Story: CRUSH TO CRASH season 1 Episode 6

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300x250 05 - Story: CRUSH TO CRASH season 1 Episode 6

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CRUSH TO CRASH  season 1 Episode 6

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Story: CRUSH TO CRASH Episode 5

300x250 05 - Story: CRUSH TO CRASH season 1 Episode 6

What do I do now? What? I thought.
I walked back to Mensa’s mechanic shop in misery.
What do you want here Meshac? Mensa asked unhappily.
Calm down my brother, I am here to apologise for my indecisiveness. I responded.
What decision have you now arrived at? Are you ready to let go of that wretch Esi of a girl? He asked.
Yes Mensa, I have decided to be with Abena for the rest of my life. Like
you always say, Esi has nothing good to offer me. I responded.
Mensa became so happy for my new decision.
We conversed happily for few minutes and I went back home.
A month later, Abena returned from the city.
I went out to fetch water and I heard some guys discussing her.
Charlie, have you seen teacher’s daughter Abena, she returned from the
city yesterday and she is looking like a goddess. One of them stated.
Yes I saw her alighting from her aunty’s car. I tell you, that lady is naturally endowed.
Fine lady with fine a-s, fine face and fine shape. I admire her so much
and I wish I could sell my father’s farm land just to have her. The
other guy complimented.
My head began to spin.
What! So all these guys are dying to have Abena, and I am here slacking. I must go right away and apologize to her. I thought.
I quickly got to the house, bathed and wore my best shirt and shoes.
Finally, I got to Abena’s house and her mother offered me a seat.
Abena was called from the room.
Immediately she saw me, she frowned her face.
How may I help you Meshac? She unhappily asked.
Abena please forgive me. I am so sorry for all the pains I’ve put you through.
I am finally here to let you know that, it is you and no one else. I explained.
Meshac what about Esi? What have you done to her? She asked.
Abena, Esi is a thing of the past. I have broken up with her. I responded.
Well, just get up and go home. I will think about everything you’ve just said and get back to you. She responded.
I got home and threw my poor self on the bed.
God, please don’t let Abena pass me by. I prayed silently.
I worried in thoughts till sleep carried me away.
Minutes later when I woke up, Esi was comfortably seated next to me on the bed.
What in God’s name are you doing here? Who invited you? I yelled.
Meshac, it’s been a month now since I caught you in bed with Abena, I’ve
waited for so many days waiting for an apology, but it never came, so I
decided to personally come here for it. She responded.
Well Esi, I am not ready to apologize for anything.
The bottom line is, it is over between us. I don’t need you any longer. I responded harshly.
Meshac please what is my offence? She asked sadly.
Poverty is your offence Esi. I need a woman who will love and pamper me.
A woman who will not watch me go hungry. That is the type of woman I
need. I responded.
Thanks so much for making me guilty of a crime I know nothing about.
I was born in poverty, and poverty is the home in which I live, but for
this painful words you’ve spewed out to me, I will fight poverty through
good and the evil till I win.
Once again, thanks for being an eye opener. Esi lamented and walked out of the room sadly.
I still didn’t care. I am grown enough to know what I want.
Meshac is handsome, and he must gain profit from his handsomeness. I thought.
Later in the evening, Abena visited.
Helloooo my beautiful empress, I’m glad to see you. I welcomed.
Thanks Meshac, but I’m here to accept your apology on one condition. She responded.
Name it Abena, just name it. I responded desperately.
On the condition that, you will not depend on me for your daily meal as you used to.
On the condition that, I will decide on which direction this relationship should go.
After all, I am not the one who came begging you. It is the other way round. She explained harshly.
Oh my love, why the sudden change in attitude? I asked sadly.
I know I’ve hurt you, but please find a place in your heart to forgive me. I added.
I have forgiven you Meshac, that is why I am here. I am only telling you to restart your kayayo job in the market.
Even though I will give you money, but not everyday. She explained.
Days passed and my relationship with Abena began to grow with maltreatment.
She harshly talked to me, and hardly came to my house.
Anytime I visited her in the house, I met her absence.
The relationship was not as I planned, so I decided to talk to Mensa on what to do.
To be continued…


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