Top 18 Women Empowerment Programs in Nigeria

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300x250 05 - Top 18 Women Empowerment Programs in Nigeria

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 Top18WomenEmpowermentProgrammesinNigeria - Top 18 Women Empowerment Programs in Nigeria

Top 18 Women Empowerment Programs in Nigeria: This articles contain and states list of the top 18 women Empowerment Programs in Nigeria that women can benefit from.

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This article also sheds light on thriving women empowerment programs that have been actively impacting the lives of Nigerian women since inceptions.

    Top 18 Women Empowerment Programs in Nigeria

    The Widow Support Initiative

    Initiated in 1992 by Professor Pat Utomi, is aimed at supporting women in abating poverty among other challenges they encounter after the demise of their spouses.
     The initiative also fights injustice and barbaric cultural practices against widows by educating them on their rights, addressing these injustices in the law court and effecting acts to protect the average Nigerian widow.
    This initiative is run by a nongovernmental organisation known as centre for values in leadership in Nigeria. It is located in Lagos. They can be reached by email: or

    300x250 05 - Top 18 Women Empowerment Programs in Nigeria

    The Centre for Values in Leadership in Nigeria

    Is another initiative that also operates a youth entrepreneurship, agro processing and vocational skills acquisition programme for a period of twelve months.
    Candidates must within the age range of eighteen to forty years with a minimum school certificate. Trainings include agriculture and agro processing.
    Creative economy which includes fashion, photography, creative arts and entertainment; and Retail Trading which includes buying and selling, broker commission etc. Trainings take place in Lagos, Delta, Adamawa, Anambra, Kano and Kwara states. Contact

    Women Empowerment Programme and Scheme Synergy: (WEPSS)

    WEPSS was initiated by intels, an oil and gas company in Nigeria in 2013 to empower rural women through a twenty year period of training in fashion design and tailoring.
    The scheme has produced over fifty thousand garments within its manufacturing infrastructure. In 2017, two hundred women graduated from the scheme and this year 2018, the scheme is set to increase the number of its beneficiaries to two hundred and fifty.
    The initiative is operative in the Niger delta region.

    Women For Women International

    Initiated in the year 2000, WFWI helps Nigerian women to harness their skills in the fields of agriculture, Animal Husbandry, knitting, petty trading, poultry and small medium enterprise.

    It is headed and directed by Bukola Adeola as an international non profit organisation. It is most effective in Enugu and Plateau states and operates internationally in Congo, Rwanda, United Kingdom and Iraq. Find out 

    Sheleads Africa

    Is an empowerment scheme that is very effective in four locations in Nigeria namely: Abuja, Lagos Island and Mainland, and lastly in Kaduna states.
    It renders trainings to women to help them identify, to support and find their business ideas. Find out more on

    Operation Hope

    This is a small business empowerment scheme for women from low wealth neighbourhoods to help abate poverty in Nigeria.

    Unic Foundation

    In partnership with Dosarat multibiz concept is a nongovernmental organisation in Lagos that trains young women in ICT fields, energy, catering, agribusiness, fashion, entertainment, emergency and security technology.

    Awesome Treasure Foundation

    Is a religious foundation in Lagos founded by Pastor Jumoke Adenowo to aid growth and development of women in Nigeria through purpose fulfilment by connecting them to one another.

    African Women Power Netwrok

    Also located in Lagos is a strong platform for female entrepreneurs in Nigeria. Here, women are trained in fields of agroprenuer and has executed several projects for secondary school students.

    Mirabel Rape Crisis Centre

    Is a nongovernmental body that seeks justice and provides rehabilitation for rape victims by assisting them in gaining access to free medical services, legal services and counselling services.

    Nigerian Women Fund

    Founded by Olufunke Baruwa is an initiative that seeks to solely increase the number women of governance and to attend to the issues of gender imbalance in governance in Nigeria; they propel women to awake to their political responsibilities and to play a significant role in governance.


    Was founded in 2002 by different individuals to address the challenges the Nigerian woman encounters in her work place, business, and organisations and in leaderships.
    Wimbiz has greatly increased the number of women at the top of several organisations today.

    Well Being Foundation

    Founded by the wife of the Nigerian senate president Mrs Toyin Saraki, this initiative is focused on equip Nigerian women on maternal, new born and generally child health information to reduce child mortality rate and to ensure the safety of expecting mothers in Nigeria.

    Women Development International Association (WODIA)

    Is an organisation that aims to improve the general well being of women by improved healthcare services, ensuring women access soft loans for small scale business and providing employment opportunities for sex workers.

    Girls Power Initiative

    Was founded in 1993 (twenty years ago) in calabar, Cross River state by Grace Osakue and Bene Madunagu to support the adolescent girl child Nigeria by equipping her with skills, information and opportunities required to help them grow into fulfilled young women through research, education and action.
    It is also functional in Benin City, Edo state where several campaign against female genital mutilation and entrepreneurial trainings have held.

    Women Empowerment and Enlightenment Programme

    Tackles issues of gender inequality, poverty and general issues that limit the Nigerian woman especially at rural levels.

    They aim to bridge the gap between rural and urban women and promote successful women who have won impressively in different spheres of life. 

    WAAW Foundation

    Working to advance science and technology in Africa women foundation was founded by Tolulope Owajoba Adeyemo in Lagos in 2007 with an operational office in Texas.
    It aims at increasing the number of African women entering into science and technology to ensure that they are beneficial to entrepreneurship in Africa.

    Moremi Initiative

    The moremi initiative leadership empowerment and development founded in 2004 invites women to take part in a twelve month course in programmes that include: training and education, mentoring, support and resource assistance and professional internship.

    Stand to End Rape Initiative

    As the name implies is a nongovernmental organisation that seeks to support rape victims, end gender violence and to build a rape free society. Led by Oluwaseun Ayodeji Osonobi, they organise awareness seminars, therapy and peer mentoring.

    Kudirat Abiola Initiative for Democracy

    Was founded in 2006 by Hasfat Abiola Costello in memory of her mother. It collaborates on projects aimed at removing barrier to women public participation and ending violence against women so they can fully participate in social, economic and the political development of Nigeria.
    The Lagos state currently has an ongoing empowerment scheme for youth in health care, hospitality and tourism, construction, entertainment, manufacturing and garment making. Register here


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