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300x250 05 - MUST READ:- 7 DAYS (WAR FROM THE OTHER WORLD) Episode 8

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 7days 3 - MUST READ:- 7 DAYS (WAR FROM THE OTHER WORLD) Episode 8

MUST READ:- 7 DAYS (WAR FROM THE OTHER WORLD) Episode 8 Written by: Olamilekan Afolabi 08121297467 (WhatsApp)

Daniel’s mother was walking up and down in the room, she was lost in thought and she was totally engraved with sorrow.
“7 days… how will I do this?” She questioned rhetorically. This is the
third day she has been in non-stop fasting and prayers as prescribed by
the pastor.
“Can Daniel survive?” She asked with tears in her eyes.
“God, must you punish me unjustly?” She wailed rolling on the ground like a child deny of having a biscuit.
“The girl from the other world doesn’t show any sign of appearance.” She thought mewling.
“Even if she show up and she was beg what if she bluntly refused?” She serenely said with a swollen face.
“Even if she accepted, how will I find her father? This is a problem in different dimensions.” She brain waved sorrowfully.
“Hmm… WAR FROM THE OTHER WORLD!” Daniel’s mother exclaimed. Just then
her Nokia phone vibrated on the chair it was placed since it was on
vibration. She checked the phone and it was a message, she opened the
message and the message state thus: ‘Please, come to the church right
now’ behold it was a message from the pastor.
Many thoughts ran into
his mind after reading the message. She hurrily put on another dress
without even bathing, she wore her slippers and slammed the door behind
her, and she doesn’t bother to lock the door as she hurried to the bus
stop. It was an hour drive from her resident to the church. She
disembarked from the bus after paying the driver, as she hurried
straight to the church which was a stone thrown from the bus-stop. She
madly and unconsciously ran into the church and headed to the Pastor’s
The pastor was praying when she got into his office, she
fetched herself a plastic chair and sat on it. The pastor finished with
his prayer after a minute.
“Welcome ma.” The pastor began.
“Good evening Sir.” She riposted impatiently.
“Ma, I have a question for you.” The pastor said adjusting his chair.
“I’m all hear sir.” She returned instantaneously.
“Where is the father of your son?” He questioned adjusting his medicated glasses.
“We are not living together he had dumped me for another woman long
time ago, but I heard he was living somewhere around the east well and
fine.” She explained guessingly.
“You have to look for him because he has his own role to play on this matter…” The pastor replied.
“If that is the solution, pastor, I will look for him.” She replied already on her feet.
“Okay, please make it snappy you know this is the third day and it’s
already evening.” The pastor clarified also on his feet ready to leave
his office.
“See you later sir.” Daniel’s mother concluded and the slammed of the door could be heard behind her.
Daniel’s mother entered a bus going to a eastern state of the country,
she was the first commuter on that earlier morning, she was in the bus
around 5:20am. She looked tired and sleepy, she doesn’t know her
destination but she was sure of a sister to Daniel’s father is living
there which she is sure seeing her will pave way for her to see Daniel’s
The bus took off after the 18-sitters bus was filled with
commuters. The driver took the eastern route and was speeding
hazardously, all the commuters were complaining about the driver
recklessness but the driver only increases the volume of the Fuji music
playing from the car tape. Daniel’s mother was deep in thought, she
doesn’t even notice the bus was speeding hazardously. She imagined her
fate if she doesn’t see Daniel’s father.
Shortly, she was tapped by the woman sitting next to her.
“You’re deep in thought what’s wrong?” The woman asked in anxiety.
“Oh! Not really ma.” She replied faking a smile.
“Take things easy o.” the woman begged and cautioned.
Shortly, the driver increases his driving speed, this time double-fold
than the previous speed he was using. The commuters were shivering in
fears and terrors. The males among the commuters tried to plead to the
driver to lower his driving speed but he just would hear. Unfortunately,
a moving van ran across the bus diagonally. The driver pressed the
break but unfortunately it fails.
The bus stumbled two times and
there was a fatal and mortal accident scene around the vicinity.
Lifeless and inert body could be found lying on the ground. Some
travelers parked to have a witness of the scene. Some men checked if
there was still a living body among the accident victims but…
The girl that was raped to death by Daniel and his comrade could be
seen sitting next to leader of that devilish group. She wore an overall
red gown with a golden hair-band and diamond bangles and chain. She was
shoeless but she was so elegant in her red and bloody gown. She was
gloomy and pretty that she can even be mistaken for the QUEEN OF BEAUTY
“Leader, mission accomplished.” Said a young beautiful lady
“Daughters of Lucifer!” The leader screamed out loudly.
“We’re the blood suckers.” The other members of the group including the girl replied in chorus.
The pastor received a call from an unregistered number. He picked up the call and placed the phone on his left ear.
“What!” he screamed.


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