Story: CRUSH TO CRASH Episode 8

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300x250 05 - Story: CRUSH TO CRASH Episode 8

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300x250 05 - Story: CRUSH TO CRASH Episode 8


Episode 8

I couldn’t just believe my ears.
Sweetness fall on me! Riches fall on me! Luck fall on me! I sang happily in my head as I entered the bathroom.
Minutes later, I returned to her sitting room and sat down comfortably in the sofa.
Baby are you done bathing? She screamed from the kitchen.
Baby? I thought this woman said she is alone in this house. So which baby is she talking to? I thought confusedly.
Baby are you there? She screamed again.
Mum please I am the only person here ooooo, no one has entered the house. I responded.
Yes you are the one I’m talking to. She said.
Yes please I’m done. I responded quickly.
I will be with you soon. She said.
God thank you. So indeed this woman has taken me as her own son.
Me of all people, being referred to as baby? Baby Meshac. I thought happily.
Minutes later, she joined me in the sitting room.
She removed money from her purse and gave me the 100cedis.
Baby, you know what? You are going to enjoy more of this from today
onwards. I only want you to stay committed, and I promise to be
everything you’ve ever wished for. She said.
I’ve heard you mum. Anything for you. Just call me anytime, any day, and
I promise to help you with the chores and any other errands. I
Come on dear, stop calling me mum. Simply call me Lydia. Besides, I’m
not talking about errands or house chores, I am rather talking about you
loving me. I mean, the two of us becoming intimate. She responded.
You are getting me confused mum. Intimate like how? I asked.
Intimate like making love to me anytime I need you.
My husband is not here, and no one is ever going to find out. She responded.
God forbid! I can never sleep with my mother’s age mate.
What do I seek to achieve? Money? Money can go to hell! I screamed and stood up to leave.
Come back here! Where do you think you are going with my son’s clothes?
If you won’t accept my proposal, then remove the clothes and wear your
stinking ones. She yelled angrily.
I hurried into her room and removed the clothes. Just when I was wearing mine, she bumped into me.
Baby, why don’t you give sweetness some chance?
What will you loose, if you sleep with me?
I have money, and I promise to pay you at the end of every love making. She said softly.
I don’t need it madam! Take your money, and let me take my life. I responded and hurried out of the room.
Papa kayayo, come back for your pan. She called back.
I walked back in anger and took the pan from her.
If kayayo is what you think will make a better life for you, then go ahead. She stated angrily and banged the door on me.
I walked back to Mensa’s house angrily to tell him everything that has happened.
When I got to his door, I heard him arguing with someone.
I stood there for a while and I realized the voice was that of Abena.
Jeeez! What is Abena doing in Mensa’s room? I thought.
I got closer to listen to what they were discussing.
What else do you want from me Abena?
I have made love with you, and out of greediness, you paid me to force
my friend to sleep with you as well. Now he is done, and you are running
back to me to sleep with you again. What kind of s-x triangle is this?
Mensa asked unhappily.
Mensa, I’m glad you said I paid you. You needed money and my body at the
same time, but eventually, you chose money over my body.
I was also in dying need to taste your friends sweetness as well.
I am done with him and I’m offering you another chance to f–k the hell
out of me since you taste better than him. Is that too difficult to
understand? Abena asked.
How possible will it be for you to date two friends at the same time Abena? How? Mensa asked.
Ask your friend the last time he saw me. I have jilted him long ago, and I don’t need him any longer. It is you I want.
Stop being stubborn and f–k me for a cool 100cedis every week. Abena responded.
Are you sure about this Abena? Are you sure? Mensa asked.
Very sure Mensa. Take this 100 cedis as a deposit, and the rest will follow later. Abena answered.
Seconds later, the room became quiet and I knew the two of them were up to something.
God, this is not happening! I thought in disappointment.
To be continued…


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