Romance Story:My Ghost BoyFriend Episode Three

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300x250 05 - Romance Story:My Ghost BoyFriend Episode Three

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My Ghost BoyFriend Episode Three

myghostboyfriend 2 - Romance Story:My Ghost BoyFriend Episode Three

My Ghost Boyfriend is a Mystery Story, fantasy story, romance story and comedy story. 

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Writer : Ruthie Lee
Title: My Ghost Boyfriend Episode three

Genre: Mysteries, fantasy, romance and comedy

Writer : Ruthie Lee

300x250 05 - Romance Story:My Ghost BoyFriend Episode Three

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BY RUTHIE LEE1f338 - Romance Story:My Ghost BoyFriend Episode Three?1f338 - Romance Story:My Ghost BoyFriend Episode Three?
**Staceys Pov continues**
My mother came back with the man’s money and he dashed away like someome was chasing him, some people can be so dramatic,
“honey I want you to try out your school uniform I want to see it on you ,” my mom said
“no, mom I’m going to put it on tomorrow when I’m going to school” I yanked
“but I won’t be around to see you” my mom said “where are you going” I asked
“I’m starting my new job tomorrow remember” my mom yanked
“but.. Huh? So I’m stuck home with Jack and Jace, I’m gonna baby sit them??” I yelled
“and yes they’re your brothers don’t talk about them like they’re strange troublers”my mom tells me
“who cares, jack is kind of okay, but Jace that kid second name is trouble mom, trouble ” I seethe
“oh so it’s easy when I baby sit them” my mom fanned at me
“they’re your kids” I replied hastly
“and you’re my daughter and their sister, so boom” my mom said and I narrowed my eyes and took my uniform from her..
“I’ve bought your books and and bag, ” my mom tells me as I began to
walk away and when I say nothing she yelled “you’re welcome”..
placed my school uniform on my bed, it was a yellow short sleeved shirt
and a red flay skirt with a red tie .. And it comes with a yellow long
socks with two red stripes at the top of it seriously this school is
going to be crazy,..
I started to think about the boy, who is he,
why was he here how did he even get here, maybe I should have listened
to him when he offered for me to listen..
I folded my school
uniform and kept it on top of my hamper, and bounced back on my bed, my
heart starts to beat when I think of my new school tomorrow..

That night, I couldn’t sleep I kept turning and tossing on my bed
thinking about my new school.. Oh lord.. But finally I was able to sleep

