Story: CRUSH TO CRASH season 1 Episode 10

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CRUSH TO CRASH season 1 Episode 10

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Episode 10
I had wild thoughts from that evening till the following morning.
Later in the evening, I heard cheerful voices in the house.
I spied on them, and it was Abena’s return, that was making everyone happy.
I sneaked back into my room and laid down quietly in fear.
Early the next morning, I woke up, washed the car and bathed to leave the house before Abena wakes up.
Just when I got to the sitting room, I bumped into her.
Blood of Jesus! What the hell are you doing in my house? How did you get here? She screamed.
What is happening Abena? Why are you screaming as if you’ve seen a ghost? Her mother came to the scene.
Mum, what is this lunatic doing here? Abena insulted.
Lunatic? I thought he is your friend. The woman surprisingly asked.
Not anymore mummy. Tell him to leave here this minute before I ask daddy to throw him out. Abena responded angrily.
Calm down! Meshac is not here because of you. He is rather here because of us. I mean your father and I. The woman cut in.
Anyway, he is one of our sales boys, and your father’s personal errands boy. The woman introduced.
This is unacceptable mummy! I can’t stay under the same roof with this guy. Never! Abena responded unhappily.
Wait a minute Abena, what is going on here? Why the sudden hatred for your supposed friend? I guess it’s not what I’m thinking, because if it is, your father will skin you alive. The woman stated.
What are you thinking mum? You and I know I’m still a virgin and I’m holding on till I marry. Just that, Meshac once insulted me, that is why I am mad at him. Abena lied in a low tone.
Just because of insults, look at how you are screaming the entire house down.
Anyway, he is sorry, find a place in your heart to forgive him. Mummy responded and walked back into her room.
Meshac, please don’t go, wait for me in the sitting room, I will soon join you to the shop. The woman added.
I was now left with Abena in the sitting room.
Meshac, what in God’s name are you doing here? I hope you are not here to blackmail me. My parents know me to be a virgin and they are busy grooming me for the chief of Asensua to marry me. Don’t you dare blow my cover. Abena warned in a whispering voice.
Is that why you are acting this way? Well, I am not here because of you, I am rather here to make a life. I whispered back.
Later, the woman came out and we both walked to the shop.
In the middle of the night around 2am, I saw someone standing beside me on the bed.
Who is this? I nearly screamed.
Sssshhhh Meshac, don’t scream, it is me. The person responded.
Mummy, please what are you doing here? I asked in fear.
Meshac, calm down, I’m here to employ you. She responded.
Employ me for what again mum? I asked.
Meshac, I need you to be my lover. I need you to make love to me as your part time job. She whispered.
I can never do this mum. You are married, and your husband is supposed to be doing that. I responded unhappily.
Meshac, I know you are frightened, but I will give you few weeks to think about it. Please let the feedback be positive. She whispered and walked out.
Mother! What were you doing in Meshac’s room at this hour? I heard Abena screaming at the mother.
Abena come inside, Meshac is seriously ill and I heard him screaming.
The woman responded smartly and pulled Abena into my room to avoid her husband from hearing them.
I instantly faked sickness to prevent the woman from shame.
Jeeez Meshac, look at how you are shivering! Since when have you been sick? Abena exclaimed sadly.
Mother please, let’s wake daddy up to drive him to the hospital. She suggested.
No Abena, I just gave him paracetamol, and I believe he will get better in minutes. Let’s just allow him to sleep. The woman responded smartly and they both walked out.
That was so close! This woman shouldn’t dare put me into any trouble. I thought unhappily.
To be continued


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