad that am here” jeremy said and smiled, oh dang it. Why the
hell did I say that he’s going to tease the life out of me,
“I didn’t mean to say that okay Just shut up” I replied, feeling shy and uncomfortable..
But his smile just grew wider “why we’re you glad I’m here, do you like
me or something ” he said and moved his face closer to mine but not too
close, “you’re crazy, ” I say
“no you’re the crazy one” he tells me “just admit you like me Stacey, why keep it to your self ” he added
“you’re the most annoying person I’ve ever met” I said and huffed
“who are you talking to” I heard Tamara’s voice behind me.. Oh geez , this is not good
“um.. Nobody” I lied, she’s definitely not buying that
“you’re lying to me Stacey I was standing here the whole time I don’t
know who you’re talking to but you clearly said you’re glad he or she is
here and that he’s annoying and he should shut up” Tamara explained and
I swallowed my saliva I scratched my un-itchy hair and grinned widely
and weirdly, how can I create a lie, ever since I’ve met Jeremy all I do
is lie.. Seriously this dude’s second name should be ‘Bad influence’
“I… I…
I wanted to say something when Daniel,phillip and Sophie walked up to us,
Tamara moved closer to me and whispered in my ear, “I don’t want to
drag attention and all but you’ll definitely tell me all this later ” I
nodded not sure of my self and she sat down quietly maybe I can trust
Tamara and tell her, she may be good with secrets who knows ,
“so Stacey how you doing ” Phillip said as he sat down and dropped his bag,
“I’m fine ” I say and glanced at Jeremy and he gave me a look and said
“I told you Phillip likes you ” I wanted to reply him but I also don’t
to be a weirdo and Tamara is already suspicious.. Jeremy left and we did
morning class, before they rang the bell for lunch time.. Thank
goodness, Jeremy appeared and for some reason I wasn’t glad to see him.
We all head out to the cafeteria together, laughing and talking, just
to get to the other side of the building wasn’t so bad until, Gwen
started walking towards us with barb on her right and Nancy on her Left
her hair looks glossier than ever.. Oh geez, my heart has started to
beat again.. “remember it’s okay” Jeremy and Phillip whispered to me the
same time but it was awkward because it was only Jeremy’s voice that
soothe me down..
“hi.. There” Gwen said to all of us
“what do you want” Sophie said
“shut up greeny, I didn’t talk to you” Gwen said calmly, she tucked some strands of hair beside her ears and looked at me..
“Stacey, can we talk, Alone” Gwen said …
“I don’t think we have anything to talk about ” I yelp without looking at her,
“oh really?” she says
“yes ” Phillip says before I can reply her..
“well we’ll see about that, you just wait and see, I don’t get disappointments
but you just Gave me one, so you just wait and see” she said
threateningly and Walked away, okay I think I’m about to pass out now,
cause that girl is giving me creeps
“don’t listen to her Stacey we’ve got your back ” Phillip tells me and I nodded, so good to have friends who cares for you,

We got to the cafeteria and ordered our food and sat down on our
favourite table and for the reason I think it is Tamara sat beside me..
And I bacame scared again, Jeremy was also beside me I wanted to turn
right at him and talk to him so. Bad about how I feel about Gwen, so he
can calm me down but I can’t, this time it won’t be Tamara who’s going
to be the suspicious one but all of them
“Gwen’s a stupid freak” Jeremy tells me
“I know” I say and gasped
“you know what” Daniel ask me
“I know,what? What are you guys talking about ” I say
“you just said, I know, who were you talking to” Sophie said
“yes, Stacey tell us who were you talking to” Tamara added and dipped her chip in her little plate of guacamole,
“I… I.. Have to go to the bathroom” I said and stood up and quickly
walked away and to the bathroom, okay I didn’t need to go to the
bathroom but I had to escape from them, they’re all on me.. Suddenly
Jeremy appeared beside me..
“thank goodness you’re here, they’re
all on me they’re all gonna think am crazy talking to my self when am
actually talking to you” o say and gesture my hands towards him..
“then just tell them” Jeremy remarked
“I….thought it was a secret, ” I yanked
“I never said it was a secret” Jeremy said
“but do you think they’ll believe me ” I asked
“I dunno, ” he said I sighed heavily and turned but was shocked to see
Tamara, she’s spying on me, but she was looking at me weirdly with her
hand folded across her chest..
“so are you going to lie to me again
cause I caught you again, who are you talking to Stacey, you’re
actually freaking me out, tell me what’s going on I’m your friend I
deserve to know ” she said and I sighed heavily.. If she wants to know
then I’ll let her know.
“it’s my friend, Jeremy ” I tell her
“are we friends ” Jeremy said playfully and I glared at him..
“well why can’t I see this Jeremy your friend” she soked.
“because.. Because he’s a ghost” I tell her and she smiled…
“and you want Me to believe you” she added, And I started to get angry,
“look Stacey you’re better than this do you really, —
“that’s the point and the reason I didn’t want to tell you guys you’ll
all think that I’m crazy, like you just did, you know friends really
believe each other, are we really friends If we were you wouldn’t be
doubting me now ” I yell..
“look I’m sorry okay, but I just believe
all those Are myt…. so it’s true, ghosts do live in your house the
story is actually true but.. I.. Don’t believe this, I thought it was
all make believe but it’s all true” Tamara said with a surprised face,
“actually I wouldn’t say ghosts, cause there’s only one ghost and he’s a boy and I can see him” I tell her..
She moved closer to me and said
“can you like prove it to show me If he’s here like right now ” she said and folded her lips together..
Thank goodness she has believed me..
I dipped my hands in my breast-pocket and brought out my handkerchief, “hold this” I tell Jeremy and he did..
“w..wwoww.. It’s floating your, your handkerchief, it’s floating ” she
said happily and I smiled , Jeremy handed my hanky back to me and i
mouted thank you to him..
“so sorry I doubted you ” Tamara said she hugged me..
“I think that hug is mine” I hear Gwen’s creepy voice behind us..
T. B. C
By Ruthie Lee


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