Romance Story: My Ghost BoyFriend Episode Four

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My Ghost BoyFriend Episode Four

myghostboyfriend 3 - Romance Story: My Ghost BoyFriend Episode Four

My Ghost Boyfriend is a Mystery Story, fantasy story, romance story and comedy story. 

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Writer : Ruthie Lee
Title: My Ghost Boyfriend Episode Four

Genre: Mysteries, fantasy, romance and comedy

(high school teenagers)

(hmm Jeremy)
RUTHIE LEE **Stacey’s Pov continues. **
I quickly knelt beside jack and tried to wake him up, but Jeremy told
me to move over that he can help but I just screamed at him
“you’re the one who caused this so stand back”
Jace face holds unexplainable expression, Jeremy sighed and said “he’s not dead you know “
“I know that ” I yanked not knowing what to-do
Jeremy went to the other side and touched Jack in his arm and he woke
up, breathing, “he was just schocked” Jeremy said and stood up
you okay Jack ” I asked and he looked at Jeremy and nodded, I want to
thank him for waking Jack up but hell no he started it in the first
“look Stacey, you guys can’t tell anyone about me” Jeremy
pleaded but I didn’t answer I just help Jack up and told him and his
other twin to go to their room and Jack glanced at Jeremy before going
out and I closed the door behind them..
And turned to Jeremy
crossing my hands over my chest, he was staring at him licking his lips,
a usual bad habit from him I notice which I despise..
“can you leave I want to change my clothes ” I said
“if I do, do you promise to hear me out after then ” he said and I’ve
got no choice I just need to hear him out for him to just leave me the
Fuck alone. “fine” o poured and he suddenly disappeared like boof, I
almost peed on my body cause that scared me to death.. I quickly removed
my school uniform and head to the shower , after my bath I quickly
changed into something, I quickly grabbed my hair brush and was ready to
brush my hair when I turned and saw Jeremy by the door, I flinched and
sighed. “how long have you been there” I asked angrily, did he see me
change, did he see me naked!??!!
“I just came here ” he said and I breathed a sigh of relief..
“okay can I tell you now, I’m just so glad you can See Me ” he said and
I rolled my eyes “well I wish I can’t see you” I scored
“no don’t
say that, if anyone have the ability to see ghosts that means theyre
gifted” he said and started to walk closer to me, his boots sounding
like the one I heard, when I had my first night here..
I sat down
on my bed, because I’m a little scared and afraid to touch him.. “just
tell me what you keep bothering me about” I yanked
“oh yeah, I don’t
know if you would have heard rumours about me ” he said looking at me
with his golden brown eyes and I tried not to make eye contact with
him.. “I’ve a lot of things about you, people said a family of three
rented this house and witness some tsunami crises, they say they always
hear the sound of an angry old man stomping his feet, and the cry of a
child” I tell him and he gasped
“that’s a lie, actually the real
story is, I’ve been a ghost for the past ten years of my life, I didn’t
know how it happened cause I didn’t die with my family” he said
“huh?!!” I say not understanding what he’s saying
“my family died ten years ago, in a car accident, while coming back
from my elder sister’s prom, I didn’t go with them and nothing happened
to me I was still human and at home that night when I got a call and was
told that my family was found dead, I decided to go see for my self,
this very room you chose was mine too, as I came out of the door I saw
my girlfriend Natalie, she told me to come with her to go somewhere or
whatever that she needs to tell me something but I declined and said I
need to see my family first,and that’s all I remembered I woke up the
next morning and I’m a ghost, ” he said and sighed, I started to
calculate everything in my head but I’m not that kind of a smart girl.. I
am but this way to big for my head I’m not a detective..
“and sorry but how can I help you with any of this” I said
“since you can see me, i need you to help me talk to Natalie” he said
“why” I asked
“cause Natalie is the last person I saw before giving up my ghost” he said and I sighed
“I don’t even know her” I yanked
“I’ll help you get to know her ” he said and grinned
“look, you put yourself in this mess you help your self don’t get me involved okay” I tell him and he frowned..
“now leave my room” I say
“please Stacey, and remember it’s my room too” he said and I sighed “how old are you” I ask and his expression changed
“I’m eighteen” he said
“no not your real age your ghost age” I tell him
“I stopped aging since when I’m a ghost but I’ll be twenty eight” he says
“well a twenty two years old, can figure this out himself Now leave my life and family ” I yelled at him
“fine.. I’ll leave but don’t blame me for anything, because you’ll
start facing one of those tsunami crises take it from me Jeremy hart” he
said angrily and disappeared
He’s going to make me
suffer who the Fuck does he think he is.. I wish I can’t see ghost.. I
sat still on my bed not saying anything this is way too much.. Way too
That night I couldn’t sleep I kept thinking about his last word, oh lord please Save me from this crazy cute boy..
The next morning I woke up as early for ready for school and head to
school I didn’t catch the bus and I didn’t know why because I know I
woke up early, finally I got to school she to class and the first people
I saw was Phillip and Tamara, before Dewey that animal who spanked my
butt yesterday,he gave me a glare and walked up to me..
“you I
haven’t forget what you did to my fave yesterday” Dewey threatened and
when I look behind him I saw Jeremy beside Phillip..
Phillip walked
towards me and said “Dewey don’t try anything stupid” I looked back at
Jeremy and he smiled at me, what is he doing here and why is he smiling
my gaze went back to Dewey and Phillip who were about to fight without
Suddenly I couldn’t find Jeremy and I started to feel awkward
like something was pressing my body hard,.. I started to feel tight and I
wasn’t in control of my self anymore all I could see was my self In a
very dark space, I looked at everywhere and there was no way out.

But suddenly I got control of my body back, I could see Philip tarama
and Dewey looking at me surprisingly. I looked behind them and Jeremy
was staring at me smiling..
“what happened ” I asked
“didn’t you just kissed Dewey, you’re saying what happened ” tarama said..
T. B. C


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