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300x250 05 - MUST READ:- 7 DAYS(WAR FROM THE OTHER WORLD)  Episode 14

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7days 8 - MUST READ:- 7 DAYS(WAR FROM THE OTHER WORLD)  Episode 14

MUST READ:- 7 DAYS(WAR FROM THE OTHER WORLD) Written by: Olamilekan Afolabi

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  2666 - MUST READ:- 7 DAYS(WAR FROM THE OTHER WORLD)  Episode 14♦ Episode 14


300x250 05 - MUST READ:- 7 DAYS(WAR FROM THE OTHER WORLD)  Episode 14

“Then, I will let everybody know that the real bride ran away and I faked the bride, I think that will serve you better.” Jane threatened.
“Oh Jane, please don’t do that. Okay, I agree to do it.” I finalized with a heavy mind.
Jane was really good on bed, she was indeed a professional prostitute and she really satisfied me real good. After five rounds of s=x, I was totally exhausted and I took my bath and slept off peacefully.
I woke up late the next morning and I took my bath, after which I woke Jane who was in deep slumber.
“Jane, won’t you get up and get dress?” I asked serenely while using the towel.
“Good morning my love.” She greeted yawning.
“Your love? Anyway, that doesn’t really concern me, please get dress and be going at least our marriage contract has expired.” I rebutted immediately.
“I should go to where?” Jane asked in an alarming tone.
“Ah! Ah!! Jane, what do you mean?” I asked surprisingly and suspiciously.
“What do I mean? Am I not the one that you gave the wedding ring? Are you not the one that pledged heaven and earth to me, you pledged never to lay your hand on me and raise your voice at me. So what…” Jane defended but unfinished.
“Woman, are you insane or what? No tell me, are you out of your mind? What do you mean I pledged heaven and earth to you?” I barked loudly.
“Then, I will expose everything we did that made the house burn down.” Jane riposted in parable.
“I don’t care and I will never care.” I barked with some kind of husky voice.
“In short, I succeeded in sending Jane out of my house. A month later, Jane came to my house and she dropped a pregnancy test result, I couldn’t believe my eyes and I was equally dumbstruck.
“Why are you here? Am I the one responsible for the pregnancy?” That was the only word that came out of my mouth.
“Will you shut that gutter you call a mouth.” She paused.
“Who else is responsible for the pregnancy if not you…?” She barked but unfinished.
After a lot of words of war, we agree that after the child was born we opt for a D.N.A test.
Nine month later, the bouncing baby girl was born and we done the D.N.A test some weeks after the baby was born and the result proved that I am the biological father of the baby. I have no other choice that to accept my faith and bear the blame but I refuse to accept Jane as my wife. When the baby was 3 years old, Jane gave up the ghost after a brief illness with she complained of slight headache and that was all I could remember. I received a call that she gave up the ghost and since then I have been talking care of Mane who was raped to death recently. Pastor now tell me, do you think this wicked woman deserve my forgiveness?” I elucidated with tears in my eyes.
“Ah! So something like this had happened to you before.” Pastor David expressed surprisingly.
“Mama Daniel, what you did is unfair, how can you run away on your wedding day when you know you don’t love your man wholeheartedly.” Pastor David elucidated softly.
“Pastor, please help me to beg him.” Daniel’s mother begged mewling.
“Mama Daniel, I am really disappointed in you, you really break the heart of this innocent man.” Pastor David clarified calmly.
“Mr. Adewole, please, can we be going back to the church…?” Pastor David asked softly but unfinished.
“To do what pastor?” Mr. Adewole asked puzzled.
“Mr. Adewole, I want to go and check on Daniel so please let go.” Pastor David begged.
“You can be going pastor, I am heading home as soon as I leave here and I don’t care anything that may happen.” Mr. Adewole replied with some kind husky voice.
“Please, Adewole go and check your son…” Daniel’s mother riposted and her statement left Mr. Adewole and Pastor David mouths opened in agape
“My son?” Mr. Adewole asked for further confirmation.
“Yes, your son.” Daniel’s mother replied as she adjusted her hurt head…



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