Story: CRUSH TO CRASH season 1 Episode 5

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CRAUSHTOCRASH 2 - Story: CRUSH TO CRASH season 1 Episode 5

CRUSH TO CRASH season 1 Episode 5

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Episode 5
I began to scream with fear.
Someone has poured acid on meeeeeeeeee! Esi help me! Please help me! I screamed out with fear.
Quickly, Esi’s parents rushed out from the room to the scene.
Calm down gentleman, it isn’t acid. It is urine. I didn’t know there was someone behind the window. I was as usual pouring it away and it poured on you. Esi’s mother explained.
Wait a minute, is that not Meshac? Her father quickly noticed me.
Meshac, how many times should I warn you to stay away from my daughter?
Because of you, Esi has started disrespecting me in this house. The man yelled angrily.
You are even lucky it was urine, the next time, it will be faeces.
Now leave my compound before I do something nasty. The man continuously yelled.
Papa what is it? Why in God’s name are you embarrassing my husband to be? Esi bantered words with the father.
Immediately she landed with her harsh question, the father slapped her so hard on the face.
How dare you rub shoulders with me before a stranger?
I can swallow every nonsense from you as my daughter, but to humiliate me in public will attract my anger. The man screamed angrily at Esi.
And you, what are you still standing for? Leave here at once! He screamed at me.
I quickly took to my heels, and I could hear Esi calling me from behind.
I got home very exhausted and sad.
What at all is happening? Why can’t this man allow me to love his daughter? Why? I thought.
Early the next morning, Abena came to visit.
Good morning my love. How was your night? She asked.
Why are you here this early Abena? Do you want people to think you slept here? I asked unhappily.
I’m sorry Meshac, I didn’t mean to upset you. I’m only here to give you your pocket money for the day. She responded and handed me the money.
Abena, I don’t need any money from you again.
I am a man, and I can fend for myself. I responded.
Don’t do this Meshac, I have just an hour to spend in this village.
My aunty has come from the city to pick me away for a full month, so I calculated your monthly pocket money and brought it to you. Please don’t turn it down. She pleaded.
Abena, why are you doing all these for a man who doesn’t love you?
What do you seek to achieve? I asked.
Meshac, breaking my virginity two days ago is enough for me.
I am glad I had a handsome and gentleman like you to sleep with me. She responded.
Please, stop bombarding my ears with this virginity issue. For God’s sake, I never broke your virginity. The day we had s-x, I never saw any blood. I stated harshly.
Don’t talk like that Meshac. You didn’t see blood because, the doctor told me I am anaemic, and I can only bleed from menstruation or any injury after two months of taking my blood tonic. She responded.
Whatever Abena! Truth be told, sleeping with you was a mistake. I regret ever doing it. I love Esi and never intend quitting her for you. I stated harshly.
Instantly, Abena burst into tears.
Meshac why? Why do you keep hurting me like this? She asked.
Not again Abena. You don’t have to shed tears over me, please stop it. I pleaded and hugged her.
Before I knew it, we started kissing and landed on the bed with love making.
Minutes later, Esi bumped into us.
What! Meshac! I can’t believe this is happening! She screamed in tears and run out of the room.
I quickly got up from the bed in anger.
Abena, have you seen what you’ve caused?
Leave my room this minute before I break your head. I yelled.
She hurried out of the room in fear.
I threw myself on the bed in tears.
What is happening to me? Why can’t I be man enough to deal with what I don’t want?
I love Esi, yes! But her father is not giving me the peace of mind to do so.
Abena also likes me, and I seem to have some weakness for her too.
What at all is happening? What? I soliloquised angrily.
An hour later, I had a call from Mensa.
Hello Meshac, I am highly disappointed in you! You threw Abena out of your room in the middle of love making, simply because Esi bumped into you.
Have you for once asked yourself why you can’t avoid Abena completely?
Have you for once asked yourself why you keep making love with her even though you claim you don’t love her?
Well, the answer is very simple. That is because the bond between the two of you is stronger than your strength! The earlier you come to terms with that, the better for you. Mensa spoke angrily and hanged up.
Mensa’s words kept echoing in my mind.
Indeed, Abena is my weakness, and it might mean love.
After all, Esi’s father is against us, so what is the point in worrying myself over her? I thought quickly.
I dressed up and stepped out of the room to Abena’s house.
I must apologize to her immediately before she leaves for the city, or else, someone might take her away from me. I thought.
Good afternoon mum, please I’m looking for Abena. I greeted Abena’s mother when I got to their house.
Sorry my son, Abena just joined her aunty’s car to the City. She responded.
D–n! What have I done! I thought and hit my forehead in disappointment.
My son, is everything alright? The woman asked.
Everything is alright mum. I lied in pain and remorse.
What do I do now? What? I thought.


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