Story: CRUSH TO CRASH season 1 Episode 2

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300x250 05 - Story: CRUSH TO CRASH season 1 Episode 2

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fromccrushtocrash - Story: CRUSH TO CRASH season 1 Episode 2


Continues from Last Episode<<<<

Meshac stay focused! Why would you fall for Abena’s actions? Be strong Meshac. I thought as I headed back to the house.
I tossed on my bed throughout the night.
I can’t afford to loose Esi but Abena doesn’t seem to understand this.
She is bent on sleeping with me at all cost. What do I do?
Early in the morning, I woke up and went to my friend Mensa’s house.
What is chasing you this early morning Meshac? You’ve never visited this early before. He welcomed.
Charlie I’m in a mess!
Can you imagine Abena forcefully kissed me last night? I asked unhappily.
Wow! That’s my guy!
Bro, you don’t mean it! Hot cake Abena kissed you? How much did you pay her? Mensa exclaimed happily.
Mensa, there is nothing to be happy about.
You and I know Abena is not my type of woman. I’ve always wanted to be with Esi. I responded.
Meshac, you are a man, and you must behave as such.
I know you love Esi, but my question is, what does she have to offer? Nothing!
Abena on the other hand is beautiful, her father is a teacher who is
rich and her mother owns the biggest provisions shop in this village.
Think through this and let’s make our daily meal from her pocket. Mensa
Mensa, I can’t believe you want me to date Abena because of a daily
meal. We are talking about love and you are busily talking about food. I
responded unhappily.
I’m talking about food because you are jobless.
I am talking about food because you’ve lost your parents and your uncles have seized your parents properties.
Meshac, I am talking about food because, love cannot be enjoyed on an empty stomach. Mensa responded.
Mensa, I wish I could forgo the love I have for Esi and heed to your advice, but unfortunately I can’t.
I am an orphan, but fortunately, I do this kayayo job on market days to gather some coins into my pocket.
I can work to cater for myself, so why should I fall into a woman’s trap because of her money? I asked.
Meshac, are you aware you are a handsome guy? Are you aware, this kayayo job you just talked about doesn’t fit you?
Look at you! You are fortunate your parents catered for you to a senior
high School level, instead of thinking of how to enroll yourself in a
university, you are hear thinking about some love that wouldn’t yield
any fruit.
My brother, the only advice I can give you is to consider Abena’s
proposal. I believe with her financial support, you can enroll yourself
in the university. Mensa advised.
Minutes through our conversation, I heard a knock on Mensa’s door.
He quickly stood up and attended to the person.
Good morning Mensa, please I’m looking for Meshac. It was Esi.
Why are you looking for Meshac in my house instead of his? Mensa harshly asked.
Come on Mensa, I know he is your b—m friend and he comes here almost all the time.
Anyway, I went to his house and met his absence, so I decided to check up on him here. Esi responded calmly.
Esi or whatever you call yourself, are you aware Meshac is an orphan who
needs help? Are you aware he needs a family unlike yours, that will
accept him like their own? Why can’t you leave him alone to find that
family? Mensa asked.
Mensa, it isn’t my fault that my father dislikes Meshac. I don’t care
about what my father thinks about him, what matters is the love I have
for him. Esi responded.
Esi, love isn’t enough! What is love without food? What is love without a
family backing? My little advise is to leave Meshac alone to find the
right person.
Now if you don’t mind, I will like to get back into the room, I was in
the middle of something. Mensa responded and banged the door on her.
Mensa, that was uncalled for! Why did you talk to her that way? I asked unhappily.
Meshac, it’s about time you take your destiny into your hands. It’s about time you associate yourself with the right people.
How many times haven’t Esi’s father warned you to break up with her
daughter? How possible is it for you to marry someone whose father is
against you?
Meshac, I am telling you today that, if you don’t break up with Esi, I
will disown you as my friend. Mensa threatened with seriousness.
Just then, his door opened and we saw someone standing at the entrance watching us.
To be continued…

300x250 05 - Story: CRUSH TO CRASH season 1 Episode 2


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