Story: My Ghost Boyfriend Episode 9 (nine)

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My Ghost Boyfriend Episode 9 (nine)

(high school teenagers)
*Stacey’s Pov continues*
“jealous! wish” Jeremy scoffed and I rolled my eyes, “whatever but anyway for the second time thank you for saving me from that pervert, today” I said and he smiled and nod..
“wait, you said you always follow me around right? ” I ask him and he nodded
“don’t tell me you even follow me when I take my bath” I yanked
“okay fine I won’t tell you” he added sarcastically
I gasped and said “oh my goodness you do stalk me to while I have my bath”
I stood up with my eyes all wide open..
“hold it right there blondie, I was just joking, I can’t stalk you to your bath that would make me no difference from Robby, and besides what do I need to see that I haven’t seen before” he yanked and my gasped became louder,.. “are you kidding me” I yelled and he Burst into laughter that a tear came out of his golden eyes.. “what’s so funny” I ask a bit angrily..
“I was just joking okay, ” he said and licked his bottom lips
“can you not do that in front of me” I tell him and place my hands on my hips.
“do what” he asked and licked it again.. Gosh..
“that.. That thing you just did ugh” I yanked
“I’m sorry I don’t understand” he said and licked it is he playing jokes with me or what..
“stop licking your lips” I yanked
“how the hell am I licking my lips Stacey, show me” he said and licked it with a smirk..
“like this” I said and licked it the way he did, and he stopped and laughed..
“what’s funny you freak” I yell
“you just licked your lips, see you get to do it with no one yelling at you to stop, so you can do it but I can’t ” he said and took a step closer to me..
“I didn’t lick it On purpose you made me do it, I didn’t want to do it but I had to show you, so now stop doing it I hate it” I yelled and looked away his eyes Is scary to look at.. ‘just say it’s charming to look at’ my subconscious hits and I ignored her and looked away,
“you can’t tell me what to stop, and what to not stop, you’re not my mom nor my girlfriend or my sister” he said and I rolled my eyes cause his cold mouth breeze Is all over my face,
I moved back, and laid back on my bed “why are you staring at me like that ” I asked.. “was I staring at you” he asked back. And I growled “you’re so annoying” he laughed and picked up my pillow I threw at him.. “you dropped this” he said and covers my face with it ,his hand touched my forehead and it felt so cold “get out I want to sleep” I said tiredly but he just smiled and backed away and before I knew it I fell asleep..
I woke up at exactly eight thirty on the dot and cleaned my face with my hands , I turned to the direction of my wardrobe and Jeremy was still standing there he smiled at me but I rolled my eyes
“don’t you get tired of just standing there and watching me” I ask and he shook his head negatively.. “suit yourself” I said and got up from the bed and head downstairs and Jeremy trailed behind me, I got to the living room and my mom was making an ice-cream sundae for my cranky brother’s I guess..
“oh honey you’re awake” she said and I nod
“I thought you’d say they’ll never eat ice-cream again because of last time” I yanked
“you know honey sometimes it’s hard to keep up with their troubles could you help me give this to them on the couch, ” she said and I rolled my eyes and took the two glass bowl with ice-cream In them to the couch. “lemme help you with one” Jeremy said
“you must be crazy” I whisper to him and he smiled, I got to the couch and gave each of my brothers one and Jack told me a thank you but Jace didn’t.. And I didn’t care..
“Jeremy!” Jack called, oh I forgot Jack sees ghost like me too
“huh so you mean the ghost boy is back” Jace whispered to Jack and he nodded
Jeremy waved to Jack and Jack Gave him a friendly smile..
“Jeremy can you hear me, if you can I want to let you know that you’re stupid” Jace said and burst into laughter.. And I growled and Gave him a knock on his forehead,
“dont listen to him Jeremy you’re the coolest person I’ve ever known” Jack said and I rolled my eyes..
“who’s this Jeremy if I may ask” my mom chipped in and walked over to the couch and sat down next to Jack..
“he’s this ghos…
I quickly use my hand to cover Jace’s mouth, and I laughed nervously and said “he’s um.. Well mom you see he’s, how can I put this,.. Jeremy is a guy in my class who’s dad.. Is um a magician and he is too trust me mom kids love Jeremy” my mom nodded buying my lie.. What a relief..
