My Ghost Boyfriend Episode 10 (ten)

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300x250 05 - My Ghost Boyfriend Episode 10 (ten)

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myghostboyfriend 3 - My Ghost Boyfriend Episode 10 (ten)

My Ghost Boyfriend Episode 10 (ten)

MY GHOST BOYFRIEND 1f47b - My Ghost Boyfriend Episode 10 (ten)?
(high school teenagers)

(being Jack)
BY RUTHIE LEE 2665 - My Ghost Boyfriend Episode 10 (ten)♥ 2665 - My Ghost Boyfriend Episode 10 (ten)

**Stacey’s pov continues**
Oh no this is bad, how can Gwen see Jeremy, this is so bad..
“I’m sophie” I heard Sophie’s voice behind us and when I turned it was Sophie she was behind Jeremy I breathed a sigh of relief, thank goodness.. I realised gwen wasn’t referring to Jeremy but Sophie.. “Stace, you dropped your phone back In the class” Sophie said and handed it to me she glanced at Gwen scarily before walking back..
“so where are you going” Gwen ask me
“to the auditorium, I I’m the lead role in the school play” I tell her and she nodded her hair bounced with the nod her glossy, thick and straight brownish blond hair and somehow I wished mine could be like hers..
“so.. I like you, and trust me I don’t like people that easily I’m having a sleepover at my house this Saturday you’re invited” she said her voice thick, scary and bossy, her lip gloss matches her outlined eyes.
“I’ll think about it” I said
“no you don’t need to think about it, it’s tomorrow which is Saturday you should be happy I invited you over” she said and I flinched, her voice gives someone heart ache..
“okay then I’m coming, can I invite any of my friends” I tell her
“no fucking way, tell me your house address and I’ll come pick you up at seven on the dot” she tells me
“I live at house L201, ” I say
“good” she replied and smiled, “see you around Stacey” her voice is calm but spooky that it sends chills to my body she pecked me smiled and walked away, okay that was weird, I cleaned my cheek and Daniel sighed
“please don’t tell me you’re going to that sleepover tomorrow ” Daniel tells me
“no you have to go ” Jeremy chips in
“huh!”I said to Jeremy but without looking at him.. “I feel like Gwen can lead us to something ” Jeremy said
“Gwen is a bottom beater and I don’t trust her, she might get you into trouble or worse make you the trouble” Daniel says
“look, I’m going” I tell Daniel am doing this for the sake of Jeremy.. I’ve already promised to help and also because I’m a little scared ,of gwen.. Hmm..
“but why, seriously Stacey I’m worried about you, I care for you, you know” he said and I sighed
“come-on Danny it’s just a sleepover what can go wrong and trust me on this one let’s just go rehearse our play and forget about this or just stop worrying, ” I said and dragged his hand forward so we can walk fast
The rehearsal was okay but didn’t know where Jeremy went to. She is , I had fun and also made new friends who welcomed me, heartly, also I made friends with this girl Yvonne who seems pretty cool at everything..
When we get back to class Daniel was quiet, and Sophie, Tamara and Phillip were suspicious..
I walked over to Daniel and whisper to him in his ear
«I know you’re worried about me but trust me I’ll be fine and lemme tell you a secret, I have a guardian angel» I said and he smiled while Phillip and Tamara just stared at me (us) weirdly, but I didn’t care..
“so guys I just got invited to Gwen’s sleepover ” I break the news and the three of them gasped
“wait you mean Gwen Sawyer ” tamara asked
“yeah” I replied
“are you crazy, that girl is a witch,” Tara added
“I told her that” Daniel added
“guys just relax okay” I say and flipped My hair backwards..”well I hope you come back alive” Phillip said she I rolled my eyes..
School closed pretty early beacuse it was Friday and I walked home simultaneously until Jeremy appeared by my side with a boo..
“yeah, so are we going to that sleepover or not” he tells me
“we are” I groaned and he smiled “thanks Stacey you’re the best” he says and I try my best not to smile but I couldn’t help it..
“and thank you also for being my guardian angel” I tell him and laughed a little
“yeah I deserve a hug or a kiss or something like that ” he said and smiled
“yeah not happening” I said and began to walk faster..
“oh.. We’ll see about that” I hear Jeremy say behind me but I ignored him anyway,
We we’re both finally home, but I went upstairs and took a shower and change.. I came back downstairs and met Jack and Jeremy talking while Jace was busy staring at Jack like he wanted to pop his out and look for that Jeremy, immediately they saw me they both shut up,
“so jack, have you guys eaten” I ask
“nope” he replied with his cute big blue eyes staring at me
“well what do you guys want to eat” I ask
“icecream” they both said and I rolled my eyes.
“real food” I yanked
“I dunno” Jack said
“we have Tuna noodle casserole ” I said And they both nodded..
300x250 05 - My Ghost Boyfriend Episode 10 (ten)
We started to eat silently with Jeremy sitting beside me. “aren’t you eating” I ask and immediately Jace looked at me
“no.. Are you kidding me that food is going to pass through me” he said and I laughed out a “sorry”
“you know am starting to think you guys are making this Jeremy of a ghost guy up, because Jackson and I are twins, mom said the only difference is the color of our eyes and hair, but we’re identical how come I don’t get to see Jeremy you guys are liars ” he said and faced his food I glanced at Jeremy and he smiled at me and say “Can Jason read” ..i nodded and he vanished.. He came back with a piece of pen and paper.. “tell him to look over here” Jeremy tells Jackson and Jackson calls Jason, “look Jeremy’s about to show you that he’s real” Jace looked up and saw that the pen is moving on its own on the paper..
“it’s moving” he screamed
“I know right” I added sarcastically and his eyes grew wider looking at his brown eyes for a second made me remember my dad..
Jeremy handed Jace the paper, but Jace saw only the paper, but no Jeremy he took the paper and swallowed his saliva before collecting it.. And he read it.
“I’m.. I’m real” he dropped the paper and say “I’m full” and then he ran upstairs Jeremy Jack and I immediately busted into laughter..
During nighttime I laid on my bed thinking about Gwen and her spooky voice but I didn’t want that to get in my head so I stopped thinking about it, I wondered where Jeremy might be before I fell asleep.
I woke up by a light touch on my body, when I got seated it was jack..
“Jackson, what are you doing up so late” I asked and carried him up so he can sit on my bed
“I can’t sleep ” he said
“awwwn come here ” I said and hugged him “can you read this for me so I can fall asleep” he said and handed me a fairytale book he held and I took it and cleaned my eyes, ..
I snuggled him up in my body close to mine and opened the book to page one.. I love Jack so I’m not saying I hate Jace but Jack’s my favorite he’s my photocopy, blond hair blue eyes, pointed nose, and loving and caring attitude so I’ll do anything for him.. Assuming this is Jace waking me up In the middle of the night, I could have spanked his butt..
Getting to chapter three Jack starts to doze off and I close the book and lay him down beside me let him just sleep here for tonight..
“goodnight stacey” he said his tiny voice filled my room
“nighty night Jacky, ” I say playfully and give him a small kiss on the lips before turning the light off and going to sleep..
The next morning I woke up late cause it was Saturday, immediately I woke up, jack did..
“what am I doing here ” he said lowly and rubbed his eyes
“you came here last night and told me to read you a story don’t you remember ” I tell him and he gasped..”I’m not supposed to tell you Stacey but it was Jeremy ” he said and blinked rapidly
“what? ” I cried out.. “he begged me to let him use.. me to um ” Jack scratched his hair and suddenly Jeremy appeared
“I told you I’ll get my hugs and kisses “
“Jeremy!!!..” I screamed..
By Ruthie Lee


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