Romance Story: My Ghost BoyFriend Episode Six

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My Ghost BoyFriend Episode Six

myghostboyfriend 5 - Romance Story: My Ghost BoyFriend Episode Six

My Ghost Boyfriend is a Mystery Story, fantasy story, romance story and comedy story. 

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Title: My Ghost Boyfriend Episode six

Genre: Mysteries, fantasy, romance and comedy

Writer : Ruthie Lee
MY GHOST BOYFRIEND 1f47b - Romance Story: My Ghost BoyFriend Episode Six?
(High school teenagers)
(the date)
BY RUTHIE LËË1f338 - Romance Story: My Ghost BoyFriend Episode Six?1f338 - Romance Story: My Ghost BoyFriend Episode Six?
**Stacey’s Pov continues**
“are you crazy how could you make me say that” I yanked at Jeremy
“I’m sorry okay, that was before I thought you wouldn’t help me ” he blurted
“you’re such an asshole a big one” I clerked and rolled my eyes
“I’m going to fix it okay” Jeremy said
“and how ” I said
“I’ll convince all the students that…
“I don’t care about what the other students think of me any girl could
have said that, but what would Robby think of me, like I’m a slut or
something” I yelled but not too loudly
“I’m so sorry Stacey I’ll try my best to fix it” he said with a frown and it got me more angrier
“no.. Don’t help me, you were only going to try your best, but I’m
doing my best just stay away from me till the end of school” I said and
walked back in the cafeteria, as I entered all eyes were on me but who
cares as long as Robby doesn’t stare at me too..
But oh no. I was
wrong he’s totally looking at me, but why is he smiling, oh goodness..
And why does he looks cute while smiling and why am I worried about that
I hurried to my ‘friends’i guess, and continued my food without letting out a word or saying anything to anyone..
“okay if you’re going to go with that, ” Tara said and faced her food,
After eating we all started to head back to class and Daniel awkwardly
puts his hands around my shoulder and I just let him be.. On our way,
Robby approached us, “hey” he said, and Sophie and Tamara started
squeaking and smiling..
“hi Robby” they both said in unison and laughed..
“um.. Stacey, right.. “he said and I nodded
“can I talk to you like privately.. ” he said, oh no it’s happening my social life is over oh-vee-ee-arrr- over..
“s… Sure.. ” I said and removed Daniel’s hand from my shoulder and
Robby smiled, Sophie and Tamara gave me a look I couldn’t read, I just
followed Robby to quiet shady place..
“so… ” I said but my voice comes out very. Low.. Very very low..
“so about what you said today in the cafeteria ” Robby said, ah geez here we go again..
“yeah about that, I.. I didn’t know what came over me ” I said and swallowed hard “I really didn’t mean any of that” I added
“I’m ..i’m…not. mad at you or something, ” he said
“I know” I said
“but you’re acting.. Oh never mind, so are you free tonight” he asked
OMG it’s happening my social life is not over yet yippee
“yes I’m free like a tree” I said, oh goodness why did I just say that dumb joke, he’s not even laughing
‘but he’s smiling, focus Stacey a cute boy is talking to you’ my subconscious says and for once I listened to her..
“okay good, would you um like to go on a date with me tonight?” he said
“yes.. Of course” I said and smiled
“thanks,ill see at Lexy wind mill at eight ” he said and I nodded
“but Robb just so you know I really didn’t mean that sex thing I said ” I seethe
“yeah I know some girls just talk things they don’t want to when they’re with me ” he says proudly, talk about bragging..
“hmm-mhh” I nodded and walked away and so did her
I got to class and sat down quietly, “so, what did he say” Tamara said
“nothing, actually something but let’s not talk about it now ” I yanked
“you’re lucky you know you’re new and already hooking up with senior Robby” Sophie Said and Tara nodded..
“but we’re all seniors why are you guys calling him senior” I asked
“we just like being respectful to Robby ” Tara said
“could you girls just stop talking about Robby ” Phillip finches
“what are you jealous, ” Tara said and she Sophie laughed and I joined them
“of course I’m jealous, I’m more handsome than that dude” Phillip scorned
“yeah you wish” Sophie said and we burst into laughters..
School was over and I went home, on my way home Jeremy appeared beside me down the lonely road..
“what do you want” I tell him
“nothing, nothing at all I’m just so glad you finally have to help me” he said from grinning
“look JR do you really think that once you’ve solve all this mysteries
about your ghostly stuff And all that you’re going to be human again ” I
“I’m hundred percent giving you a yes, cause don’t you get
it, why would I have been wondering in that house for years, wouldn’t I
have joined my family wherever they are, what I think is. I don’t think
my time of death is close I think something’s getting more Fishy every
day. And i have fifty fifty percent chance of believing that Natalie
would know something” he says and yeah he does have a point..
“okay have you seen Natalie since then or now” I asked
“nah.. Still looking for her” he said
“well till then don’t bother me okay” .. I said
“why, won’t I bother you, you’re the only one who can See Me and the
only one who I can talk too, so I can’t leave you alone ” he said and I
rolled my eyes,
“heard you’re going on a date with Robby, hmm guess my possessing really paid off” he smirked
“you possessing me doesn’t have anything to do with Robby asking me out” I seethe
“yeah, right ” he said sarcastically
I went home feeling a bit tired but still happy, maybe I am lucky,
Robby asked me out.. After eating dinner I went back to my room while
Jack and Jace stayed downstairs playing..
I opened my closet and
stared at my clothes, which cloth should I wear on our date. ..goodness
I’m so excited about this date,.. I’ve never been on a date before. I
picked out a blue moon dress and lay it on my bed “perfect” I squeak
I picked out one of my favourite black sandals and glanced at my table
clock and it’s only 5:30pm and I still have like four or three hours to
go.. I’m seriously freaking out cause Robby’s so hot.. Oh I can’t
believe I just said that..
“Jesus Christ” I flinched as Jeremy appeared in front of me
“take it easy girl, I don’t bite” Jeremy said
“can you walk and not poof like a normal person” I yanked
“I’m not a normal person” he said and smirked
“whatever I need to rest to get ready for this date” I tell him
“really? About this date I have a really bad idea about this” Jeremy
said, I moved my hair back dramatically and said “excuse me”
“I’m just saying Robby looks kind of.. I dunno.. Crude.. ” he snitched
“look Jeremy you better not sabotage my date or I’m going to kill you” I tell him through my teeth..
“oh.. I’m not sabotaging your date I think Robby is, do you even know
maybe he’ll show up, what if he ditches yo why don’t you just stay home
with me Robby might.
“just shut up Jeremy, shut up okay,
Robby and I are going on a date tonight and no ghost, witch, magician or
sorcerer is going to stop us ” I half yelled
“o. Kay” he said
“and just leave you make me mad” I say and he disappeared.. Good.. I quickly set my timer and took a nap..
At exactly 7:55pm my alarm went on and I woke up I quickly head to the
shower and took a bath, I Ran back to my room and changed into my date
dress I curled my hair again even though it’s super curly, I need to
look good for Robby, I looked my self in the mirror and my subconscious
tells me
‘gurrrrl.. You’re good to go’ smiled at my self grabbed my purse and head downstairs
“Jack, Jace!!! ” I call and they both came stumbling down the stairs
“why are you all dressed up” Jace said
“shut up, if mom comes home before me tell her I went.. on.. A date..
Okay!! ” I tell them and they twitched those identical eyes of theirs..
“okay” Jack said
“but who’s the lucky boy” Jace ask and laughed and Jack joined him, I groaned and walked out
“lock the door” I yell at I got outside..
I got to the place Robby said we should meet and there was no sign of
him.. Oh god what if Jeremy was right, what if Robby ditched me, oh no..

