Hotel Majestic Tv Series Cast (Africa Magic’s telenovela)

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FullCastAndCrew - Hotel Majestic Tv Series Cast (Africa Magic's telenovela)

let us take a closer look at the cast of Africa Magic’s telenovela – Hotel Majestic.  hotel majestic cast, Cast of Hotel Majestic, Meet the Hotel Majestic cast, hotel majestic full cast, Hotel Majestic TV Series, hotel majestic crew, FULL CAST AND CREW, 

About Hotel Majestic Nigeria Tv Series

Hotel Majestic Africa Magic’s telenovela that comprises the soap opera hybrid and drama serial. Hotel Majestic is the most watched contemporary telenovela in according to DSTV 2015 ranking. The well filmed and perfectly narrated story can boast of followership across different ages and interest. Hotel Majestic exposes human greed and the struggles for power which lead to several unsolved murder. This 260 episode Telenovela airs on DSTV channel 151 every weekdays.
It debut on Africa Magic on January 5, 2015. The final episode was shown in January 2016, with an event at InterContinental Hotel featuring special performances from Harrysong and YCEE amongst others.
Hotel Majestic airs weekdays at 21:00 CAT on AfricaMagic Showcase.  

Cast Of Hotel Majestic

  1. Ivie Okujaye as Alero/Ivie
  2. Oge Okoye as Patricia
  3. David Jones David as Timi Emeni
  4. Kingsley Nwachukwu as Maja Emeni
  5. Akin Lewis as Honorable Edafe
  6. Sadiq Daba as Epa John/King John
  7. Gloria Young as Bene
  8. ‘Muyiwa Odukale as Seargent Tony

Hotel Majestic Reception

The Nollywood Review, praised the storyline, African setting, acting, plot and props. It particularly felt usage of pidgin English was well appreciated and added to the originality of the film. However, it downplayed the acting of “Aunty Ronke” explaining that she didn’t add enough life to her role as a mother and was not convincing enough. Pulse Nigeria called it a “suspense filled series”, that was the rave of the moment. This Day Newspaper espoused that the casting and screenplay were fundamental to the success of the series.
Hotel Majestic Genre: Drama, telenova
Hotel Majestic Country: Nigeria
Hotel Majestic Language: English
Hotel Majestic Filming location: Lagos
Hotel Majestic Production company: Native Media Limited
Hotel Majestic Distributor: Dstv
Hotel Majestic Release date: 1st April, 2015
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