My Ghost Boyfriend Episode 12

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300x250 05 - My Ghost Boyfriend Episode 12

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My Ghost Boyfriend Episode 12

MY GHOST BOYFRIEND 1f47b - My Ghost Boyfriend Episode 12?
(high school teenagers) 1f3eb - My Ghost Boyfriend Episode 12?
(feeling ghosty)
BY RUTHIE LEE1f338 - My Ghost Boyfriend Episode 12?1f338 - My Ghost Boyfriend Episode 12?
**Stacey’s pov**
I quickly backed away from Gwen what the hell, why did she kissed me.. Is she.. 
“what’s wrong” she asked 
“why.. wh..y did you kiss me” I said as I moved my hair back.. 
“what.. Is it a crime, are you going to call the cops on me, I told you I like you and what? Oh my goodness she’s gay, she’s a lesbian..
“I.. I.. I don’t work that way” I tell her, 
“well I do.. ” she said and moved closer to me but I moved back a little.. “look Stacey, I invited you to my sleepover because I wanted to and I like you and I’ll do whatever I want and you don’t know me but just know I get whatever i want” she said her voice thick and scary like always but very calm and low.. also
I swallowed my saliva and said 
“well.. I.. I have to go to the bathroom” I lied ..
“well it’s over there just open that door there” she said and pointed and I nodded.. She smiled but even now her smile looks scary,as I stood up she stopped me and stood up too
“don’t keep me waiting Turner” she calls me by surname, okay this girl is crazy, she is freakingly crazy.. Why did I say yes to this invitation in this first place, for the first time in eight days I needed Jeremy like so bad.. 
I nodded I couldn’t even find my voice cause all this took me by surprise.. “good” she remarked and places a light kiss on my lips.. Eww.. 
I hurried to the bathroom and locked the door, I cleaned my lips, feeling irritated I haven’t even kissed a boy I like yet, than my fellow girl that is so not good.. I turned on the sink, and as the water rushed out I took a little and splashed on my face I must be dreaming.. 
Immediately I turned off the water Jeremy appeared, I didn’t see him in the mirror but when I turned I saw him.. I got close to him to close 
“Jeremy you have to help” I whispered
“everything seems fine here” he said 
“no Gwen’s a freakish lesbian, she kissed me” I whispered 
“wow.. She did, I haven’t even gotten a chance to do that ” Jeremy said playfully 
“don’t start with me J.r I know what I’m talking about” I said threateningly
“okay.. What can I do” he asked 
“I dunno save me from this place” I whisper.. 
“look I need time, I want Natalie alone but her two kids are just pestering around, and if you know how bad I want to talk to her you’ll get back in there and stick to what Gwen does” Jeremy said 
“are you crazy, are you even sure she can see you maybe you need me” I say, I need a way to escape this Gwen of a girl.. 
“no she can See Me” Jeremy said 
“just get me outta here ” I command 
“I can’t, look I’ll be back just try to avoid any kisses” he said, smiled and disappear, he must be kidding me.. 
I opened the door a little and peeped through the tiny space and thank goodness her friends are back, I walked back inside and closed the door, 
“finally you’re back” Gwen’s voice filled the whole room I nodded and we made eye contact and she smiled. Oh kill me. 
I sat on the floor with barb and Nancy, with a big bowl of popcorn in front of them.. 
“so we’re watching Twilight Saga right” barb asked 
“yeah” Gwen said and moved her hair back.. 
“come sit with me Stacey ” Gwen said, oh no, not again 
“no thanks I’m comfortable in the floor here” I lied , this girl is totes crazy, 
“no you’re not, now do as I say or you don’t want to make me angry” Gwen said and barb and Nancy gave me a look that said “please-go” I swallowed hard and shook my head negatively.. 
Gwen scoffed and laughed “are you trying to put up with me Stacey Turner” how did she even get to know my surname I don’t remember telling her that and the way she’s pronouncing it is giving me creeps.. 
“please just do as she says” barb who was close to me whispered in my ear, and I wondered if they know about her being homosexual, of course they would they are her best friends 
I sighed and sat down on the bed but at the edge ..
“aww Edward Cullen Is so cute” Nancy said while Gwen and barh rolled their eyes, I glanced at Gwen but she was focused on the movie.. Thank goodness, the movie was interesting but I couldn’t believe I actually miss Jeremy and his funny behaviour and words..dang it.. 
As the movie went playing, Nancy fell asleep and barb was dozing and so was i my eye lids were getting weaker and heavier I glanced at her wall clock and it’s already 10:05pm ..
Gwen came down from the bed and switch off the TV, she brought out blankets and pillows and laid them on the floor, barb laid on one while she woke Nancy up and Nancy laid on the other one, 
“you.. you are sleeping on the bed. With me ” she said and grins.. Fuck u.. I wanted to tell her but I just shut up because I was very sleepy, i nodded in agreement and laid my head on one of the pillow laying properly, I closed my eyes finally I can sleep
But I felt someone’s hand on my waist.. I opened my eyes and it was Gwen.. What kind of sorcery is this.. Why me! 
‘would you complain if it was Jeremy’ my blabber beak subconscious tells me and I ignored her.. I tried to remove her hand but she held my waist tighter and said “don’t push it ” in my ear she gosh her voice sends chills to my body… I let her be but I couldn’t sleep, I was worried about Jeremy and my self I can’t believe I’m worried about Jeremy, I could hear as Gwen’s breathing got heavier she’s asleep, thank goodness.. I gently remove her hand from my waist, and go down from the bed, I opened her room door and walked out, where is Jeremy! I ask my self, I started hearing someone groaning from the one room, and it sounded like Jeremy’s voice, I moved closer to the door and peeped and I saw Jeremy standing still beside the wall he was trying to move but he couldn’t he was also groaning in pain, what’s up with that.. 
I opened the door more wider and walked in the room was scary as hell, there was no couch, no-nothing only just a small statue of an old woman lying in the middle of the room and a burning paper, beside it.. I think..
“oh thank goodness you’re here Stacey” Jeremy said, his body was starting to become translucent 
“what’s happening to you Jeremy” I asked 
“Natalie, she.. Just help me out ” he said his voice sounding very far, 
“how what do I do” I asked 
“quick help me turn off that burning paper” he said, thank goodness I was wearing slippers, i quickly stepped on it before and turned off.. Jeremy quickly fell to the ground and sighed heavily.. 
I walked up to him and helped him up… And helped him up He looked so weak and tired 
“Are you okay” I asked 
“no” he replied 
“what happened anyway” I asked. 
“Natalie.. She can see me , I tried to talk to her, she pretended like she wanted to listen to me but led me to this room, and then trapped me that burning paper was loaded with some kind of voodoo shits, I don’t understand but it got me I couldn’t move and I was starting to become weak and transparent also. She told me to go to hell and then she walked out” Jeremy Explained 
“I don’t understand is Natalie a witch or something ” I asked 
“I don’t know but I’ll keep trying to get to the bottom of all this, I want to be human again ” he said 
“well you have to go Home cause you’re not safe here” I tell him
“I know, but I’m afraid I can’t disappear I’m too weak to do so, I’ll have to walk home” he said and for the first time I had sympathy for Jeremy , “OK but I’m coming with you ” I say 
“no you have to stay here or else gwen will be suspicious” he said
“no buts Stacey just do this for my sake okay” he said and arched his eyebrows ..and I sighed “okay” I agreed and he smiled and walked away from me passing through the door..

