Danger of added sugars

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300x250 05 - Danger of added sugars

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dangersofaddedsugar - Danger of added sugars


What is added Sugars?
Added Sugars
are Sugars, Honey and Syrups that are added to foods or beverages when
they are processed or prepared. This does not include naturally
occurring sugars such as those in milk and fruits. The major food and
beverage sources of added sugars are: Regular Soft drinks,Fruit Juice,
Energy drinks, Sports drinks, Tea, Ice cream, Yoghurt, Chocolates, Jams,
Sweets, Biscuits, Buns, Cakes, stir-in sauces, ketchup, salad cream

– The “table sugar” or “granulated sugar” most
customarily used as food is sucrose, a disaccharide of glucose and
fructose… And fructose can only be metabolized by the liver in any
significant amount. (Lots of Sugar is a stress to the liver.)

when you eat alot of refined sugar, the liver gets flooded with
fructose and is forced to turn it all into fat. (Lots of Sugar deny you
of 6Packs/ Flat Tommy and crown you with 1pack/Fat Belly).

300x250 05 - Danger of added sugars

-The Primary Mechanism behind Sugar’s harmful effects on health… It
Increases Belly fat, liver fat, which leads to insulin resistance and a
host of metabolic problem. (If no insulin to regulate the excess sugar
consumed, DIABETES sets in).

– Liquid Sugar is even worst in
this regard. Liquid calories don’t get registered by the brain in the
same way as solid calories, so when you drink sugar sweetened beverages,
you end up eating more total calories. (Over weight sets in).

Make a decision to minimize the amount of Sugar in your diet, and consider eliminating Sugary drinks.
Keep in mind this Sugar discussed above do not apply to whole fruit,
which are extremely healthy and have plenty of fiber that mitigates the
negative effects of fructose.


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