Story: My Ghost Boyfriend Episode 11

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My Ghost Boyfriend Episode 11

MY GHOST BOYFRIEND 1f47b - Story: My Ghost Boyfriend Episode 11?
(high school teenagers)
(The sleepover)
BY RUTHIE LEE 1f338 - Story: My Ghost Boyfriend Episode 11?1f338 - Story: My Ghost Boyfriend Episode 11?
**Stacey’s pov continues**
“you’re such a.. ” I kept my negative words to my self because jack is sitting beside me.. Jeremy is such ..ugh I don’t even know what to call him.. He should be glad he’s a ghost
“Jackson can you excuse us for like an hour, or go and brush your teeth, ” I say and he nodded and walked out.. Jeremy was busy laughing, “you know you’re easily tricked” he tells me and I roll my eyes.. “well just know I didn’t kiss you but jack” I said and stood up from my bed..
“whatever all I know is you kissed me” he yanked and smile, I sighed and walked over to my hamper and grabbed my towel.. “just get lost ” I say and walked to the bathroom..
I took my brush and added some toothpaste and immediately Jeremy appeared beside me. “get lost” I tell him
“no until you admit I tricked you and you kiss me” he said
I looked at my self in the mirror but Jeremy wasn’t beside me and when I turned he was there,
“you know for twenty eight years old man you come up with the dumbest thing ever” I say
“you know am eighteen so don’t make this weird and admit it” he said
“not happening old man” I tease and started to brush my teeth, “well I’m not leaving this bathroom until you admit it” he said “not a problem with me” I say,..
After brushing my teeth, I roll my hair into a bun and said to Jeremy “get out I wanna have my bath” ..
“I thought you said it’s not a problem” he teases and smiled
“oh.. Really, so you want to watch me take my bath right” I said
“I told you I’m not going anyway until you admit it Juliet.. and yes I will stay here and watch you have your bath” he smirked, he’s just being dramatic
“okay suit your self ” I said and touched the hem of my shirt pretending that I want to pull it over my head ..”stop” he alarmed and I turned “I thought you said you wanted to watch” I said
“I was just joking okay, geez Stacey ” he said and disappear I couldn’t help it but laugh. I took my bath then changed and head downstairs for breakfast, my mom was making it, she goes to work late on a Saturday ..
After eating a buttered toast bread with tea I thanked my mom and told her about the sleepover..
” a sleep over, honey am not sure about that” she tells me
“come-on mom” I whined and pouted.. “are you the only going?” she asked
“no.. I’m going with my other friends at school” I lied well at least I’m going with Jeremy..
“okay honey be careful” my mom said and grabbed her purse, “be careful” she tells me again and I nodded and forced a smile, she left for work and I breathed a sigh of relief..
I went back to my room and saw Jeremy sitting on my bed, “get your ghostly butt off my bed” I said as I got inside.
“do you know you have a problem” Jeremy said and stand up, I rolled my eyes and walked up to my bed to sit down..
“you’re just like my mom always blabbering about this and that you’re like a complaint freak” he said and I shot him a glare..
“like they say you can’t be pretty outside and still be pretty inside you’re inside is the opposite of your outside ” is Jeremy indirectly telling me I’m pretty? ‘of course he is you moron’ my subconscious tells me and I rolled my eyes..
“well too bad your inside and outside is the same they’re both. Un-pretty! ” I yanked at him even a two years old could guess I was lying,
Jeremy licked his lips and narrowed his eyes, I sighed and laid my head on my pillow okay today is so boring, too boring, I hate it like so much,.. I suddenly flinched cause something cold touched me, Jeremy..
When I opened my eyes it was him. “did you feel that, ” he ask me
“yeah I did you’re too cold ” I say
“yeah that’s how could your heart is ” he teases and smiled making his dimple appear.. “just get outta my life you’re making today alot boring” I said and used my pillow to cover my face..
I later fell asleep peacefully
And woke up In the evening at exactly ,I looked at the time 7:30pm wow I did I sleep so long, I turned but didn’t see Jeremy, OMG the sleepover I almost forgot about that and Gwen said she’ll pick me up at exactly Seven and now it’s seven thirty, I quickly ran downstairs and Gwen was seated on the couch with Jeremy staring at her.. Awkwardly, she was drinking a cup of coffee my mom also was back home early
“oh honey thank goodness you’re awake” my mom said and Gwen turned and seeing me she smiled,
“your friend have been here for like thirty minutes go get ready” my mom tells me and I nodded and glanced at Gwen who kept smiling at me..
I quickly head upstairs and folded my pajamas and blankets before heading downstairs..
“I’m good to go” I say and Gwen stood up “thank you Mrs Turner” Gwen said her lips red from her lipstick, her eyes shining grey under our shinny white light..
“I’m in my car outside” she say and walked away, her voice is so calm and gentle but yet so thick and scary..
“ohh that girl gives me cramps, honey be careful tonight” my mom said and Gives me a kiss on my forehead I nodded and when I turned I couldn’t find Jeremy where I saw him.. I shrugged and walked out .. I saw a black BMW car outside our gate, wow Gwen’s parent might be selling gold
“hop in” she tells me and I did..
“wait are we the only one who’s going to be at your sleepover like just the two of us” I asked
“maybe” she said and started the car and drove to her house,..
Her house was the same as other houses In the estate but the inside was wow.
I saw two of her friends barb and Nancy, both of them blond hair, like mine, welcome to the sleepover Stacey ” nancy said and I flashed her a smile.. We head to Gwen’s room and it was also wow,
“okay girls our sleepover starts now everyone change into your pyjama and now” Gwen said and Nancy and barb smiled happy, I did as she said and changed into pajamas and so did the other girls and so did Gwen, her pajama’s shirt was amazing and so was the pant, I could wear it to a party instead of using it to sleep..
“so our first activity is watching a scary movie” Gwen announces, seriously this sleepover is going to be the boriest one ever I haven’t been to a sleepover before but I’ve heard about it and this one is not like the one I have heard..
I sat on the floor quietly while Barb Nancy and Gwen sat on her bed,..
“girls go and make the popcorn while me and Gwen waits” Gwen said and barb and Nancy hurried out slamming the door,
“don’t sit there stace, come sit here” she said and tapped the bed I stood up slowly and as I was about to sit down two children rushed in.. A boy and a girl
“aunt Gwen I’m hungry” the boy said
“do I look like your mom, ” Gwen said rudely
“no but mom’s busy” the girl said
“seriously, Natalie’s crazy just get out whatever she’s busy with must end don’t disturb me okay or else you don’t want me to get my special gift from grandma” Gwen threatened and the Two children hurried out and suddenly Jeremy appeared.. Finally
“Stacey, I found her, Natalie, turns out she’s Gwen older sister no wonder they look so alike, so buy me time I’ll see what I can do and if I need your help I’ll let you know” he said and vanished.. I didn’t even get a chance to say anything well good thing I didn’t don’t want Gwen to think I’m crazy or something..
I sat down on her bed beside her and she smiled and faced me..
“you know you’re one pretty girl” she tells me
“thanks..” I said not looking at her, cause I’m now scared of her like crazy cause of the way she threatened those kids and the way her voice sounds..
“and guess what I like pretty girls who are pretty like me to” she said and moved back a tiny strand of hair that fell on my face.. “okay” I said and looked at her but quickly look away cause she looks too scary… But pretty..
“so that means I like you too” she said okay what is she trying to say now cause I’m getting like so fucking bored ..
She moved closer to me, and what now?.. She touched my cheek and brought my face closer to hers before I could realise what she was trying to do.. She kissed me.. What the hell?
T. B. C


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