300x250 05 - My Ghost Boyfriend Episode 12
I went back sadly to Gwen’s room and laid back on the bed finally falling asleep, the next morning I was the first to wake up and Gwen’s hand was on my boobs eww.. I removed it and packed my stuff, they all woke up after me and we all head home finally.. 
As I got to my room I met Jeremy on my bed.. “Jr ” I call him and he turned and smiled 
“are you okay” I asked 
“I’ve never been better ” he said and stood up his voice sounded normal his eyes shining golden as normal and he looked okay.. 
“well thank goodness ” I said and dropped my stuff,he approched me and said “thanks for saving me once again looks like I’m not the only one who has a guardian angel ” he said 
“quit whining it was nothing” I said, I could feel the swelling of my head.. 
“it was something how can I repay you lemme think.. ” he said and I smiled and rolled my eyes and was surprised Jeremy kissed me I reciprocated happily, his lips felt cold but OMG I’m kissing Jeremy, I quickly pulled over and said “I’m.. I have to go.. 
I have no where to go.. 
I quickly ran downstairs but bumped into jack.. “sorry Jack” I tell him but he just nodded and walked upstairs he was still sleepy 
I met my mom coming out from the kitchen, “good morning mom” I greeted her, but she didn’t reply or glance at me.. 
“mom! ” I call 
But she didn’t reply, she started walking towards me and then passed through me,, oh my goodness, my mom just passed through me.. What.. What happened to me.. I’m.. I’m. A ghost.. 
T. B. C


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