How To Check Glo Data and Data Bonus

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300x250 05 - How To Check Glo Data and Data Bonus

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HowTocheckGloDataBonus.28DifferentWays29 - How To Check Glo Data and Data Bonus

Globacom Nigeria is a popular mobile network provider which give Nigerians the chance to benefit from cheap and affordable airtime and data bonus subscriptions. Many Glo subscribers get bonus data when they recharge  money on their Glo lines.
You can enjoy nice Glo  data bonus subscription plans and save your money when you regularly update your balance to a particular amount of money and extend the subscription for the next period.

Data bonuses is one of the benefits of such regular updates, and these bonuses can be used by Nigerians for browsing or surfing the internet.
Check out this listed different ways to check your Glo data bonus. How To Check Glo Data and Data Bonus
Do you buy data on Glo network and would like to know how to manage your data subscriptions, how to check check Glo Data Bonus, how to check glo data. 
300x250 05 - How To Check Glo Data and Data Bonus

How To check Glo Data Bonus.( Different Ways)

Want to know How To check Glo Data Bonus?.( Using Different Ways) Read this article has a guide.

USSD Codes for Glo  Services in Nigeria

121Customer care
*124*6#Check bonus data balance
*124*2#Service information
*127#Data bundle activation code
100Call centre
*1244#Check your Glo mobile number
*124*1#Bonus Balance enquiry
*134*xxx xxxx xxx#Top up
*124#Balance enquiry. Check your credit balance.
*124*3#Tariff information
*101*4#To retrieve the list of Family & Friends numbers
*555#Buy data plans
*125*1#Family and friends
*125*2#Package and charging plan
*127*00*# or SMS “Share ” to 127Great savings on data! Share your data with 3 Glo lines.
*5321#Glo airtime borrow
108Voicemail sending
109Voicemail receiving
*101*1*F&F Glo Number#Add numbers to Friends & Family list
*101*2**Modify numbers on Friends & Family list
*101*3*#Delete numbers on Friends & Family list
02xxxxxxxx Simbox to 419Report SIM-Box fraud
*777#Blackberry plans
*400#To know if your number is registered
PORT to 600Number portability

Different Ways To check Glo Data Bonus

7 Ways To check Glo Data Bonus

How To check Glo Data Bonus

Dial #122# short code

  • Dial #122# on your phone.
  • A pop-up message is displayed.
  • It says:
  • FTOM 1: N0.00
  • FTOM 2: 00
  • BONUS: N0.00
  • ETOP: N0.00
  • DATA:0MB
  • GBAM:0MB
  • FNF:N0.00
  • BIGGY:N0.00
  • MNP:0.00
  • F_ DATA:0MB

Dial *606# short code

To check your Glo data bonus using this ussd *606#, follow the procedures below 
  • Dial *606#.
  • A message is displayed.
  • The message shows the following options:
  • Free Call to Friends and Gift Data.
  • Add 10 Friends to Call Free.
  • Gift Data for Free.
  • Super Max Data Bal.
  • Super Max Voice Bal.
  • Campus Booster Bal
  • More
  • Type more and send
  • A message is displayed showing the following options:
  • Weekend Data Bal.
  • Jolific8 Bal.
  • View Existing Friends List.
  • Exit.
  • After that, press 1 and send.

Dial *777#  Short Code

This is one of the methods  you can use when you wish to check your data bonus balance on Glo network. Take your smartphone, Press the combination *777# on it.

A pop-up message is displayed showing the following:

  1. Buy data.
  2. Black Berry
  3. Campus Booster
  4. Voice Offers
  5. Voice Data Combos
  6. Borrow Credit or Data
  7. Caller Tunes
  8. Int’l Call Offers

Type 1 in the pop-up box.

Press send.
It displays another pop-up message showing All Glo data plans are now 3G-4G.
Type 4 to manage plan.
Press send.

It brings the following options:

1. To get Data Settings.
2. To see Details for configuration
3. To get self care portal.
4. Get Data Balance.

Type 4 and press send.

*  A pop-up message shows up starting whether your account is active or inactive and the remaking data volume and the expiry data.

Send text message using the short code 127

a. Create a new text message on your smartphone. It should include one capitalized word INFO.
b. Text this message to the 3-digit number 127.
c. Wait for the response. You will get an SMS in return that has the details about your balance, its expiration date, and other details

Dial*127*0# short code

a. Dial *127*0# on your phone.
b. A pop-up message will be displayed.
c. The pop-up message says”; Your account is ACTIVE and will expire on 10/07/2018 11:03. Your remaining volume is 127mb.” From 127.

The Glo HIS Portal

The Glo HIS Portal is a self-service portal subscibers can use to manage your Internet plan. All you need to do is to visit to access the Glo HIS Portal which available only on the Globacom Network. The site is not accessible via other mobile and Internet networks.

 Dial #122*23# code-Glo Jumbo Subscription

  • Glo Jumbo SIM is a prepaid plan which welcomes new customers on the Glo network with preloaded N200,000 credit that can be used to browse, send text mess
  • ages nd call Glo customers when they recharge. Existing customers who dial *224# will be migrated to Jumbo package to enjoy the same  benefits .
  • Note that the entire N200,000 will be given but Price Point Recharges above will unlock the associated benefits.
    The maximun amount customer can get as free airtime is the N200,000 .
    • Credit amount is split into Main account and Bonus accounts.
  • Dial #122*23# to check bonus balance.
    Customer recharges and accesses the free airtime based on the amount of recharge made subject to a maximum of N200,000.
    • This is valid for only 6 months.

Data Bonus Amount Credited into One’s Glo Account for Each Recharge

Recharge Amount (=N=)Main account (=N=)Bonus Account (=N=)Additional Data Benefit(MB)Data Worth (=N=)Total Value (=N=)

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