Ghost Rmance Story: My Ghost BoyFriend Episode 16

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NNU - Ghost Rmance Story: My Ghost BoyFriend Episode 16


(high school teenagers)






**Stacey’s Pov continues**
I quickly disengage my hug with Tamara and turned, Gwen and her two
stupid friends were standing beside her, .. Tamara looked uncomfortable
and sacred but she stood her ground.. Jeremy came closer to me and said
“don’t worry remember I’m always with you” I breathed a sigh of relief,
wait why am I scared of this bitch in front of me, she’s the same
fucking age as I am, other girls maybe scared of her, she may kill and
all but I don’t give a damn, I’m not scared of her, not anymore..
“what do you want” I tell her..
“you, straight answer, you’ve been avoiding me aren’t you, Mrs Turner” she said her voice dim and calm
“yes I have ” I tell her and tucked my hair behind my ear, “well too
bad, hope your friend here have told you about me” she said and smiled
devilishly referring to Tamara.
“look, Gwen I’ve heard all the shits you’ve done but guess what, I don’t care” I said boldly
“wow I love your ego” Jeremy tells me but I didn’t reply,
Gwen started to move closer to me and Jeremy wanted to do something
but I stopped him , Gwen finally got closer to me and glanced at Tamara
behind me before staring back at me..
“you still don’t know me
or get me Stacey , but bet me I can be very scary” she said almost in a
whisper, her smile looked evil and unfriendly that I wanted to smack
her head so badly …
“I ain’t scared of you gwen” I tell her
“oh really well let’s just wait and see then, just disobey me once and you’ll feel my wrath” she said
“what gives, you’re a freaking, fucking lesbian aren’t you ashamed of yourself ” I tell her feeling the anger burn in me
“stop talking or you’re going to get it” she threatened..
“do all you have to do cause I don’t care do you hear me I don’t
fucking care “I stood my ground, wow I love the fire burning in me..
“you just got your self in a really big trouble young lady” she said
and started to walk away, I breathe in and closed my eyes, come-on
Stacey you’re not scared of her, I tell my self
“come-on Stacey you’re not scared of her” Jeremy says and I opened my eyes and turned to Jeremy
“I know ” I tell him and he smiled
“wow you’ve got gills girl, I haven’t seen any girl stand up to her
like that, but To be sincere I’m kind of scared her words were kind of
Trespassing, ” Tamara said and I sighed and said,
“let’s head back
the others might be worried. ” Tamara nodded and we head back to the
cafeteria with Jeremy beside me and Tara promised not to tell anyone
about Jeremy and I thanked her, I think I just found my self a trusty
friend,well am still not sure about..
.NNU - Ghost Rmance Story: My Ghost BoyFriend Episode 16
“wow what were you guys doing in that toilet you guys have been there for like hours now ” Sophie said as we sat down
“I kinda bumped into Gwen” I say
“what did she say , did she harm, you , touch you or did she.
“it’s okay, Phillip it was nothing” I said and he nodded and I faced my food..
“Stacey guess what” Daniel said
“what” I asked
“just guess ” he said and smiled
“give me a hint” I said
“we’re doing the kissing scene today in Romeo and Juliet rehearsal ” he says
“well that was more than a hint but good call” I tell him and took a sip from my soda
“why would you ever want to kiss Daniel” Sophie said sarcastically biting hard on her sandwich, what’s up with that
“it’s just a play and it’s not like we’ll Be kissing for real” I say
“of course we are, we will be kissing for real” Daniel backfired
“see” Sophie scoffed angrily
“why are you being all angry, do you like Daniel or something” Tamara interrupted and Sophie nearly choked on her sandwich
“what??!! Eww no fucking way” Sophie says and Tamara gave her a look while Sophie gave Tara a glare..
“well it’s just a kiss” I say
“if there’s not any feelings attached to it” Phillip added and I nod
“just a kiss” Jeremy scoffed but I ignored him
“maybe by just a kiss you guys might end up ripping off each other’s
clothes and then who knows what will come next, sex I guess ” Jeremy
added and I gasped and spit back my soda
“you’re crazy Jeremy” I say, not knowing I said it out Loud.. Oops.
“Jeremy??!!” Phillip Sophie and Daniel said in unison.. Oops
“um ..did I say Jeremy, I mean sandwich” I lied.. Again.. Seriously..
“no we clearly heard you say Jeremy, you said you’re crazy Jeremy” Sophie said
“sometimes you don’t think before you talk and dint blame me for this”
Jeremy said but I just ignored his words…… Suddenly we heard the
“that’s the bell Daniel we have to go” I say and breathed
“saved by the bell” Tamara whispered in my ear and I smiled and Daniel
stood up and we head to the auditorium, I cant keep up with these lies
anymore.. I’m fucking tired.. ..
We did the rehearsal and I kissed
Daniel, and I didn’t know he was so happy about it, I wasn’t even happy
and Jeremy kept smiling at me through the whole rehearsal, distracting
me with his cute smiles and dimple, ugh..
After the rehearsal we
went back to class, but during art class I took excuse to go to the
bathroom and went out I wasn’t really going to the bathroom or toilet I
was just uncomfortable and anxious, Gwen’s word started to trigger in my
body and I couldn’t control my fear and it took me over..
“why are you outside ” Jeremy appeared and tells me
“just get lost” I tell him
“I know you’re still scared about Gwen but that girl is mental you have
to stand your ground and fight for your self don’t be a chicken okay”
Jeremy tells me and I suddenly became angry for some reason I don’t know

“don’t you dare call me a chicken and I’m not scared of her, I can
fight for my self and trust me I don’t need you and I never did you are
the one who put me in all this shits, I was leaving my life normally
until I met you” I half yell
“so you’re telling me that I was the one who messed up your life” Jeremy said angrily
“of course you did, you’re just a ghostly freak looking for someone’s life to mess up so you can mend yours” I yell..
“maybe I underestimated you Stacey, maybe you’re not the girl I think you are,” he said angrily and sadly
“well get lost ghost boy” I said angrily
“I will and bet me you won’t see me anymore, I’ll look for another helper ” he said and disappear
“I dont need you” I muttered under my breath and walked away
Finally school was over and I carried my backpack and head out without
telling anybody good bye, I was kind of sad Jeremy’s gone but who cares.

I was nearly to the gate when someone from behind covered my nose with a handkerchief and I suddenly passed out.
I woke up and saw my self tied in a wooden chair, I looked around and realised I was in a wooden dark room, but not too dark..
“well well well what do we have here” I hear Gwen’s evil voice behind me.. Oh no..
T. B. C
My Ghost Boy Friend By Ruthie Lee


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