I started to panic spacing back and forth but then I saw him
coming, he looked cool as always nice and Robby-lish he smiled at me but
his smile felt different but different in a good way, his smile seem
very beautiful.
I smiled back and he walked closer to me.. “wow you look amazing” he complimented
“thanks” I said and and smiled,
He took me to a fabulous restaurant and the food to their was totes deli (delicious)
I could say The date went perfectly well if only Jeremy could appear
so I can rub it in his too cute, face.. Okay for starters he kind of
looks too cute for eighteen or.. Twenty eight.. I guess..
Robby started to walk me back home.. But stopped at a place, with a tall street light..
“so I’ve gotta go now, did you have fun” He said
“so much” I replied and he smiled
“that’s what I wanted to hear, ” he said, and started to lick his lips,
his bottom lip!! The way Jeremy does which I hate like so much.. Oh my
ghost.. Let it not be what I’m thinking..
“Jeremy” I called.. And
he grinned nervously and rubbed the back of his neck.. It’s him.. I
can’t believe he screwed this up for me too, he actually possessed
Robby, what the hell..
“I knew it, I knew you’d do everything in
your power to spoil my date with Robby cause you’re just too jealous” I
yelled angrily my voice sounding very high since everywhere was dark and
“alright, you caught me but let me explain” he said
“dont explain anything to me ” I yelled, angrily, no wonder his smiles looked different and cute ugh..
“you’re just overreacting Stacey allow me to explain” he pleaded
“no Jeremy, I hate you ugh just get out of my life and just know my
deal about helping you is off.. ” I said and started to walk away,
Robby or Jeremy whatever I can call him ran towards me and pulled me back.. And yelled
“could you just lemme talk, Robby wasn’t going to come so I posssesed
him and came instead so he won’t hurt your feelings, I over heard him
saying you’re to cheesy and gullible to his friends “..
Oh no I just heard the breaking of my heart..
T. B. C


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