“oww.. ” I flinched and removed my hand from Jace’s mouth because he bit me,
“no mom Jeremy’s a ghost he lives in this house I can’t see him but they can” Jace said immediately
“huh” my mom said sounding confused that’s why I love Jack he’s trust worthy and gentle,.. Unlike Jace.. With his bad attitude and brown hair.. Looking all gloomy and secretive..
“what Jace meant to say was that, Jeremy next magic trick is Jeremy the ghost and only few people will be able to see it” I lied.. Again and my mom bought it..
“no mom Stacey’s a liar, Jeremy is a real ghost Jackson help me out here” Jace yelp and Jack and I made eye contact and his blue eyes showed me fear, but I gave him a look that said just-lie..
He swallowed hard and scratch his blond hair..
“I’m sleepy mom I’m going upstairs” he said and my mom kissed him on the forehead and he glanced at me before going back up.. “I’m sleepy too” I said
“but you just woke up” my mom said and.. Whoa she caught me.
“well guess what mom I just got the lead role of Juliet in school in our play Romeo and Juliet ” I changed the subject
“Oh that novel is fabulous it’s my favourite, Shakespeare Is pretty good back in my days..
Oh no my mom is about to tell me about her days as a child, this is not good, I’m not from the olden days so I don’t need to know about it..
“you know what mom i just remembered that I have a math assignment to do” I lied and hurried upstairs. .. I jumped in my bed immediately and breathed a sigh of relief…
Jeremy appeared and smiled at me
“what now ” I said
“Nothing” he smiled and for the first time I noticed his eyelashes were longer, way longer than mine.. Is he even a girl or a boy! Ugh.. I use my pillow to cover my face and when I removed it his face was infront of me
“are you okay” he asked
“get away ” I said and took one pillow and threw at him but it passes through him
“you’re just lucky you’re a ghost” I say and sighed.
..that night I slept peacefully and the next day I successfully caught the bus, with Jeremy beside me, I saw Daniel and Phillip and I sat inbetween them and Jeremy gave me a look that says really-inbetween-boys.. I gave him α tongue out αnd Daniel looked at me surprisingly..
“who who are you..
“I’m just tasting the air, ” I lied and he nodded strangely still surprised by my act.. Jeremy shook his head negatively and laughed and i smiled cause he looked cute..
We all head to class that morning, and went for art, yeah I’m really bad at drawing, but good thing Daniel helped me.. I noticed something about both Daniel and Phillip towards me.. Huh? .. .that morning well let’s say Daniel is still his sweet friendly and fun self while Phillip, Phillip seemed more gentle, and nice way too nice and he kept staring at me at every move I make.. Strange..
After art class we all came back to our normal class
“drawing is hard guys, ” Sophie said
“yeah I’m with you ” Tamara said
“me three” I chipped in and we all laughed..
“you girls are just being stupid and lazy” Daniel said and Tara rolled her eyes
“Fuck you daniel” Tara said and raised her middle finger at him..
“I think I’m with him” Jeremy whispered in my ear, his breath cold as ice.. “get out you from my ear you freak” I said loudly and they all looked at weirdly
I laughed nervously not knowing what to say and Jeremy laughed at me for some minutes..
“ticktock blue eyes let’s go for practice” Daniel says and I nod and stand up, we both head to the auditorium with Jeremy beside me..
“my name’s Stacey you know” I tell Daniel
“I know, have you seen those eyes of yours they’re so blue and lovely so blue eyes it is” he said and I blushed
“thanks” I said softly..
He held my hand and clutched our fingers together, as we walk slowly, Jeremy sighed and shook his head negatively and I gave him a look that said “jealous-much” he smiled and shook his head negatively.. Meaning no.. But I doubted it..
“oh geez she’s coming” Daniel said and tried to remove her clutched hands, I looked upward and saw Gwen walking up To us with a smile, “Is she the reason you’re Trying to unclutch our hands” I said and held him tight.. He looked down at me but I smiled, “she’s not going to bite” I said
“she doesn’t bite but kills ” Daniel said, closely to my ear, Jeremy was looking at Gwen awkwardly as she walked towards us, what’s up with that..
“hey Stacey it’s so nice to meet you again. ” she said as she got to us. And she looked down at our clutched hands.. Then back at us..
“who’s this” she said and gestured her hand towards Jeremy.. Oh my goodness, can she see Jeremy..
T. B. C
By Ruthie Lee


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