The next day I woke up feeling nervous but strong, “you can do
this Stacey” I tell my self and hurried to the bathroom, I quickly
brushed my teeth and took my bath, I wore my school uniform and wow I
couldn’t believe it, it looks perfect on me but the skirt is way too
short, it barely coverd half of my thigh. I curled my blonde thick hair
before putting on my long socks that stopped exactly above my knees,
whao ..
I arranged my hard covered books in my bag and hurried out I
didn’t have to bother about Jace and Jack cause their elementary school
is just outside the estate and not too far, I saw a note on the kitchen
counter my mom left near my perfectly wrapped sandwich and two dollars
beside it
I held the note in my hand and read it.
**sweetie I
wish I can see you in your uniform, but I just wanna let you know to
microwave those left over sandwiches after school and make sure you
catch the bus love, mom* I dropped the note Back on the counter and
fixed my sandwich in my backpack and then ran outside.. I looked side
ways but there was no bus, so I started walking on my own I just started
going straight I didn’t even know the way to my own school thanks to
mom, I was already, five blocks away from our house when I heard the
school bus moving behind me, I turned back and stopped, the driver
noticed me and stopped and I got in, good thing I’m wearing school
uniform unless I would have walked to school, I tucked my hair behind my
ear, cause of the sudden breeze and I got in the bus, and the door went
shut, I looked around but all the seats were occupied with students
with the same uniform as mine, I swallowed hard cause the unfamiliar
faces gave me cramps in my legs and this stupid long socks has start to
itch, I noticed an empty seat at the back of the bus and started to walk
my way there I noticed three guys staring at me and when I passed then I
gasped because one of them spanked my butt .. I became furious all of a
sudden and turned to them. “who did that” I yelled I didn’t know where
that bold spirit came out of me but I like it and want it to stay, I
looked at the three of them giving them a canine glare,
“it was me,
what are you going to do about that blue eyes” one with a football
jersey jacket said referring to me I got furious and slapped him.. And
every one in the bus gasped.. The boy stood up angrily ready to hit me
when another boy held his hand in the air and pushed him back making him
fall on top of his friends
“seriously Dewey, you were going to hit
a girl.. A newbie for that matter, you’re just getting dumber everyday”
the boy who defended me said and then turned to me, he smiled at me
weirdly and gestured his hand forward and I moved forward to the back
seat of the bus with all eyes on me, the defender boy sat beside me and
brought his hand forward for me to shake and I did, “I’m Phillip” he
“Stacey” I said and he nodded..
We both didn’t say another word until we came down from the bus, “so you’re new here right” he said and I nodded
“I love what you did back there, Dewey is a naughty jerk, ” he said and I smiled
“you don’t talk much, do you? ” he said and I nodded “can you show me
the principal’s office” I said and he nodded, instead of showing me he
took me there, and I did whatever I had to do and the principal he was
very nice.. And the school was damn big
I got applied in the class
art and was surprised Phillip was in the same class with me, he
introduces me to his friends Sanjay and Daniel, who were also friends
with two girls Sophie and Tarama and they were all nice to me,
especially Tarama and Phillip, during lunch time I sat with them at the
same table and they made me laugh..
“so you just came to this estate new right” Tarama Said
“yeah” I replied and bite on my lunch..
“well welcome to Lexy estate, what’s your house address anyway, maybe I can come visit sometime” Sophie Said
“house L201” I said and they all kept quiet and stared to stare at each other strangely..
“what’s wrong ” I asked
“that house have been h…
“shut up tara” Daniel said huskily to Tarama and she eyes him and stopped talking,
“must you talk everything even rumours” Phillip added
“what rumours” I asked and they all looked at each other and Phillip began..
“well according to my mom, some elder’s and the school teachers, said
that in house L201 in Lexy estate is..haunted By ghost.. ”
“ghosts? ” I scoffed and he nodded
“well I don’t believe it and ghost don’t exists” I defended
“that’s what I’m telling them, ” Phillip yanked and rolled his eyes
“but five years ago a family of three rented the house and started to
witness some tsunami crises, they always hear the cry of a little child
and the angry footstep of an old man” Daniel added
“and also the song of their eighteen years old boy named jer..
“look guys I think think you’re all making stuff up, and it’s not
helping trust me ” I said cutting Sophie off, and they all nodded
School that day was, lemme say cool, but the ghost stuff, seriously how can people come up with all this horrible rumors..
I went home and microwaved the sandwiches at mom wrote and Jackson and Jason were home in time to eat it while it’s hot..
I told them to shower and put their uniforms in the laundry basket
before heading upstairs to change and shower, as I walked in, I dropped
my bag on my bed and start to unbutton my shirt when a knock came in,
maybe it’s Jace or Jack..
“come in” I yelled and the door opened and when I turned I saw the blonde hair guy.. What!
“why are you here again” I asked getting really paranoid
“I’m sorry Stacey, for bothering you but I want to tell you something just hear me out”
He pleaded
“how did you even know my name” I ask him
“you told me the day we met and it’s on your backpack I’m Jeremy by
name, ” he said and smiled and for the first time I noticed his one
sided dimple..
I didn’t say anything I just stood still staring at him..
“where do you even live” I ask him
“here ” he replied
“who are you talking to, Stacey ” Jace said walking inside his little eyebrow all arched up.
“him” I said and glanced at Jeremy who was licking his bottom lip
“who?” Jace said confusingly
“him.. Jeremy!!! are you blind” I tell my nine year old brother and he said “huh?”
His twin Jack walked inside my room and said “who’s this” and pointed to Jeremy
“I dunno him but he’s name Jeremy” I tell Jace packing my hair up..
“okay Jeremy I’m Jack ” Jackson said waving to him
“who’s Jeremy and who are you guys talking to ” Jace said still confused
“are you playing jokes with me Jace, ” I yanked
“no am serious I don’t know or see who you guys are talking to” Jace
yelled in a serious tone.. And then I kind of believe him but how
“well I’m afraid he doesn’t have the ability to do so” Jeremy said softly and me and Jack looked at him..
“huh!? ” Jack said
“ability?? what fucking ability” I yelled feeling a little scared..
“to see ghosts like me” Jeremy said and I gasped, they were right they
were All right.. Ghosts do exists and it happens to be a cute one..
“you’re a ghost” Jack said gently and slowly passed out..
“Jack!! ” I yelled..
T. B. C


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